394th Transportation Battalion Nellingen Barracks 1979 to 1981

394. Transport Battalion ( Hubschrauber ) Nellingen Barracks 1979 bis 1981








   Spec-4 Bob Louthen



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Im Januar 2010 entdeckte mich Soldat Bob Louthen auf Grund meiner Webseite im Internet. Bob war von Januar 1979 bis September 1981 mit

dem 394. Transport Battalion ( Hubschrauber ) in den Nellingen Barracks stationiert.

Während seiner Dienstzeit war er als Hubschrauber-Kommunikations-Mechaniker eingesetzt. Als er las dass die meisten Gebäude der alten Kaserne

abgerissen wurden, stimmte ihn das sehr traurig. Bob hat gute Erinnerungen an Nellingen und möchte dieses Jahr (2010) einen Deutschland Besuch buchen.


Jedes Jahr fand in den Nellingen Barracks (ab 1964) das deutsch-amerikanische Freundschaftsfest mit Rodeo reiten statt. Bob Louthen und seine

Kameraden der 394. wurden für die Stromversorgung der Fahrgeschäfte eingeteilt und diente auch als Dolmetscher zwischen den Veranstaltern des Festbetriebs

und der Army da seine Mutter aus Augsburg stammt. So konnte er seine Deutsch Kenntnisse gut einsetzen. Wenn Bob uns seine Kameraden ausgingen wurde die „Alte Wache“ in Obertürkheim besucht bzw. ein Bistro in Esslingen. Kurz bevor er im September 1981 nach den USA zurückkehrte, wurde ein großes Grillfest auf einem Grillplatz in der Nähe der Parksiedlung veranstaltet. In geraumer Zukunft möchten Bob und seine Familie einen Wohnwagen mieten und durch Deutschland reisen und seinen Onkel in der Schweiz

besuchen. Bob Louthen ist 49 Jahre alt (2010) und lebt mit seiner Familie in Baltimore im U.S. Bundessaat Ohio.


Vielen Dank für die Fotos und viel Glück für die Zukunft von – Billy – Oktober 2010



Troop Billets 394th Transportation Battalion

sp4 Felker sp4 Taylor and Bob behind billets 1979 / Kameraden bei einer Party hinter dem Mannschaftsgebäude. Bob rechts.

394th Transportation Battalion flight line / Flugfeld mit Hangar der 394. Transport Kompanie 1980

sp4 Barger and Bob Louthen ( right / rechts )

394th Transportation Battalion Patch

Bob, Omi and Cousin Günther friedberg near augsburg 1981

Bob mit seiner Oma in Augsburg 1981

Bob Louthen and Jason 1981

Short Timers Party 1981 near Parksiedlung. Photo shows Debra

Fleece and our half Pig. Short Timers Party 1981 near Parksiedlung. Bob´s Abschiedsparty auf einem Grillplatz Nähe der Kaserne an der Parksiedlung 1981.

Heike Ritta Connie and others / Bob´s Abschiedsparty Parksiedlung 1981

Phil Sue and Jason / Bob´s Abschiedsparty Parksiedlung 1981

Short Timers Party 1981 near Parksiedlung

Short Timers Party 1981 near Parksiedlung

Bob´s Abschiedsparty Parksiedlung 1981

Short Timers Party 1981 near Parksiedlung

Bob Louthen at Lake Erie Summer 2009 /  Bob Louthen am Lake Erie im Sommer 2009


Original Comment of Bob Louthen:


Email 1:


Hi Billy,

I actually found this military .com through your site. A couple of days ago I was playing with Google Earth and was horrified to find out that my old

barracks no longer existed. After some searching I came across your site and took a long stroll down memory lane. It’s great that you have taken it

upon yourself to create a place, where people like myself can refresh their fading memories of a great place they once lived. I was an avionics communications tech with

B Company 394th Transportation Battalion in Nellingen Barracks between January of 1979 to September of 1981. During that period each year I was assigned the duty to supply power for the German American fests rides. I also served as sort of a liaison between the vendors and our A company which had something to do the arrangement of the fest. This was due to the fact that I am half German “mutti ist aus Augsburg” and at the time could still speak German fluently. It was a big plus for me when I was there. I used to practically live at Die Alte Muhle and a small Bistro in Esslingen that we called Bistro’s because we didn’t know what a bistro was. Many good times. I am still in contact with one of my best friends whom I was stationed with there. I will let him know about your site. I looked yesterday to see if I had many Pictures from Nellingen but was sad to find that I only had a couple of the barracks. I do have several from a huge shortimers party that we had Labor Day weekend 81 in a small park just outside of the north End of the post overlooking the valley. It was near the Parksiedlung.

Do you by any chance have a pdf version of the Nellingen Barracks Gebaudeplan that you have on the Charles Nelson page. I would love to have something that I could zoom in on and try to find my old shop and barrack. We are planning to go to Germany next year and rent a camper and drive around Germany as well as visit an Uncle in Switzerland. I would love to show my wife and daughter where all I used to live in Germany. If I make it to Nellingen maybe we can have a Stuttgarter Hofbrau or 2 and maybe some Apfelkorn. Let me know if you would like the pics from the shortimers party, I copied my buddy on this so hopefully he may have something he can send you.

Thanks and keep up the good work,


Bob Louthen January 2010


Email 2: Short Timers Party Parksiedlung


Hey Billy,

I have attached several pictures mainly from my shortimers party, labor day weekend September 4-7 1981. I left a couple of days later.

Maybe you can tell by the fire pit or the view where we had it. I remember it not being very far from the north gate in a small park. Most of the people there

were from the 394th or the 15th Transportation Company as well as some German friends and girlfriends. I don’t remember my building number but it was just south of the chapel next

to the road with an all female barracks across from us. The picture of the flight line is from the Avionics shop where I worked. If you have any maps or good resolution aerial views could you please send them to me. I would love to be able to show my wife where I used to live and work.



Bob Louthen


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