Siegfried Kohlrus 28. Juni 2012 - 17:13 Uhr
aus Falkenstein, Bayern
Hallo Billy Mach weiter so das ist ***SPITZE :Alle Ehem.der LABORSERVICE-GERMANY-CLG-LMDS HQ6930th. 8902nd.8905th.8906th.FUNKER-KASERNE-ESSLINGEN/N. Neue e-mail Gruss Sigi


Sabrina Anderson 25. Juni 2012 - 01:42 Uhr
aus Fountain Inn, South Carolina
Ihr Eintrag: Hello, my Name is Sabrina Anderson and i am searching for my Dad, his name was Walker. He was stationed at Nellingen, must have bin around 1960 and i guess 1965. Rumors say he got relocated to Vietnam. I do not know his first name nor his rank. I was born in October 1965. My Mom, her name was Maria Theresia Chyba, she used to work at on the Base in the Snack Bar or the Mess hall, i am not really sure. We were living in Scharnhausen. But i also remember, i must have been 4 or 5 years old, that´s when my mom work at the Coin Wash (Wash-ready)i was there all the time. Any feedback would be nice and deeply appreciated. Thanks for the great work with the page.


Bettina 13. Juni 2012 - 10:20 Uhr
Hallo mein Name ist Bettina. wer kannte meinen Vater Alfred B. Knoblauch? Er war von 1957-1963 in Nellingen barracks stationiert. Ich bin am 18.3.1962 geboren. Er war im Battallion. Ich freue mich auf viele Antworten.

Kommentar des Webmasters:
Hello from Billy: Does anyone remembers Alfred B. Knoblauch ? He was stationed at Nellingen Kaserne during the Years 1957 to 1963. He was a Member of the 168th Engineer Battalion. His Daughter likes to get in touch with some of his former Comrades. Greetings to all from Billy


David Ostrom 5. Mai 2012 - 00:14 Uhr
aus Virginia,
I was very happy to find this web site. I lived and worked at Nellingen Barracks from 1972 to 1977. I was in the Special Troops Bn and later the Transportation section of AC of S Services, 2nd Support Command and finally in the 4th Trans Bn located in Ludwigsburg but I still lived in the quarters area of Nellingen Barracks. I did not know Billy but was there for two years while he was there. I loved eating in the German Cantine and had a great experience at Nellingen Barracks. Please show more pictures of how it looks today...very different I would imagine.


Charles Blanchard 20. April 2012 - 13:32 Uhr
aus Baytown, Texas
Billy, I didn´t say in my previous posting that I was with Co C 94th Engr Bn ( 1955-1957 ) Thanks again Billy.


Charles Blanchard 18. April 2012 - 14:41 Uhr
aus Baytown , Texas
This is a great place to browse and think about old memories. You and your wife have done a wonderful job putting together this website and I want thank you and Frau Bils very much.


Billy Gibson 13. April 2012 - 00:54 Uhr
I was stationed at Nellingen Kaserne from Febuary 1962 to August 1963 then went to Fort Polk La. I was in Co.B. 168 Engineer Battalion, lived off post in Esslingen walked up the hill many a day, enjoyed mt stay in Germany, I have only kept in touch with one friend I had in the service


Lyle Branz 11. April 2012 - 05:07 Uhr
aus Peoria, Illinois
What a surprise when I came across this web site! It is truly remarkable. Thank you for all your efforts here. I have very fond memories of Nellingen, having been staioned there from July of 1961 until Dec of 1963. I got married while there to a beautiful girl from OberEsslingen, who now is gone having passed away in 2005 after 42 wonderful years. I was stunned to read that your mother owned the Siedlerheim as that is where we met, at a Sunday afternoon soccer game there. At the time we all colled it Pop´s, as as elderly couple owned it. It was my favorite hang out. I was with the 903 Ord Co in the Jeep rebuild platton in the first shop building. I was first in the engine rebuild room, then later became the shopo office clerk. My barracks was the second building inside the front gate just accross from the LaPaloma, where I got severly beat up one night when my mouth got too big from too much Lowenbra. Thanks for the memories!


Kevin Stretavski 9. April 2012 - 05:18 Uhr
aus Clairton, Pennsylvania
This was forwarded to me from friends I was stationed with in 1974-1975 who was the best man in my wedding and is a very dear friend. Thanks for all of your hard work.


Kenneth Miner 6. April 2012 - 18:28 Uhr
aus Norman, Oklahoma
Many thanks to Billy for a wonderful presentation of the history of the 14th Aviation(ATC). He incorporated many photos of the unit´s short history on the Nelligen Kaserne. His work is truly an effort of dedication and love.
Vielen Dank.


Bob "Chief" 5. April 2012 - 14:32 Uhr
aus Stuttgart, Germany
Enjoy the website: many fond memories of service on Nellingen Barracks 1978 - 1989. Will forward your site to other friends that were on Nellingen Barracks with me.


Max Hornsby 3. April 2012 - 19:21 Uhr
aus Wichita Falls, Texas
Thanks Billy for all the hard work you have done for the GIs that have passed through Nellingen.You have done an outstanding job and I cannot thank you enough.I think what you do is important and lets the world know that it was a great place to be and we were proud to be there.Thanks again.........Max


Terry Black 2. April 2012 - 20:51 Uhr
aus Ohio,
Looks great, Billy - thanks for all your hard work - please know it is deeply appreciated! I am sending the link to some other members of the 198th PSC so they can enjoy the memories! We used to love to eat the The Pfeffermill (Peppermill) in Nellingen - can you tell me if it´s still in operation? This was almost 40 years ago. Best Regards, Terry & Carolyn Black


Kelm Marvin 2. April 2012 - 02:50 Uhr
aus Bloomer , Wisconsin
I just received your email, Billy and checked out many of the new updates. Of course I looked at mine first. It is just a wonderful update,,,some of the new information from back in the old days 1955-56 confirm some of my memories, especially the the ones from the 42d with the pictures of the Jets. I just knew they were that low,,, one of our ex combat NCO´s would dive to the floor when they came over. Billy ,, you and your family deserve much credit. Hope to see you again some day. HEY WE OWE YOU A HUGE SNITZEL NOW Marv and Lois Kelm


Kalb Dave 1. April 2012 - 17:49 Uhr
aus Catonsville, Maryland
Excellent Billy! Love it.


James Gheen 29. Februar 2012 - 02:38 Uhr
aus Middleport, Ohio
Billy I love the site. I was stationed in Nellingen from 1986 until they closed it in 1992. Your pictures bring back many memories. I Hated to see it was torn down they were renovating when I left. Thank you for preserving Nellingen on your site!


Daniel Foster 3. Februar 2012 - 23:35 Uhr
aus Huntsville, Alabama
Great site!
I loved reading it, had issues viewing the pictures though in the galleries.


Marcelo Vasconcellos 6. Januar 2012 - 21:56 Uhr
aus Ostfildern - Scharnhauser Park, BW
Billy, Klasse gemacht! ! Ich kenne jetzt viel mehr über die Geschichte des Gebiets wo ich wohne... ich wohne in die Kaserne (Housing Area). Gruß, Marcelo


Siegfried Kohlrus 23. Dezember 2011 - 18:30 Uhr
aus Falkenstein, De
Als ehem.LS.Angehöriger der 8902nd.MAINTENANC 1st. PLATOON"HQ6930th.CLG.LMDS/Funkerkaserne/Esslingen. Möchte ALLEN ein "FROHES-WEIHNACHTS-FEST und einen ***GUTEN-START***ins NEUE- JAHR***2012***WÜNSCHEN*** Sigi-KOHLRUS


kelm marvin 22. November 2011 - 13:19 Uhr
aus wi,
We ,My wife Lois and my Friend Ed Holzem just returned,,, well not quite yet,,, but will return home today. Tuesday Nov 22.,. Thanks for the great tour again this year,, it was the first time Ed has visited the area since 1956 when we were in the 94th Engineer Battalion Const. Co C.. We all enjoyed the visit, especialy Ed in that he had never visited before. Thanks again Billy and Family.
Marvin Kelm


Barbara Miller (Graupmann) 22. November 2011 - 06:37 Uhr
After reading all of the stories on this website, I decided that I should comment on my life at Nellingen Barracks from 1965-66 as a first grade teacher at the elementary school on post. There are 10 of the teachers from 1964-65 who keep in touch and have reunions. We all appreciated the opportunities that we enjoyed while teaching there. It would be interesting to hear from anyone who lived there during those years and might have known us.


Tom Grant 16. Oktober 2011 - 00:18 Uhr
aus Manassas, Virginia
Great pictures!Brings back lots of memories. I grew up in the Parksiedlung from 1985 to 1995 and had many friends over on the base. I remember the Ami fest very fondly.


