11th Transportation Company ( Helicopter ) 1956 – 1958            


11. Hubschrauber Kompanie Nellingen Kaserne 1956 - 1958




     Specialist - 5   Virgil Flack      



Original Comment on End of this Page.


Gleich nach der letzten Aktualisierung meiner Webseite im Januar 2010, schickte mir Herr Virgil Flack weitere tolle Fotos aus seiner Zeit in der Nellingen Kaserne. Er schrieb noch mal dass er von Juni 1956 bis Dezember 1958 mit der 11. Hubschrauber Kompanie hier stationiert war. Gleich nach seiner Ankunft wurden die Hubschrauber H-13 und H-19 in die neuen H-34 ausgetauscht. In der Kaserne wohnte Virgil in den Mannschaftsunterkünften und war Gruppenvorgesetzter im Hangar.

Herr Virgil Flack bedankt sich noch einmal für meine schöne Webseite und, wie schon beschrieben, genoss er seine Zeit in Deutschland sehr.

Danke Virgil, für deinen Beitrag und Unterstützung zur Geschichte der Nellingen Kaserne – Billy- Oktober 2010



11th Transportation Company 1956 - 57 with an H 34 in the background on the field at Nellingen Barracks

Mannschaftsfoto der 11. Hubschrauber Kompanie mit einem H-34 Hubschrauber auf dem Nellingen Army Flugfeld


Award Ceremony left to right SP3 T. Walsh, SP 3 J. Daley, SO 3 V. Flack and PFC R. Koening

Beförderung auf dem Flugfeld, von links nach rechts, Walsh –Daley -Flack und Koening

Virgil´s H-34 Helicopter, he was the Crew Chief on Board 1957

Virgil Flacks H-34 Hubschrauber auf dem er der Gruppenführer war



Luftaufnahme vom Hubschrauber aus auf das Nellingen Kaserne Army Flugfeld 1958 / Overview Nellingen Air Base



Auf dem Nellingen Kaserne Army Flugfeld vor dem alten Backstein Hangar 1957 / Nellingen Kaserne Helicopter Flightline with North Hangar


Virgil Flack says: The two uniforms I brought home from Germany when I mustered out in 1958. Both are the Eisenhower Jacket U.S. Army Uniforms Greatcoat

Flagge der 11. Hubschrauber Kompanie / Flag of the 11th Transportation Company ( Helicopter )

Diese beiden Uniformen brachte Virgil Flack 1958 mit nach Amerika


Original Comment of Virgil Flack:


Email 1:


Virgil Flack regarding Nellingen Kaserne
12. January 2010

Hi Billy,
The picture transmissions are about all I have from my days at the Nellingen Army Air Field. I have been through everything I can think of. So many of mine were ruined.

I have contacted another gentleman and perhaps I can get him to send you pictures.
I was assigned to Nellingen and arrived in June of 1956 as a lowly Private (not even First Class). When my tour was up in December 1958 I came home as an SP 5 (Specialist 5) and mustered out of the Army. At Nellingen I lived in the Maintenance Barracks and was a Crew Chief. There were still H 13 and H 19 helicopters in use and being rotated out in 1956. We made air ready as many as we could to fly out for replacement H 34's. Company 21H34 had three flights, Red, Blue and Green, mine was the Red Flight. The helicopters stayed on the tarmac as there was only one hanger. The hanger was sectioned into three to work on the helicopters.
I enjoyed my time at Nellingen. Thank you for a wonderful website

Virgil Flack

Email 2:

I can easily understand why you would want to update the website a couple of times a year. You have a nice family that likes to spend time

with you and the other way around as well. Many thanks to you and your family for building the site, not just in German but English as well.

I know it was a huge job.

I will stay on top of the guys here. I know there are a lot of pictures that I do not have of the 328th and 11th TC that I hope get to you one

day soon.

Thanks again,

Virgil Flack January 2010




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