328th  Transportation Company 1954 in Nellingen Barracks, Germany

328. Transport Kompanie Hubschrauber 1954 in den Nellingen Barracks 1954





     CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER 3 (CW3)   John Brandt


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John Brandt erzählte mir im Dezember 2010:


Die 328. Hubschrauber Kompanie kam im Frühling 1954 in die Nellingen Kaserne. Alle Ehefrauen kamen später dazu nachdem die Männer, auch John Brandt, ein geeignetes Quartier gefunden hatten. John und seine Frau Erika wohnten in einer kleinen Mietwohnung außerhalb der Nellingen Kaserne in Nellingen. Kurz vorher kam Erika hochschwanger mit dem Passagier Schiff „Bremen“ nach Deutschland. Kurze Zeit darauf bekamen sie ihr Kind. Es wurde im US-Hospital Bad Cannstatt geboren. Damals 1954 war John Brandt 26 Jahre alt. Er verließ die Army im Jahr 1967 als Chief Warrant W-3 Offizier.

John und Erika sind seit 1953 verheiratet. John Brandt ist heutzutage 83 Jahre alt. Er und seine Frau leben im U.S. Bundesstaat North Carolina.


Vielen Dank John. – Viele Grüße von Billy – Dezember 2010


Nellingen Kaserne 328th Helicopter Flight Line / Flugfeld der 328. Hubschrauber Kompanie 1954

John Brandt 1954

John beim Golf spielen mit Tiger Woods

Overview Nellingen Kaserne 1954 / Luftbild der Nellingen Kaserne 1954

Beer Stein of the 328th Transportation Company

Bierkrug der 328. Hubschrauber Kompanie

328th Transportation Company
(Photo submitted by Richard Johnson via Hanno Englaender)
Inside the main hangar at Nellingen heliport. It houses several H-13s and H-19Ds. The picture was taken in 1954.

H-13 und H-19 Hubschrauber Nellingen Kaserne Hangar 1954

John Brandt 1954 Nellingen Kaserne


          328th Transportation Company

Two H-19 get ready to head out to the field for some training.
In the background,  some of the dependent

housing buildings at Nellingen.

Zwei H-19 Hubschrauber kurz vor einem Übungsflug 1954


328th Transportation Company (Helicopter)
In the summer of 1955, the Army Pictorial Service shot a training film about the 328th Transportation Company's mission.

328th Transportation Company
H-19Ds of the 328th parked outside the hangar at Nellingen heliport in 1955.H-19 Hubschrauber auf dem Hangar Vorfeld 1954

328th Transportation Company
Two H-19's on the Nellingen Army Airfield

 Photo taken by Jordan Heiberger 1954

Richard Johnson from http://www.usarmygermany.com

328th Transportation Company
The South Gate of Nellingen Barracks in 1955.

328th Transportation Company
Two H-19's on the Nellingen Army Airfield

 Photo taken by Jordan Heiberger 1954


Original Comment of John Brandt:


The 328 hcptr co came to Nellingen in spring 1954. The wives came

later when the family quarters were completed. However, my wife Erika was 7 months pregnant and came on the German ship "Bremen"..... I paid her ticket. I found a home in Nellingen that had a young German family on the 2nd floor. On the 1st floor was a 65 yr old single German lady Frau Melville. We shared her apartment and paid her rent. A couple months later I took Erika to the US Army Hospital near Stuttgart where she had her baby. While she was in the hospital I signed for a set of quarters. I didn't tell Erika and drove to the new quarters.......she was happy about that!

Louis Heberer worked for me in commo (communications) with Sgt Bustler, and a German kid named Merzinich. Merzinich was German born and immigrated to the states and was drafted in the army. I was probably age 26, while Merzinich and Heberer were perhaps age 20. Heberer was a large man, must have weighed around 200lbs.

I retired from the Army in 1967 as Chief Warrant W-3.....woweee that is 43 years ago!! Most of the other young pilots left the army and flew for Boeing and others.

Erika was born in a very small village between Bremen und Hamburg called Wittkopsbostel bei Rotenburg. Her Father Fred Intelmann was a pig farmer. In 1935 he had to give pigs to the Hitler Regime and march on Sat's with a wooden rifle. He immigrated to NY and worked for his Brother who had a German Delicatessen. After he saved enough

money, his wife and 3 children came to NY. Erika was age 5 then. AND a year later Hitler went marching into other countries.

Erika and I were married 57 years this past November. I still remember Nov 21,

1953 I got my hcptr wings, and the next day we married.


Sincerely John Brandt December 2010


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