Adam Runk 11. Oktober 2011 - 03:40 Uhr
aus Arlington, Virginia
Just found your site and am very excited about what you have done. It is remarkable. I have some pictures and when I can find them, I will scan them in and send them to you.


Rickart 10. Oktober 2011 - 22:52 Uhr
aus Kirchheim unter Teck, BW
Hallo. Ich suche meinen Vater der in den Nellinger Baracks war in den jahren 70 bis maximal 73 oder 74. Er heisst Robert Andrews und war mit einer Waltraud Mechler zusammen. Das Jugendamt hat ihn gesucht aber nicht gefunden denn nach dem Tod meiner mutter 74 is er verschwunden. Ich weiss auch das er noch eine Tochter hat in den USA die mich kennt und mir als ich noch klein war Briefe geschrieben hat! Leider is auch der Kontakt verloren gegangen! Vielleicht können sie mir helfen? Würde mich auf jeden fall auf eine antwort freuen.


Rita Lopez De Los Santos 15. September 2011 - 17:34 Uhr
I was there at the 800 mmc from 89-91. We were in the first row of buildings by the front gate. Knew many friends from the 11th Chemical Co just across the street. Worked as a secretary 71L for the 2d COSCOM command group and traveled with them to Desert Storm/Shield.


Thomas Nagle 8. September 2011 - 01:41 Uhr
thanks billy nice website,the pictures brought back some good memories,was stationed there in 1978 to 80 in the 472nd sig co.


Susanne Taylor 21. August 2011 - 19:49 Uhr
aus Neuhausen, BW
Hey super Job den Du da gemacht hast. Mein Mann war einer der letzten Soldaten in Nellingen, einer der, die die Kaserne ausgeräumt haben. Ich habe auch einen alten Freund hier gesehen, Stan (Toni) Kaczmarski. Leider haben wir uns 1989 aus den Augen verloren. Da habe ich ihn uns seine Familie in Killeen Texas (Ford Hood)besucht. Besteht die Möglichkeit das Du ihm meine Mailadresse weiter mailst? Susanne (Susi) Renner ist mein Mädchenname. So kann er sich bei mir melden. Wir, seine Familie und ich haben viel Zeit miteinander verbracht. Ich durfte damals an seiner Promotion dabei sein. Ich bin noch mit einigen Ehemaligen Soldaten in Kontakt denen werde ich von deiner Seite hier erzählen. Mal sehen vielleicht helfen sie Dir weiteres Leben in Deine Seiten zu bringen. Mach auf jeden Fall weiter so und vielleicht kannst Du mir ja auf diesem Weg helfen mit einen alten Freund in Kontaktn zu treten. Bis bald, ich werde deine Seite im Auge behalten .


Don Cunneen Don 6. Juni 2011 - 02:37 Uhr
aus New York,
I just finished looking at the updates that you recently did. Thank you for all the time you have spent updating all the pages. My page looks great. I will be sending out an email to my relatives and friends so they can look at the site. Thanks again for keeping the memories alive. Don


Gary Morley 5. Juni 2011 - 00:33 Uhr
aus Paris, Texas
Great new material on your site, Billy. Thank you again for all your effort to preserve important memories.


Don Palumbo 3. Juni 2011 - 19:33 Uhr
Billy has been a good friend for many years now and i think it is great that he is also a good friend of the USA and especially the soldiers he supports and respects that served in his great country,Germany. I did not serve at nellingen but did serve at Neu Ulm 1959-1961 with the 4th Armored Division and returned 1961-1962 (Operation Long thrust) with the 39th Inf 4th Inf division to defend the West during the building of the Berlin wall and to stand down the Soviet union. Support Billy, send him any patches you find in your travels, don


Billy 3. Juni 2011 - 19:28 Uhr
aus Ostfildern Nellingen, Baden Württemberg
Hello friends I want to say that I´ve updated my website dedicated to the History of Nellingen Barracks. It has most news within the photo gallery Page 2 and in the Nellingen Units Station List. I would appreciate a visit to my website and welcome to leave a Message in my Guestbook. If you still have pictures from the Nellingen Barracks welcome to send me an Email. Hope you enjoy your Visit to the History of Nellingen Barracks. Have a great Day. Many Greetings from Billy in Nellingen Germany


Norbert Brauner, CW4 US Army Retired 31. Mai 2011 - 06:34 Uhr
aus El Paso, TX
I was stationed in Nellingen Barracks,538th CC&S Company,87th Maint.Batt. from 1973-1975, than transfered to the 124th Mt Company which transfered to the 1st Maint Batt. and moved to Boeblingen.I worked in Depot. Retained my quarters in Nellingen and traveled every day back and fort and returned to the US in 1977, retired from the service in 1981 in Fort Bliss, TX and reside in El Paso, Texas ever since. I was born in the Grafschaft Glatz in Schlesien and lived there until 1946. Went to the States in 1956. My Familie enjoyed the Stuttgart Area,and made many local friends.
I lived on the economy for about 1 1/2 years in Eslingen on the Muehlberger Strasse.


Kevin Cossentine 1. Mai 2011 - 20:19 Uhr
aus Oswego, NY
I am really glad to have found your site on Nellingen Barracks. I´ve been trying to find something of this sort for years now, and now I have. I love the photos and historical info you have to share with everyone. Thanks! I was stationed there New Years Day 1983 to June 22, 1985 and probably bumped into you a few times. After about 6-8 months at NB, I was placed into the Building Repairs & Utilities for about 11 months and had to show up at the R & U Shop several times a month (sometimes weekly) with a repair request for a window, or fluorescent lights or other type of work to be done.


SONYA KING 20. April 2011 - 07:33 Uhr
Hi, I worked at Nellingen Barracks as a cashier in the cafeteria, on weekends only. I made many awesome friends there and would love to catch up with some of them. Germany is my home country, but I live in the US for 25 years.



Robin Walsh 15. April 2011 - 21:30 Uhr
aus Burlington, Connecticut
Thank you for creating this wonderful website! We were stationed at Nelligen from 1978 to 1982 and we lived off-post in Bonlanden. I am wondering if anyone remembers the name of the black guy who use to run the gas station on base. I´m actually trying to find the girl he was dating, Janice Vaughn. We worked together at the Kiddie Center and I´d like to catch up with her. Thanks for bringing back some fond memories!


Irene 11. April 2011 - 02:33 Uhr
hi my name is irene i met my husband in Germany he was stationed in Nellingen Barracks in the 421st Med. Dustoff Europe.we got married in Germany im Rathaus my husband was stationed from 1977 to 1979, thanks for the memories down memorielan


Billy 10. April 2011 - 09:20 Uhr
aus Ostfildern Nellingen, Baden Württemberg
Hello Guests.
I,m looking for anyone who still has the beautiful original Beer Steins from your company in Nellingen Barracks with the Insignias printed on it ? Or can someone tell me where to find those Steins ? Since 35 Years I,m collecting Army and Army Aviation Patches and Unit Crests. Please email me if you have any extras. Many Greetings from Billy in Nellingen Germany


kelm marvin 8. April 2011 - 03:35 Uhr
aus wisconsin , usa
My wife and I visited Nellingen and Billybils in October of 2010. We had a great time. I was stationed in Nellingen 19 55-56. We did visit some years ago also. It is a great area to spend about a week for vacation. Billy and his family are great. Marv Kelm See my page and Ed Holzem page.


Lonnell Hayes 8. April 2011 - 01:28 Uhr
I was at 15th Trans Co from 1982-85(Stick&Move,Commuicate Later).To this day I don´t know how this Motto started.I know why it started. We had t-shirts made up with motto. I do know we had some of the fastest 2 1/2 ton trucks around. Later We Got The 939 Series 5 tons,automatics.Turned in the jeeps, got Cuve´s. The fun went out of driving. No more pure sticking.3rd herd was my plt.Good assignment.


David Anderson 5. April 2011 - 00:51 Uhr
aus Reno, Nevada
I spent two and a half years at Nellingen Kasern( 1956-58) with the 521 Ord Company. Pictures and details are found in the photograpy section of Billy´s excellent website.


Don Cunneen 31. Maerz 2011 - 02:40 Uhr
I came across your site doing a search on the 4th Aviation Company at Nellingen. I was stationed there from 1966 to 1968 in the communications section. It was great to see all the pictures of the base, it brings back great memories.Thank you for the trip back in time. God Bless. Don Cunneen


Ron Forinash 19. Maerz 2011 - 02:19 Uhr
aus Reno, Nevada
I got your friend request today from and followed the link to your website. Thank you! This is a very impressive contribution to the historical preservation of Nellingen Barracks. I was not stationed at Nellingen, but was stationed at Cooke Barracks in Goeppingen and had to go to Nellingen Barracks for routine administrative matters sometimes. Thanks for the wonderful website. Ron Forinash


Billy Bils 7. Maerz 2011 - 17:17 Uhr
aus Ostfildern Nellingen, Baden Württemberg
Liebe Gäste.
Einige Zeit war mein Gästebuch auf Grund von Spam Mailer Attacken inaktiv. Ab sofort können Sie sich gerne wieder hier eintragen. Viele Grüße aus Nellingen von Billy
Dear Guests.
My guestbook was due to spam attacks Mailer inactive. Now you are welcome to register here again. Greetings from Billy Nellingen Germany
You also have the Possibility to use this Guestbook as a Forum. Like looking for old Friends.

