94th Engineer Battalion Nellingen Barracks Germany


Hier ein paar schöne Bilder vom U.S. Soldaten Steve Fitzsimmons, Hauptgefreiter  im  94th Engineer Battalion 1970 in der Nellinger Kaserne. Steve lebt heute in New Melle im U.S. Bundesstaat Missouri, er stellte mir diese Fotos zur Verfügung. Danke dafür und alles gute für die Zukunft wünscht dir, Billy aus Nellingen Germany.


Here are some nice Pictures of SP4 Steve Fitzsimmons, Soldier with the 94th Engineer Battalion in the Nellingen Barracks, 1970 Germany. Steve today lives in New Melle Missouri. Thanks Steve for the nice Photographs and good luck for the Future. Take care. Billy from Nellingen Germany, August 2007


My Bunk in the Barracks

94th Eng.Bn. Crest

Maingate Nellingen Barracks 1970

Fun Day Nellingen Kaserne

Headquarters 94th Eng. Bn.

Backgate of the Barracks


290 Heavy Tractor

Nellingen City 1970

Nellingen Hindenburgstrasse

Wilhelmstrasse Nellingen

Otto-Schuster-Strasse Nellingen

Nellingen Barracks in good old Germany

Nellingen Barracks Gymnaseum

SP4 Fitzsimmons and SP5 Beers

Barracks 94th Engineer Battalion


94th Engineer Battalion (Combat) (Heavy)

The 94th Engineer Battalion (Combat) (Heavy) provides construction and selected combat engineering support to the 130th Engineer Brigade throughout EUCOM and CENTCOM Areas of Responsibility.

The unit was constituted 1 October 1933 in the Regular Army as the 53d Engineer Battalion. It was redesignated 1 January 1938 as the 94th Engineer Battalion. It was activated 12 February 1941 at Fort Custer, Michigan and reorganized and redesignated 1 May1942 as the 94th Engineers.

It was again redesignated 1 August 1942 as the 94th Engineer General Service Regiment but was inactivated 22 December 1945 at Camp Myles Standish, Massachusetts.

The unit was redesignated 16 May 1946 as the 94th Engineer Construction Battalion and activated 27 May 1946 at Fort Lewis, Washington.

The unit was reorganized and redesignated 20 September 1953 as the 94th Engineer Battalion though it was inactivated 27 November 1954 in France.

The unit was activated 10 March 1955 in Nellingen, Germany.

Elements of V Corps have received orders to deploy to Kuwait in January 2003. According to Stars & Stripes in a story on January 2, 2003, the 94th Engineer Battalion, the 22nd Signial Brigade, the 205th Military Intelligence Brigade, and the 3rd Corps Support Command departed for Kuwait in earl 2003.

In August 2003 the 94th Engineer Battalion was helping to enhance the security of the Coalition Provisional Authority's headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq in mid-August 2003. Soldiers in the battalion's Company B took on part of the security responsibility for the CPA at the presidential palace in Baghdad with the teardown and cleanup of unwanted structures. Five-ton dump trucks, backhoes and bulldozers kicked up 20-foot clouds of dust as soldiers scooped up and tow off the rubble of the old regime's destroyed military buildings. The main threat concern for the CPA security is possible attackers that could cross the river in an attempt to gain access to the palace grounds. The engineers have been tasked with clearing out the bombed-out buildings that could provide cover and concealment for hostile intruders. The battalion dismantled 13 buildings that were obstructing the view of security guards.

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