15th Transportation Company Nellingen Barracks 1987 – 1991

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Sgt. Brent Cann



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Diese Seite widme ich Unteroffizier Brent N. Cann. Brent war von 1987 bis 1991 in den Nellingen Barracks mit der 15. Transport Kompanie

stationiert. Die 15. wurde im November 1990 in den 1. Golfkrieg versetzt als Teil des 4. Transport Battalions aus der Flack Kaserne / Ludwigsburg.

Die 15. hatte großes taktisches Potenzial und wurde daher, als eine der wenigen Einheiten,

ganz in die vorderste Kampflinie geschickt. Schweres Kriegsgerät musste in die umkämpften Linien zur Unterstützung der US-Army gebracht werden.

Die 15. Transport Kompanie war im Golfkrieg der 1.US-Infanterie Division angegliedert. Eine weitere Aufgabe war es, Kriegsgefangene in ihre Lager zu transportieren.

Während seiner Zeit in Nellingen war es unter anderem die Aufgabe von Brent Cann, zu oder aus geheimen Munitions-Standorten in Deutschland, Munition zu bringen oder abzuholen. Als Präsident Ronald Reagan den Abrüstungsvertrag mit Russland in den 80er Jahren unterschrieb, transportierte die 15. Nukleare Waffen aus Deutschland hinaus.Nach dem Fall der Berliner Mauer wurde Brent´s Kompanie beauftragt vielen ostdeutschen Familien beim Umzug nach West- Deutschland behilflich zu sein. Brent Cann hat auch als Fahrer seines Hauptmanns gedient.

Wegen einer schweren Kriegsverletzung aus dem 1. Golfkrieg, trat er schließlich 1995 aus der US-Army aus. Heutzutage ist Brent Cann 41 Jahre alt und lebt mit seiner ungarischen Verlobten in Budapest – Ungarn. Beide haben ein kleines Töchterchen. Sein 16 jähriger Sohn lebt in der Nähe von Ft. Bragg in North Carolina. Ursprünglich kommt Brent Cann aus Punta Gorda in Florida.

In Budapest arbeitet Brent als Ausbilder für den Personenschutz.

Brent, vielen Dank für die detaillierten Angaben über deine Dienstzeit in Deutschland und im Golfkrieg. Viele Grüße aus Nellingen sendet dir – Billy – Oktober 2010


Nelligan Barracks Front Gate SP Guard Shack 1988

Haupteinfahrt Nellingen Barracks 1988

Nellingen Barracks SP Duty (Front Gate)

Soldaten der 15. Transport Kompanie beim Wache schieben ca.1989. Brent Cann back Row middle

15th Trans Co. 1st Platoon Barracks / Mannschaftsgebäude der 15. Transport Kompanie 1. Platoon 1988.

Nellingen Barracks SP Pre-Inspection before duty day starts.

Sicherheits-Inspektion vor dem Wachgang 1988

Direction Sign pointing the way to Nellingen Barracks.

Straßenschild in Ostfildern – Nellingen 1988.

Me and my Baby (Arrival to Saudi) in 1990 / Brent Cann und sein Gewehr bei der Ankunft in Saudi-Arabien im Nov.1990.

Me at the Saudi - Iraqy Boarder Breach (Day 1 of the War)

Brent am 1. Kriegstag 1990 im Saudi – Irak Grenzland

Me with Iraqi Recoiless Rifle in Iraq / Brent mit erbeuteten Irakischen Waffen 1990.

PFC Ron Mance and I at Iraqi Tank Graveyard (1 year after)

Brent Cann und Ron Mance nach einem Jahr auf einem Irakischen Panzerfriedhof 1991.

  • Original Comment of Sgt. Brent Cann:                           Individual Awards:


Hello Billy,

I hope all is well there with you and family. I will continue searching for more pictures of Nelligan Barracks but as of right now this is all I could find. Sorry for the quality of the pictures but I did not have a very good camera at the time. I can not send you a CD but I can email you what I have. Hopefully you might be able to touch them up this way. These pictures were all taken in 1988. The only Insignias and patches I have are currently on my Class "A" uniform. I have my uniform hanging up for display in my home.

Sorry I can not send you any of them. I was stationed on Nelligan from 1987 to 1991 however, my unit, 15th Transportation Company was ordered to the 1st Gulf War in

November of 1990. My unit was part of the 4th Transportation Battalion Headquartered on Flak Kaserne in Ludwigsburg. 15th Trans was the ONLY Tactical Transportation Unit in the 7th Corps so we participated in, Operation: Desert Shield, Operation: Desert Storm and finally Operation: Provide Comfort. 15th Trans Company was the most Forward deployed trans unit of the war. We were called on to transport Supplies to the Front Battle lines and were the only unit equipped to carry out this mission. 15th Trans was part of the Spear Head of the 7th Corp's Breach into Iraq with the 1st Infantry Division. One of our other missions was to Transport Enemy Prisoners of War to the holding areas in the rear. We also had a Top Secret Mission (I don't think it is Secret any longer) to which we Transported Chinese made "Silk Worm Missiles" that Saddam's Republican Guard had out of the Combat Zone to the rear into Saudi Arabia.

Our main mission in Germany was to transport Ammunition to and from ASPs (Ammo Supply Points) situated secretly in and around all of Germany. We were also a part of the mission to Transport the Nuclear Missiles out of Germany when President Reagan signed the Nuclear Treaty with Russia. Lastly, We helped transport East German Civilians, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, to different Towns and Cities within what was known as West Germany. I could go on and on about 15th Transportation Company's history as I was assigned to them from 1987 to 1995 when I was retired from the Army due to Combat Related Injuries I sustained during the 1st Gulf War and UN Humanitarian missions in Somalia.

While I was in the 15th Trans Company the Commanders of the Unit were (in order from 1987 to 1995) Capt. Sherri P. Calhoun, I forget the next one, then Capt. Thomas D. Little, Capt Mike Mizzel and finally Capt. Franklin. I was the personal driver for Capt Calhoun (at the end of her command), the next commander to whom I can not remember his name, then Capt Thomas D. Little and Finally for Capt. Mike Mizzel.

Basically I was privy to a lot of information that the regular soldiers were not.

I am 41 years old and I live in Budapest, Hungary. I have a 16 year old son living close to Fort Bragg in North Carolina with his mother. I am currently engaged to a Hungarian and we have a 1 year old baby girl. I retired from the Army in 1995 at the rank of Sgt / E-5.

I was originally born in Punta Gorda, Florida in August of 1968. Currently I am a Bodyguard/Close Protection Instructor and Combat Shooting Instructor for the IBSSA (International Bodyguard & Security Services Association) and a Knight of Cyprus. I recently just completed training the 1st Hungarian Counter Piracy Team here in Hungary.

In closing, I would love to visit Nelligan again. I know, from a chance meeting here in Hungary, that the German Government made a park out of the old Nelligan Barracks.

However, due to lack of work at this time I do not have the financial resources to make the trip. IF in the future my fortunes change, I would love to meet and talk with you.



Sgt. Sir Brent N. Cann - April 2009 -

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