Peter Schlitter 17. November 2010 - 17:22 Uhr
aus Esslingen, BW
Hallo Billy wie gehts dir, wann aktualisierst du wieder deine Homepage Gruß Peter

william lee henry 23. Juni 2010 - 19:02 Uhr
aus cape coral, florida
hello, i was stationed in darmstadt from 1978-1981, those were the best times ever, i was with the 94th engineer battalion at ernest ludwig kaserne, i also spent 20 months in wildflecken , say hi tschuss

William Martin Bill 19. Juni 2010 - 15:02 Uhr
I loved my time in Germany. I was staioned there 75-76 with the 78th Finance Company. We used to go volks marching most weekends. I joined the German-American club. I still remember two of the girls both named Gaby. I loved the food and of course the Beer. I will send some pictures of the 1976 4th of July celebation and pictures of the company area.

James Wangen 20. Mai 2010 - 13:56 Uhr
aus Farmington, MN
Excellent site.
I was stationed there from December 1991 thru June of 1992 then the 45th Med Co. (AA) Katterbach moved to due to closures. I have a lot of fond memories of Nellingen. Thank you for the great pictures.

Errol Anderson 14. Mai 2010 - 10:10 Uhr
aus Pforzheim,
I am searching for my dad, who was stationed 1963 in Nellingen. He was in th 168th engineer Battalion. My mom´s name was Hildegard Gohl. I am his daughter Dorothy Mercier. Maybe somebody knows him or was in the same battalion.

Herman Sizemore 9. Mai 2010 - 17:40 Uhr
aus Crystal River , Fl
I was stationed at Nelligen from 1960 to 1962 have a lot of fond memories of the Kaserne and surrounding country side been back 5 times.

Rick Di Marco Slick Rick 13. Maerz 2010 - 08:55 Uhr
aus Los Angeles, California
I was in Shop Platoon B co 394th Trans. Bn. from 1981-1983. I got a European Out and lived in Neuhausen until may of 1984. I remember Hambone Flannagen, Del Kitzerow and being drunk for 3 years on stuttgarter hofbrau.

Eddie Pierce Eddie 11. Maerz 2010 - 14:56 Uhr
aus Indianapolis,
Check out your website. Looks great. Have added a link on my site. I also have some other Army sites on the internet. Will look in on them and see if your site will fit in on them.

Kommentar des Webmasters:
Eddie Pierce´s Website is Billy Nellingen Germany

David Anderson 12. Januar 2010 - 22:01 Uhr
aus Reno, Nevada
Billy, the new additions you and your wife have made to this site, especially all the new photos and great stories from those who served in the Army in Nellingen Kasern, are making this site richer, deeper and more meaningful.
Thank you!

Ralf Stumpf 12. Januar 2010 - 06:04 Uhr
aus Schwäb.Gmünd, BW
Whow-Great Page!!!
Hey Billy what do you think about a BBQ-like in old times-somewhere near Nellingen Barracks!For all the EX Soldiers who still living here! Kindest regards Ralf

Margit Norton 11. Januar 2010 - 12:41 Uhr
aus Edingen, BW
Hi everyone, had to leave Nellingen in 1988 unfortunately because of closure. Worked in Munich until birth of daughter Lina. Barrie Norton worked in Germany until a year ago and now works in DC. Does anyone have great memories of Nellingen?
I do!

Steve Durnavich 11. Januar 2010 - 02:31 Uhr
aus St. John, IN
Billy, This is some really cool stuff. My trip to Germany was so great. Seeing everything in person was unbelievable. Before that, everything was just 50-year-old black-and-white photos. You and you wife were great hosts, and thats what made the trip go so smoothly. I´m so glad my dad made those plans. If not, I probably never would have gone there. Thanks for everything.

Charley (cocoa) Nelson 11. Januar 2010 - 00:41 Uhr
aus Tampa, FL.
Nellingen Kaserne was a great place to make friends. Maybe that good will is still part of Scharnhauser Park. To William Bils, and his wife for the great effort put in to this site. I will visit here again and again.

Robert Beitz 10. Januar 2010 - 22:05 Uhr
aus Douglassville, PA
Hey Billy!
Nice job with keeping the website up to date. I really enjoyed seeing all the new photos. Take care and happy new year! Robert Beitz Stationed at Nelligen from 1983 - 1985 15h Trans Co.



Ralf Stumpf 4. Januar 2010 - 22:36 Uhr
aus Schwäb.Gmßnd,
Hey Bill!!Thanks for this page !I life in a small town near Schwäb.Gmßnd -Bettringen near the old training sight of the 4-41st FA and 56st FA!I grew up with the Americans and i miss them since they left!Its hard to tell but everybody is gone but the memmory remains!I do feel like you i guess!Its like ou are loosing youre Family!I do have a Family but my Bros where my Family for over 30 Years!And i can say they raised me right and i am thankfull to met so many wonderfull people like your kind!I wish you all the best for all!!!Keep up youre good work-like i do!!! See you around BRO!!!And to you out the you former GI´s-thanks for youre service!YOU AVE PEACE A CHANCE!
Ralf ou




JR Rodriguez Pazo 26. Dezember 2009 - 05:58 Uhr
aus David, Chiriqui
I was stationed at Nellingen Kaserne with the 16th DPU (Data Processing Unit) from 1980-1983. My son, Marcos, was born in Germany at the 5th General Hospital. Unforgetable times in Nellingen and Germany.




Gary Vernon 7. Dezember 2009 - 15:31 Uhr
Billy, I lived in Nelligen from 1964 to 1967. I was close friends with James Holmes and Rich McKee. I went to school on post and at Robinson Barracks. Keep up the great work and I will do what I can to supply you with additional photographs.




Robert 2. Dezember 2009 - 09:12 Uhr
aus CA,
I was born at the 5th Army hospital and my family lived in the Nellingen dependent housing. We were in 3806. I don´t remember much, but some of these photos bring my few memories back.




Billy 29. November 2009 - 07:53 Uhr
aus Nellingen,
Hello to all Visitors of my Website. Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving Day with a huge Turkey. Wanting to tell you that I am working and maintaining on my next update for my Website. If anyone has Photos regarding Nellingen Barracks, welcome to send them via email to me. All the best to all of you.take care. Billy




Rod Sharp 12. November 2009 - 18:51 Uhr
Am trying to locate "David Bartlett or Jim Rhinehart" stationed at Nellingen about 1972-1973. Also looking for family of Rita Ingrid Seisko who lived in Esslingen. Son who was born in Stugggart March29,1973 needs info on father. If anyone knew of these folks please e-mail me with some help. Very good site.




Ed Moran 8. November 2009 - 22:37 Uhr
aus Sun City Center, Fl
I Was in the 168th when we shipped overseas from Ft Campbell, Ky to Nellingen in 1957. I was in H/S Company in the Heavy Eq Platoon. Like Bob I use to go to the Post Platz downtown with Jim Sickafuse, Joe Mihaliak and a few others. Really enjoyed Germany and especially the Nellingen area and the people there. I was TDY a lot building Sports Platz´s, Playgrounds and many other facilities for the Germans and American forces. If anybody remembers me please contact me at This is a great website Billy and I will visit it often. Thanks for the memories.




William Schwinn Billy 4. November 2009 - 15:43 Uhr
Dear Billy, Your dad and my dad must have been friends or at least they knew each other. I am 49 years old and lived in Nellingen from 1962 to 1966. My dad was then on his second trip there. I have a brother and sister that was born in Heidleberg in 56 and 58. I have an older brother that would have been 5 years old in 55. What a trip down memory lane. I remember watching the helicopters fly over the fence and over the back yard. We would try to hit them with rocks. There was an old well next to a shack right near there where i stepped on a loose board that had a nail in it and I ran home screaming with that board stuck to my foot.




Tamra Fowler 2. November 2009 - 03:07 Uhr
aus Georgia, Calhoun
Bill, Thank you for the site. My father was stationed with the 16th DPU unit at Nellingen from 1975 - 1978. We lived in Bernhausen for approx 1 year prior to moving to Nelligen Barracks. I graduated from Stuttgart Amer HS in Ludwigsburg after which I started College and worked full time at the Recreation Center on Nellingen. I was wondering if you ever had the chance to meet Heir Kopp. He was over the photo lab next to the Recreation Center. He was the nicest man and I think of him often. If you happen to know him and have any updates on him I would love to here them. Thank you for all your hard work on this site. As military "Brats" we really don´t have a place we can call our home town except for the many posts our fathers were stationed at. It is fun to get to see pictures of what we would call our home town. Again thank you so much for sharing.




Bettina 28. Oktober 2009 - 06:56 Uhr
aus Berlin,
Bettina- Stuttgart.
My name is Bettina. I am German and from 1983 onwards I lived with a helicopter mechanic (E.) and could take part in the American life in Nellingen barracks. I had a very good time. I feel being put back in this time trough your great and informative pages, Billy. A great job you`re doing! Now I am trying to get some information on Eddy McDoffy who was stationed in Nellingen Barracks in the early 60s as a pilot, then being about 35 years old, ...... He `s supposed to have returned to the United States by the end of 1964. It is very important for me to find him. If anybody remembers him or knows where he lives, please contact me and let me know. Thank you. Bettina Mein Name ist Bettina. Ich bin Deutsche und war ab 1983 mit einem Hubschrauber Mechaniker (E..) zusammen und habe an dem Amerikanischen leben in den Nellingen Barracks teilhaben können: Es war eine sehr schöne Zeit. Durch Deine tollen und informativen Seiten Billy, fühle ich mich in diese Zeit zurück versetzt. Eine ganz großartige Arbeit die Du da leistest! Nun suche ich Informationen über Eddy McDoffy der in den 60er Jahren ebenfalls in den Nellingen Barracks als Pilot ( damals ca. 35 Jahre alt) stationiert war. Er soll Ende 1964 zurück in die USA gereist sein. Es wäre sehr wichtig für mich ihn zu finden. Wenn sich irgend jemand an ihn erinnert und weiß wo er lebt, bitte ich um Zusendung der Informationen. Vielen Dank. Bettina Kommentar des Webmasters: If anyone remembers Eddy McDoffy, please contact Bettina. Thanks.

Kommentar des Webmasters:




uka meissner-deruiz 26. Oktober 2009 - 20:30 Uhr
aus Filderstadt, BW
ich hab von 1986 bis zum Schluss den Nellingen Arts & Craft Shop geleitet -gute Erinnerungen -an Gen Vandeploog und die ganze Gang -ich hab noch recht viele Bilder -muss sie nur einscannen. Hab gesehen , dass meine alten Trauerweiden getoetet worden sind- Alas!

Kommentar des Webmasters:
Danke für den Eintrag Uka. Es wäre schön, bald deine Fotos aus der Kaserne zu haben. Schöne Grüße nach Filderstadt sendet dir Billy




Billy 13. Oktober 2009 - 12:57 Uhr
aus Nellingen,
In Gedenken an Louie William Durnavich. Hiermit möchte ich allen Besuchern meiner Webseite folgendes mitteilen. Einer meiner besten Freunde, Louie Durnavich aus New Lenox in Illinois, ist gestern Abend, am 12. Oktober 2009, nach kurzer schwerer Krankheit im Alter von 67 Jahren verstorben. Während und nach einer Hüftoperation traten heftige Komplikationen auf, von denen sich Louie nicht mehr erholt hat. Meine Familie und ich sind alle schwer erschüttert und tief traurig. Unsere Gedanken sind bei dir Louie. Unser aufrichtiges Beileid geht an seine Frau Rose, seine Kinder und allen Verwandten. Wir vermissen dich schmerzlich Louie William Durnavich. Bitte klicken Sie auf meine Foto Galerie um die Geschichte von Louie zu lesen. Er war von 1960 bis 1962 mit der 558th Ordnance Company in der Nellingen Kaserne stationiert.
Von Billy 13.Oktober 2009 In Memory of Louie William Durnavich. Herewith I would like to inform all visitors of my web page of the following sad News. One of my best friends, Louie Durnavich from New Lenox in Illinois, has passed away last night, on the 12th of October, 2009, after short heavy illness at the age of 67 years. During and after a hip operation violent complications appeared, from which Louie has not recovered any more. My family and I are deeply touched and endlessly sad. Our thoughts are with you Louie. Our sincere condolences go to his Wife Rose, his children and to all of his Relatives. We miss you sorely Louie William Durnavich. Please, click on my photo Gallery to read the Story of Louie. He was stationed from 1960 to 1962 with the 558th Ordnance Company in the Nellingen Karracks. From Billy - October 13th 2009-

Kommentar des Webmasters:




Regina Boyd 27. September 2009 - 21:42 Uhr
aus Granite Falls, Washington
I was stationed at HHC, 38th Personnel & Administration Battalion, from March 1981 to October 1982. This website has brought back so many memories! Met my first husband here, first time in Germany, went to the 7th Army NCO Academy at Bad Toelz!! It was such a happy time!!




Iris Davis, nee Guenther 13. September 2009 - 23:16 Uhr
aus Temple, Texas
Ich habe in der Nellingen Barracks in 1981 in der Quartermaster Gas Station gearbeitet.
I worked at Nellingen Barracks in 1981 at the Quartermaster Gas Station as Attendant.




Jan 13. September 2009 - 05:04 Uhr
Dear Bill, Thank your for your loyal service. Thank you for your lovely website. And thank you sharing your warm memories. My fond memories of Nellingen Barracks revolve around raising my children. Having been associated with Nellingen Barracks from 1986 through 1989, I am sure that our paths crossed either as your worked or at Burger King. In 1998, I traveled through Ostfildern. At the time, it seemed that there was nothing left of the place, besides the school, family housing, and the large historical building near the front gate. It is nice to see from your website that this special place where so many worked, lived. and love has not been destroyed but replaced with yet another place where so many work, live and love.

Kommentar des Webmasters:




bob gambert 12. September 2009 - 09:02 Uhr
aus stuttgart, usa
I was stationed on Nellingen Barracks from ´78 - ´89 with the 800th MMC, 38th P&A, 198th PSC, 16th DPU, and HQ&HQ Special Troops then moved to Kelley Barracks from ´89-´91. Enjoyed the German Kanteen and the NCO & Officers Clubs. Lived in Denkendorf on the other side of Nellingen. Ran with many other runners on Nellingen Barracks. Nellingen Barracks is now called Scharnhausen Park and is housing area for Germans and others from other European countries. The former 2d SUPCOM HQS are now apartments. The former NCO club had great grilled steaks along with a Hofbrau. Remember doing Staff Duty Officer in the SP shack, working on my cars in the autocraft shop, and the ice cream parlor behind the post theater. Annual SUPCOM organizational day was a fun event full of sportsmanship and camarerie, miss the fests that were held on post, where the USAWOA served the bier von fass. Oh yes, the good times we had on Nellingen Barracks.




Steve 11. September 2009 - 15:28 Uhr
Billy, I followed your link on to here. I really enjoyed your website. I was never stationed in Nellingen but spent some time in Stuttgart. I was stationed with the U.S. Army for 2 years in Karlsruhe, 3+ years in Heidelberg, and 3 years in Giessen. I have many fond memories of my time in Germany and met many very nice people.




Irene 9. August 2009 - 22:05 Uhr
Mein Mann war in nellingen stationiert bis 1979 bin und hab bis dann in der parksiedlung gewohnt, es ist gut mal wieder zuruckgehen, mein mann war stationiert in der 421st med dustoff




Matthias Seuring 7. August 2009 - 13:06 Uhr
aus Fulda, Hessen
Hallo, Herr Bils! Ich, lebe in Fulda und hatte mit den Amerikanern immer einen guten Kontakt. Habe, selbst viele Crests u. Patches Gesammelt. Hier, war das 11th.ACR (Blackhorse) Stationirt. Leider, wurde es 1993 Abgezogen es waren schöne Zeiten wenn ich an meine Kindheit denke, mit der US.Army. Mfg.M.Seuring




Nicole 18. Juni 2009 - 20:19 Uhr
Kann mir jemand was über meinen Großvater John Schroen erzählen er war in den 50gern in Nellingen Stationiert.


Sands Rex 12. Maerz 2009 - 16:01 Uhr
aus Montana, St Ignatius
Thanks for the memories I was stationed at Echterdingen Army Airfiel from 1975-1978 and lived on Nelligen Barracks for about 1 and a half years.

Gudrun Roth geb. Schröder 3. Maerz 2009 - 14:15 Uhr
aus 73730 Esslingen, Baden Württemberg
Hallo, ich bin die Tochter von Herrn Helmut Schröder mein Vater hat 1974 bei einem Kellerbrand in den Nellingen BKS einigen Kindern das Leben gerettet. Mein Vater war an diesem Tag als Möbelpacker tätig als der Brand in einem Keller ausbrach. Unter Einsatz seines Lebens konnte er einige Kinder direkt aus dem Feuer befreien anderen konnte die Flucht aus einem Kellerfenster ermöglicht werden. Dafür wurde er im August 74 von BG Morris mit einer Auszeichnung belohnt. Mein Vater ist zwischenzeitlich verstorben ich würde gerne wissen, wir haben niemals was von den Kindern gehört ( wurden sofort nach USA geflogen ) kann sich jemand an den Unfall erinnern oder weis wie es den Kinden die heute ca 40 Jahre alt sind geht.Die Umzugsfirma für Seemäßige Verpackung war damals Fa. Schröwa aus Esslingen. mfg

Ed Graetz 19. Februar 2009 - 16:58 Uhr
aus Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Was stationed at Nellingen from Jan 46 to Dec 46 with 6th Airdrome Squadron. Was surprised how much the base grew during 50s and 60s. Thanks for the great web site Billy!

Pete Coolidge 16. Februar 2009 - 06:14 Uhr
aus Andover, Maine
Hi there! Wonderful site-wonderful memories. I was stationed at Nellingen from Aug 74 to Mar 77 with HHD 38th P&A Bn as a mechanic (63B20)"To Provide with Pride" was our crest motto. Was fortunate to visit the old barraacks in 2000 and was sad to see it gone. Thanks for all the work you´ve put into this!!!

jess reynoso 12. Februar 2009 - 07:23 Uhr
i was there in 1970,after one tour in was in winter when i got there.ive never being so cold in my to work in the motor pool till i put in for a transfer back to vietnam.went to garmish to skii,and other place´s i forget.bougth a vw bug for 50 ran for ever.use to buy wine in the little town outside the kassern.spent many hours at the bone yard for aircraft,olso time in lapaloma.thanks for the memories. jess

Dennis Nix 6. Februar 2009 - 05:19 Uhr
aus Big Pine Key, Florida
Ich wurde bei Nellingen Kaserne ab Januar 1979 bis November 1980 als Hubschrauberpilot stationiert und flog das UH-1H Huey vom Echterdingen Armee-Flugplatz (Stuttgart Flughafen). Ich liebte den Bereich und lebte alle drei Jahre in Plattenhardt, in dem ich den gesamten Bereich von meiner dritten Stockwohnung sehen könnte.
I was stationed at Nellingen Kaserne from January 1979 until November 1980 as a helicopter pilot, flying the UH-1H Huey from Echterdingen Army Airfield (Stuttgart Airport). I loved the area and lived all three years in Plattenhardt where I could see the entire area from my third floor apartment.

Dan Mueller 31. Januar 2009 - 22:42 Uhr
aus Camdenton, Missouri
I spent 3 years in the 16th DPU from 1980 - 1983. I met a lot of good people and have fond memories of Nelligan. I visited there again after the base closed and it was like being in a ghost town. I can remember going to the Bistro a lot along with the old mill. Bistro´s turned into an Italian restaurant. Too bad, i was really looking forward to having a hofbrau at the old hangout. Thanx for the great web site.

Taskin Gözmen (Goezmen) 4. Januar 2009 - 12:18 Uhr
aus Istanbul,
Hello Billy: I used to work at Nellingen Kaserne from 1.July.1977 to 30.June.1992 as a LN civilian dentist. Thanks for the wonderful web site.

Robert 2. Januar 2009 - 17:20 Uhr
aus Camas, Washington, USA,
I was the last US General Officer assigned at Nellingen Barracks. I am pleased to see your website and will provide some photos for you. My wife Barbara and I are in good health and travelling a lot. We visited Nellingen in 2002.

Robert Thornton 29. November 2008 - 00:40 Uhr
aus Las Cruces, New Mexico
Billy, a wonderful site. I was stationed at Nellingen from October 1972 to December 1975, HHC, 2d SUPCOM.


Robert Thornton 29. November 2008 - 00:40 Uhr
aus Las Cruces, New Mexico
Billy, a wonderful site. I was stationed at Nellingen from October 1972 to December 1975, HHC, 2d SUPCOM.

David Anderson 4. November 2008 - 02:08 Uhr
aus Reno, Nevada
Billy, Thanks again for your terrific work in creating this historic treasure about a special time and place. My time at Nellingen Kaserne was from 1956 to 1958, just before the "German Miracle" was about to unfold:for all to see. For many of the G.I.´s I knew our time at Nellingen was one of friendships, adventure and discovery of a Land, a people and a Continent. William Bils´ effort here is surely appreciated by all who find this site. I know it has been for me:a trip back in time.

Ronald Claypool 1. November 2008 - 16:35 Uhr
aus Helena, Ohio
Vielen Dank for your wonderful website Billy. I was glad I was stationed at Nelligen Barracks in the 1960s. Met many fine people there and I still have a German friend in Horb I communicate with. I´m glad for my contribution to your website.. Sincerely Ron Claypool

LOUIE DURNAVICH 22. September 2008 - 07:09 Uhr

Billy 20. September 2008 - 16:03 Uhr
aus Nellingen,
Hallo Sammlerfreunde Am 5.10.2008 findet mein 11. Abzeichen-Sammlertreffen in Ostfildern Nellingen statt, Ich bitte um zahlreiches Erscheinen eurerseits, Anmeldungen ab sofort, also bis zum 5. Oktober. Euer Billy

Dan Anthony 11. Juli 2008 - 22:57 Uhr
Thanks Billy, I have been looking for some info on the old base. I was stationed there Nov. 1976- June 1979 with the 48th Avn Co. You are right its the best beer in the world Stuttgarter Hofbrau, I also love the food there was a little place outside the back gate that I would go to called the Parkof. Wolfgang was the owner, I sure had a lot of ggod times there with my friends. Thanks agaian for the great memories and pictures.
Dan Anthony

Kim Marquis 27. Mai 2008 - 02:14 Uhr
aus Bangor, Maine
Hey Bill, Just found your site. It was really nice to go back in time for awhile. I was in Nellingen from Sep. 1980- Jun. 1983. I was a helicopter mechanic and airfield supply clerk with the 394th B CO. I would love to hear from others from B CO who was there at the same time.

James Cheney 14. Mai 2008 - 04:24 Uhr
aus Conroe , Texas
I was stationed at Nelligen in 1980-1982 with B Company 394th Trans. I was only 18 at the time and was having the time of my life. I have many fond memories of that time, but no pictures. That was the first time that I had really been out of texas, I could not have asked to go to a better place.That was the first time I had ever seen snow, It took a long time to get used to the cold.I was an AH-1 Mechanic I wish I could get in touch with some of my old friends.Thank you Billy for this wonderful web site.

Peter 12. Mai 2008 - 21:44 Uhr
Hallo Billy echt klasse deine HP viele Infos und informativ Peter

Silvio Rigamonti 9. Mai 2008 - 11:30 Uhr
aus Bassersdorf, Schweiz
Hallo Kamerad Super deine HP sehr info reich mach so weiter schau doch auch meine HP rein,ein gegen Eintrag im Gästebuch von die würde mich freuen,An alle Sammler ich suche immer Ärmelabzeichen ich Tausche auch gerne mfg aus der Schweiz Kamerad Silvio


Dennis 5. Mai 2008 - 12:07 Uhr
aus Gerlingen, Ba-Wü
Hi Billy, vielen Dank für die Einladung zur Tauschbörse, leider habe ich aber am Sonntag Dienst und kann deshalb nicht kommen, schade! Wünsche Euch aber trotzdem einen tollen Tag, vielleicht sieht man sich mal auf einer anderen Messe. Schöne Grüße aus Gerlingen, Dennis

Charles Pruitt 18. April 2008 - 00:53 Uhr
I enjoyed your website. It brought back a lot of pleasant memories.

Axel 6. April 2008 - 15:25 Uhr
Mein Vater war nach seiner Entlassung aus der Wehrmacht am 31.12.1940, vom 15.01.1941 bis zum 09.04.1942 in der Waffenmeisterei des Fliegerhorstes Nellingen an der Fildern beschäftigt.Zuerst als Waffenmeistergehilfe ,dann ab dem 06.04.1941 als Vorhandwerker, Leiter derWaffenmeisterwerkstatt. Seine Tätigkeit wurde durch die erneute Einberufung zur Wehrmacht beendet. Gestern, am 05.04. wäre er 100 Jahre alt geworden,er ist vor 27 Jahren verstorben.

don (scotty) scott 10. Maerz 2008 - 23:32 Uhr
i was stationed with the 94th engr bn (const) from 62 to 65. in headquarters co. i have many great memories of the people i served with. our favorite hang-outs were the gasthaus koenigkarl and the resi-bar both in esslingen

David Anderson 6. Maerz 2008 - 01:22 Uhr
aus Reno, Nevada
I served with the 521st Ordinance Company from 1956-1958, living in one of the end barracks overlooking "La Paloma/Green Dragon" and the front gate and worked in one of the old hangars repairing vehicles. My experiences in Germany, in its cities and with its people transformed my life, for which I will always be grateful. Contact from any colleagues from this time would be most welcomed.
Gruss Gott!

Connie Connie 5. Februar 2008 - 14:32 Uhr
aus Blue Springs, Missouri
What a wonderful site. I was stationed at Nelligen 1982-84, with 394th Trans. I will return when I have longer to browse all you have here and read more comments from others. I wish I had some pictures of when I was there - it is great to see your pictures.

Tony 2. Februar 2008 - 17:57 Uhr
Hallo, Your site brought back many memories for me. I served in the HHC 16th Aviation Bn. in 1972 and the 223rd Aviation Bn. til my transfer to Kelly Barracks in early 1973. I have many photos of Nellingen which I will have to dig out for you. Keep up the good work.

Gaylene Flanary McCallum 1. Februar 2008 - 16:46 Uhr
aus Hugo, Oklahoma
Billy, this is such a great web site and I have really enjoyed chatting with you. I´m an Army brat who lived in Nelligen from 1953 to 1956 or thereabouts. My father was a helicopter pilot originally with the 328th Transportation Company and later the 11th. I have very few memories but the ones I have are great. A friend who was there during the same time as I was and I just returned last fall for a wonderful visit. It has changed a lot but I still recognized where we lived. Keep up the good work!

Robert (Bob) Sharratt 15. Dezember 2007 - 04:14 Uhr
aus Bridgeton (Near St. Louis, Missouri
Howdy Bill, you left a message to me at last September, I am just now getting around to answering it. I had a very enjoyable time roaming around on your site, lots of very good pictures & info. I was in Ulm from November 1953 to May 1956, I must have left about the time your dad arrived. My wife Rita & I have hosted 19 exchange students, 6 from Germany & 3 from Austria. We were in Germany for a month in 1996 and again in 1998, we stayed with the families of the exchange students, I was very much surprised at all the changes in those 40+ years!
Bob Sharratt.

John Ward 16. November 2007 - 21:40 Uhr
aus Paris,
Delighted to find your website. It broght back many happy memories of working in the R&U workshop in 1977.


Marsha Christian 16. Oktober 2007 - 14:00 Uhr
aus Chattanooga, TN USA,
Your site keeps getting better & better, Billy, and we all thank you! Our group of Army brats who lived at Nellingen and Kelley between 1960-64 enjoy your site very much and recognize a lot of places in the photos. Most of us attended Nellingen Jr. High School and/or Ludwigsburg American High School and were "old enough" to enjoy many of the places & events in that area back then --- and we have MANY wonderful memories of our time in Germany! We have searched for over 5 years and have located over 150 of our old friends & classmates from those days -- still searching for others, too. We will have our 5th NellingenKelleyClassmates reunion next summer! Thanks again for your very interesting website about Nellingen.

finley 7. Oktober 2007 - 06:01 Uhr
was there with 4th AVN. & 152nd trans. 1969 to 1970 worked in the engine shop on the ch37´s helicopters we got ch47´s and moved to swabbish hall, this is a greate site brings back lots of memories a big THANKS

Max Krewson 18. September 2007 - 06:37 Uhr
Hi bill my father and our family was stationed on base from 1960 to 1966. As a kid I had a great time! I enjoyed the pics. Fantastic site thank-you.

Gary Morley 7. September 2007 - 18:37 Uhr
aus Paris, Texas
Thanks, Billy, for a great site built on great memories.

Robert Kos 22. August 2007 - 11:41 Uhr
aus 74405 Gaildorf, Baden Württemberg
Einfach super deine Homepage.... ich bin in Ostfildern geboren und hab 25 Jahre in der Parksiedlung gelebt und war auch in der Deutsch Amerikanischen Freundgruppe KONTAKT aktiv. Ich hatte auch viele amerikanischen Freunde und mit deine Homepage werden Errinnerungen wach. best regards Robert

Gerard Gracey 21. August 2007 - 15:02 Uhr
aus Stuttgart, BW
Well done. I really enjoyed the pictures and your commentary. I worked at Nellingen (Bldg. 3500) in 1991/92 for the VII Corps Directorate of Logistics (DOL) until it moved to Wurzburg. Before then (1980 till 89) I worked for the GSMC Directorate of Engineering and Housing (DEH) at Grenadier Kaserne, and later at Patch Barracks. Do you remember Mike Bonfielilo from Nellingen?

Richard 14. August 2007 - 01:37 Uhr
Teriffic site. I was stationed in Nellingen from October 1951 thru November 1953 in the 504th Ord HAM Co. I would like to hear from anyone that was there at that time.

Jim Rosner (Roz) 12. August 2007 - 00:12 Uhr
aus California,
I was at Nellingen Barracks from ´77 to´78 Many great nights at Karma-Liters and the old mill in Bad -Constatt Would love to hear from old friends

Marcel 9. August 2007 - 01:26 Uhr
Wirklich nett mal wieder das zu sehen, was hier war wo ich noch Jung war. Hab die Kaserne nur noch in Erinnerung wie sie leer steht und dann "platt gemacht" wurde. Bin damals selbst in den Barracken gewesen. Unvergesslich! Zum Glück gibt es diese Homepage!

Kommentar des Webmasters:

Edward Gardipee 29. Juli 2007 - 22:02 Uhr
Wachernheim Germany was my barrack. Mainz is the closest city to the barracks that i went to. I was there from 1951-1953. Im now 74 and live in Shelby Montana. I would like to see pictures of how Mianz grew into a bigger city.


Lee 28. Juli 2007 - 12:32 Uhr
aus Duesseldorf,
Tooot Tooot!Auf meiner Reise durch die Internetwelt hat doch meine Bahn schon an dieser tollen Homepage gehalten. Die Dampfwolke hinterlaesst einen bewundernden bahnigen Gruss von mir. bahnige Gruesse Lee

Mary 25. Juni 2007 - 14:38 Uhr
Ich bin erst kürzlich nach Ostfildern gezogen und finde es echt interessant etwas über die Umgebung zu erfahren. Kaum vorstellbar, dass da, wo sich jetzt der Scharnhauser Park befindet, einmal eine Kaserne war. Für mich war diese Seite sehr aufschlussreich und ich werde sie meinen Freunden weiterempfehlen

Steffen Zander 7. Mai 2007 - 07:44 Uhr
aus Mühlheim, Baden-Württemberg
Hallo Billy, das Sammlertreffen war toll und ich konnte wieder viele Stücke bekomme die ich schon lange gesucht habe. Schade dass die Resonanz so schwach war. Hoffe es zieht mehr Leute an. Ich sammle Abzeichen der Bundeswehr und aus NATO-Staaten und suche immer Tauschpartner. Bei Interesse einfach eine EMail losschicken. Gruß Steffen

Slawek 1. Mai 2007 - 21:46 Uhr
Sehr gute Seite! Ganz in der Nähe befindet sich noch bis heute eine andere ehemalige Kaserne: die Flakkaserne in Ludwigsburg. Wenn Sie interessiert sind dann finden Sie mehr auf oder bei Wikipedia. Einfach "Flakkaserne Ludwigsburg" eintippen. Gruss

Eduard Ehing 1. April 2007 - 09:26 Uhr
aus 73345Hohenstadt, Bad/Württ
Hallo, durch den Hinweis eines ehemaligen Labor Servise Angehörigen bin ich auf Deine Homepage gestossen."Sehr gut"! Ich selbst war von 1954 - 1959 bei der LS. Zuerst beim 6935th LS Center Esslingen in der Becelaerekaserne, dann bei der 4079th LSC in Ulm. Wenige Bilder von damals findest Du in der Homepage von Siegbert Mann. "Es war meine schönste Zeit, ich denke oft mit Wehmut daran". Ed

Chuck Gordon 30. Maerz 2007 - 08:55 Uhr
aus Grafenwoehr, Bayern
Liebe Grüssle vom Bayern!
It was a delight finding your page. I was a Soldier at Nellingen from ´85-´88. I´ve driven through the Ostfildern area a couple of times in recent years and have been amazed at the changes. Vielen danke fuer diese gutes erinnerung!

Kommentar des Webmasters:

John Bennett 12. Maerz 2007 - 20:33 Uhr
aus Tampa, Florida
Thank you for preserving some of the best memories of my life. I hung out with some of the German workers and made a lot of great freinds in Neuhausen, Nellingen, Esslingen, and Stuttgart.I wish we had e-mail and digital cameras back then.

Kommentar des Webmasters:
John Benett served with the 31st CSH, Combat Support Hospital from 1987 to 1989, thanks John for the Posting, Billy

Thomas Senuta 6. Maerz 2007 - 02:48 Uhr
aus Ledyard, Connecticut06339-1131
Hi Billy, You have a interesting web site. I was stationed at Echterdingen Army airfield in 1959/1960 with the 16th Avn.Opr.Det. I was at Nellingen Kaserne several times. Germany was a beautiful country in 1959/1960 and I know it still is. Good beer, good food nice people. Keep up the good work and good luck in your collecting.

Roberto Apodaca 4. Maerz 2007 - 19:31 Uhr
aus Augsburg, Bayern
I just visited your site and I was amazed, it took me back into the past. I was stationed in Nellingen from 1982 to 1988 in B co & A co. 394th Trans.Bn.

Michael 4. Maerz 2007 - 13:46 Uhr
Hallo, bei meinen virtuellen Reisen durch das Internet bin ich auf Deine informative und ansprechende Website gestoßen. Du hast Deinen Internetauftritt sehr ansprechend gestaltet. Ich werde sicher wiederkommen. Noch viel Spaß beim Homepage-Basteln! Wer mag, kann mir gern auf meinen Reiseseiten (Neuseeland/Australien, USA/Kanada, Singapur/Thailand, Irland/England) einen Gegenbesuch abstatten. Viele Grüsse und einen schönen Sonntag wünscht dir Michael!



Oscar Delaluz 11. Februar 2007 - 22:27 Uhr
Hello Billy, very nice site you have of Nellingen Barracks. Me & my wife were both station there from 83 to 86. I was stationed down the road at Kelly Barracks for my first year at 7th Corps and then I was transfered to Nellingen Barracks at 394th Trans Bn working in S-1 battalion. My wife Janice was stationed at HQ, 2nd Support Command. We were both there until we left for Ft Leavenworth, KS until I retired in 1992 and we currently live in Marshfield, Wisconsin. When we were stationed at Nellingen we lived in a small town called Kongen ( I think thats how it was spelled). We sure loved the area and all of Germany. We did a lot of traveling and of course loved the German food and of course the Good German Beer. Lots of good memories. Keep up the good job of your site.



Silke Reindl 23. Dezember 2006 - 16:03 Uhr
aus Esslingen, Baden-Württemberg
Hallo zusammen, ich bitte um Hilfe von jeder Menge Leute, die mir helfen meiner Mutter ihren Dad zu finden. Er war in Nellingen bis 1955 stationiert und heißt Marshall Castein. Ich habe leider keine weiteren Angaben zu ihm, nur seinen Namen und dass er wohl 1955 wieder in seine Heimat die USA zurückgekehrt ist, da seine Zeit als Soldat in Deutschland abgelaufen war! Ich bitte Sie, wenn Sie mir helfen könnten ihn zu finden, mir Tipps für die weitere Suche geben könnten oder ihn sogar kennen und wissen wen ich meine, melden Sie sich dann bitte unter meiner E-Mail-Adresse unter der ich täglich erreichbar bin. Ich würde mich sehr freuen von Ihnen zu hören - mir würde jeder kleine Wink helfen meine Mutter wieder lachen sehen zu können und sie glücklich zu machen.

Kommentar des Webmasters:
if anyone knows Soldier Mashall Castein, stationed at Nellingen Barracks arround 1955 please contact Mrs. Silke Reindl, thank you and merry Christmas Billy



Martin Gonzalez (Gonzo) 20. Dezember 2006 - 18:58 Uhr
aus Neuhausen a.d.F,
Hi!I arrived here in the summer of 1984 and ended up in the 394th until 1987.I worked on cobras until my my ETS and started working at Pan Am until the airline ceased operations in 1989.I happened to be in what used to be nellingen barracks yesterday on my way to stuttgart and like always I could not stop thinking about the good old days.Wish they were still here.I also could not stop thinking about all the great bunch of guys I worked and partied with.Hope there still out there some place and if they ever happen to see this entry maybe they can send me an email.See ya Gonzo



Bob Kamenski Paret 13. Dezember 2006 - 07:59 Uhr
aus Pittsburgh, Pa.,
Hello again Billy,For anyone who served with the 168 Combat Engineers from 1957 to 1960 with me, let me hear from you. Good job Billy. You have a great site that brings back many great memories.



susan 25. November 2006 - 00:20 Uhr
new hampshire
william...what a great website! i knew stan voynar....unfortunately he passed away in april of 2005. his wife, 9 year old daughter marissa and i are going to visit the nellingen site in december for old times sake. stan LOVED being at nellingen and so we will toast to him when we get there. are you still in the area? keep up the great site! and Frohe Weihnachten! susan



Siegfried Kohlrus 18. November 2006 - 17:49 Uhr
aus Erpfenzell 8 93167-Falkenstein, Bayern
Hallo:Ich finde deine Seiten***SPITZE*** Von 1967-73 war ich bei der 8902nd.CLG-LMDS in der Funkerkaserne-Esslingen(Stationiert)da war ich Täglich in Nellingen(BKS)hauptsächlich bei den 93th.ENGINEERS u.58thINFANTRY (LONG RANGE PATROL).Natürlich auch im EM-CLUB u.Deutsche- Kantine,es war eine meiner Schönsten-Zeit



Steve Fitzsimmons 13. November 2006 - 17:46 Uhr
aus New Melle, Missouri
Thank you for the website about Nellingen Kaserne. I have so many great memories of my tour of duty in Germany and especially Nellingen. I served with the 94th Engr. Bn. from February to November 1970. I traveled to many parts of Germany and Austria and enjoyed visiting many castles, skiing, and hiking in the beautiful forests. I am sorry that the Kaserne is no longer, but I have my pictures and memories. I hope to travel to Germany again to show my wife your beautiful country and friendly people.



BRIGGS JOHN 30. Oktober 2006 - 07:16 Uhr
In 1965, I started to work as a crewmember on a troop ship. We took the First Infantry Division and other units to Vietnam. On each trip, we picked up around 2,400 troops in Oakland, California and stopped in Guam to refuel the ship and then traveled to Vietnam. We traveled down the coast and dropped troops off at different ports. After we left Vietnam, we would head to other ports like Japan or Korea before heading back to Oakland to pick up more troops for a return voyage to Vietnam. In April of 1966, I entered the Army at Ft Ord thinking that I would be back in Vietnam after training. I did AIT at Ft Leonard Wood as a Heavy Equipment Operator on D8 Bulldozers. When our orders came for our next duty station, I was surprised and happy to find out I was going to Germany instead of Vietnam. I was stationed at Nellingen Kasern from 1966 to 1968 in HQ Co, 94th Engineer Bn (Const). In the winter of 1966, I learned how to ski in Garmisch. I also bought a 1958 VW to go skiing in and to travel around the country. I spent most weekends touring castles in different parts of the country during the spring and fall and during the summer of 1967 I drove to Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, and England to name a few. In January of 1968, I bought a new 1968 VW and skied in Austria for two weeks. I then shipped the car home where I drove it for around 10 years before I sold it. A new 1968 VW was $1,500 plus $50 for a sunroof and $350 to ship home. A pretty good deal. I now live in Lafayette, California, and have been married since 1972 and have a daughter, a son and one granddaughter. When I was discharged out of the Army, I worked at a General Motors assembly plant in Fremont, California and then went to school to get a BS Degree from California State University, Hayward. I am presently a part owner of a small company with around 30 employees and travel to Europe for vacation quite a bit. In 1995, we stopped by Nellingen Kasern right before they were going to tear down the barracks. I parked the car in front of the main gate and crawled under the fence. It was kind of eerie as I was the only person on the entire post. All of the buildings were unlocked and completely stripped of everything that wasn’t bolted to the floor or ceiling. My old barracks had been changed from one large room to around 10 small rooms for probably 2 people each with a hall down the middle. The latrine had been completely redone with a nice tile. The toilets even had private stalls. What is this world coming to? I still miss the authentic German beer.



Al Metz 17. Oktober 2006 - 21:13 Uhr
Thanks for the trip down memory lane. My pictures were lost over the years and your site brought back MANY fond memories. I am glad I found it. I spent 3 years 11 months and 7 days,(´69-´72) in Germany and after processing in, they were all spent with the 87th Maint. Bn. I was in HHC & 903rd until I left in 1972. My favorite Gasthaus was Tally´s in town. His barmaid who used to be on duty all the time was Suzy. I used to go all over the Stuttgart area with him, a truck driver named Claus, and a few more Germans whose names have skipped my mind. We were all members of a bowling team and I just loved the way the pins were hooked to strings and how many different games we could play. It used to cost us 5DM, about $1.25 to play each Saturday. At the end of the season, we used to go to the Alps skiing for 7 days, with all expenses paid. I could go on and on. I just loved it there. If anyone reading this knows me, or knows about a friend of mine, Don Souza from California, please email me. Thanks again for your wonderful site. Al Metz Winter Haven, Florida



Bob Kamenski Paret 14. Oktober 2006 - 22:14 Uhr
Great site William.
I´ll be in touch.


Hans Schuhmacher 28. September 2006 - 07:51 Uhr
aus Kemnat, Baden Württemberg
Lange ist es her war von 1978 bis 1985 bei der us-army in der grenadier kaserne Zuffenhausen als schreiner beschäftigt war echt die schönste zeit meines lebens ging nur ungerne weg von der us-army aber leider baute man immer mehr kasernen ab und mir wurde es zu unsicher dort weiter zuarbeiten und ging lieber dann zur stadt.Mein erster arbeitsTag bei der us-army habe ich in der nellinger Kaserne ausgeübt ,war schon beeindruckt davon vor allen dingen war die deutsche kantine nicht schlecht mit dem den sieben jahren arbeitete ich am gernsten in nellingen.-SPAM-

EVY EVY 23. August 2006 - 03:10 Uhr
aus Kitchener, Ontario
Greetings from Canada! Just thought I´d let you know that on August 22nd, 2006, Herbie Meeks is celebrating his 80th birthday. He is planning a 100th birthday reunion. Something tells me he is going to make it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HERBIE MEEKS! With love from Canada, EVY P.S. Herbie Meeks´ website is on my LINK page at

Steve Ilgis 14. August 2006 - 22:21 Uhr
Just found your site and really enjoy it! I was stationed at Nelligen from 85 to apr 87. My unnit was hq&a co. I really enjoyed my time there and miss Germany and the friends I had there alot.Again great site and thanks steve ilgis

Dana Campbell 21. Juli 2006 - 18:29 Uhr
aus Knoxville, Tennessee
I lived at Nellingen Barracks from 1969-1971 as a military dependent of SFC Leslie P. Campbell. My mother, Sally, sisters, Vicky (Anita Santiago), Leslie (Bunny), & Jeannie were there too. I was 13 to 15 years old at the time. It was a great time in my life. I will always have fond memories of my time at Nelligen. I joined the US Army & was assinged to the 42d MP Group at Mannheim from Nov. 1980 to Sep. 1983. Unfortunately I didn´t get the chance to visit Nelligen. Thank you for you website, it brings back wonderful memories and the history of the American/German relations during it´s existence. Thanks again. Dana Campbell

David Gregory 28. Mai 2006 - 19:58 Uhr
I was an 84B (Still Photographer) assigned to HHC VII Corps in the 1980´s and remember the area well. Thanks for the trip down memory lane and info on the redevelopment. I hope to visit Germany in the future to take a look around.

Dan Makolondra 28. Mai 2006 - 05:22 Uhr
aus Denver, Colorado
Was with HHC 223rd Aviation, 1972-1974, Great site, keep up the good work.

MICHAEL KENNEY 16. Mai 2006 - 19:17 Uhr

Virgil Flack 16. Mai 2006 - 06:22 Uhr
I was with 11th TC 1956 to 1958. Thanks for the memories. The website is great.

Michael 15. Mai 2006 - 22:12 Uhr
I was with 7th Personnel Group from 1989-1991 in Nellingen. I just drove through it for the first time since. Wow what a change. Had to look hard to find any of the old base but the old main post buildings are still there. I was surprised to see my old hangout in Scharnhausen gone, 49ers Gasthaus. If anyone has info about the ownwers let me know.

Tony Spinelli Tony 12. Mai 2006 - 17:49 Uhr
Hi Billy, Thanks for the memories! I was in Nellingen Barracks from 7/1976 to 2/1979 in the 394th Tans Bn.


irene Strunk 11. Mai 2006 - 02:42 Uhr
aus Saint Petersburg,
es war so gut alles zu sehen ich bin in ostfildern (frueher Parksiedlung)aufgewachsen habe mein mann kennengelernt er war in der nellinger barracks in 421st med, er war ein uh-1 repair man

Roswitha Gann 25. April 2006 - 21:44 Uhr
aus Ostfildern,
This is a wonderful site that brings back very fond memories. I grew up in Scharnhausen and spent hours and hours at the roller rink, ice-cream parlor and theater. In 1987 I met my husband in the Rod and Gun Club and last year we bought a house where the athletic field used to be. Good job on the site. I may have some pictures too, I will go through my albums.
Take care

Ed Hughes 19. April 2006 - 15:07 Uhr
I just found your site, I was in Nellingen 1973-1975. I had a wonderful time there (I miss Stuttgarter Hofbrau, the best beer in the >world!) , and seeing the pictures on your site brought back many good memories. I remember all of the areas. Sad that it is all gone now. I was in the 472nd Signal company as a photographer, unfortunately, I didn´t keep many pictures of the barracks. I also played music in a band in the enlisted clubs at Nellingen, Kelly Barracks, Patch, Flak, and so on. One of the Germans I played music with was named Dieter Hartman, he was 21 years old back then, and played drums. Another was >named Eckhart (cant remember his last name), he played guitar and worked in a music store in Stuttgart. I work for the Air Force now in Florida. Anyway, your efforts have made today a very good day for me, and I will visit your site often.
Thanks again!

EVY Herbie Meeks calls me "EVY LOU" 7. April 2006 - 21:30 Uhr
aus Kitchener, Ontario
Hello Billy! It´s good to read all about you and to see the handsome face of Herbie Meeks on your site. As you may know, he is the co-founder of The Front Porch Pickin Radio Show which is taped live at Billy´s House of Guitars in Glenwood, Arkansas -- which is listed as a "Tourist Attraction" of Arkansas. The Front Porch Pickin Radio Show is having a reunion on April 8th with guest artists who have visited the show, and Herbie Meeks told me he is planning to retire? I don´t think they´ll let him. Wishing you and your loved ones a happy springtime. With love from Canada, EVY

Ruth Helen Tillson 3. April 2006 - 05:20 Uhr
aus 801 N. E. Caden Avenue , Hillsboro, Oregon 97124
I am a relative of Herbie Meeks. My sister Shirley Carothers sent me the websight. Thanks for sharing the memories and the photos. We went to Germany last May, 2005 and enjoyed the visit.
Ruth Tillson

Mark Grady 31. Maerz 2006 - 00:54 Uhr
aus Chandler, Arizona
I was stationed in Nellingen from 1987-1989 at the 31st Combat Support Hospital. Thanks so much for setting up the website. I think I remember seeing you around. My roommate used to get drunk and break the locks in the barracks. Were you the ones that fixed those locks. Also is the Restaurant called Mario´s still there?

Steve Mize 19. Maerz 2006 - 06:23 Uhr
aus Georgia,
I was in the 2nd support command from March 1975 till Nov 1977. I really do miss the days in Germany and all of the travel and people I met there. If you were in the unit at that time I would love to hear from you and catch up.

Orville Coil 14. Maerz 2006 - 20:01 Uhr
aus Beavercreek, Ohio,
Good work Billy. Thanks for including the 6th Airdrome Squadron in your history of Nellingen. I don:t think that many people realize that the U S Air Force occupied Nellingen prior to the U S Army taking it over - but it did. And they had a ball while there, I guess those were the good old days.

Richard Landry 9. Maerz 2006 - 23:38 Uhr
I was with the 93rd (float bridge)from June 1959 until June of 1961. "I was 17 when I arrived there". Finding your site has brought back many good memories: as well as some not so good. All in all, I enjoyed your country and all the places that the 93rd went to building Bridges. I will never forget. Thank you for the look back.
Richard Landry

John Brandt 5. Maerz 2006 - 01:19 Uhr
aus Etowah, North Carolina
March 2, 2006 Enjoyed your look into the past. I flew the US Army Sikorsky Helicopters beginning in 1954 when we first arrived in the spring of 1954. My wife Erika and I lived in Nellingen with a Frau Melville and later moved into the new family quarters next to the airfield. I remember the locating the Nudist camps in and around Stuttgart, and especially while they were building the Stuttgart Tower with restaurant at the top. Once in a while I would fly circles around the tower and the men hanging by ropes would wave to us! I will pass ur site to others who were flying their back in 1954. Danke und Aufweidersehn Johann Brandt

Kommentar des Webmasters:
thanks John/Erika for the fantastic Pictures out of the midd 50ies, another Part of the Nellingen Barracks History, stay in touch, Billy


Eddy Brockner 27. Februar 2006 - 20:55 Uhr
Thank you Billy for putting the pictures of the 93rd Eng. Company.On the web.Looking forward to meeting you and your family in March.Cheers--Eddy

Frank J. Mokos 27. Februar 2006 - 15:44 Uhr
aus Parma, Ohio
War Herbst 1957 - April 1959 in Nellingen stationiert.
"903rd Ord. Co." Habe in der Zeit meine Frau kennengelernt. Denke noch oft an die Zeit zurueck, hauptsaechlich jetzt seit meine Frau mit ´Billy´ in Verbindung ist.

Johannes 27. Februar 2006 - 10:04 Uhr
Schöne Seite. Nellg. Bks war eine große Familie. Schade, das diese Zeit vorbei ist. Johannes

Dennis 26. Februar 2006 - 11:15 Uhr
Thanks again for the walk down memory lane. It´s been fun!

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Thanks Dennis for view my Website and my Guestbook.