C Company 168th Engineer Battalion Nellingen Barracks 1962 – 1963

C Kompanie 168. Pionier Battalion Nellingen Barracks 1962 – 1963





    Bob L. McIntosh  


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Im Dezember 2010 bekam ich Kontakt zum ehemaligen US-Soldaten Bob McIntosh.


Bob hatte seine Armee Musterung in Dayton Ohio 1962. Zuerst wurde er mit dem 54. Kampf Battalion nach Wildflecken versetzt, anschließend kam er im Sommer 1962

zur C-Kompanie 168. Pionier Battalion in die Nellingen Barracks. Herr McIntosh erinnert sich noch sehr genau an folgende Aufgaben seiner Kompanie: Kampfmittel Beseitigung und Sprengung von Wehrmachtsgranaten bzw. Landminen, die in vielen Äckern und Feldern der umliegenden Gemeinden von Bauern gefunden wurden. Auch bauten seine Kameraden in den Gemeinden Nellingen - Scharnhausen oder Ruit viele, viele Spielplätze und renovierten Schulhöfe. Die 168. war zu jeder Zeit kampfbereit. Darauf wurden sie trainiert. Sie konnten innerhalb 30 Minuten Einsatzbereit sein.


Bob erzählte mir dass im Jahr 1963 die US-Rock & Roll Legenden Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis und Brenda Lee live im Soldatenclub ( EM-Club) in den Nellingen Barracks spielten. Jerry Lee Lewis hat er persönlich dort spielen sehen. Bob berichtete mir auch von einem von US-Soldaten beliebtem Gasthaus – der Goldenen Biene -

Außerdem wurde viel in Brückenschlagen praktiziert, dass heißt, über mobile Brückenteile, Pontons, einen Fluss zu überqueren. Bob und seine Kameraden wurden des öfteren auf Alarm Fahrt geschickt über die tief verschneite Schwäbische Alb nach Wiesensteig und Hohenstadt an der Autobahn A-8.

Bob McIntosh hat seine Armee Zeit in Nellingen sehr genossen auch Land und Leute kennen gelernt.


Im Sommer 1963 wurde das komplette 168.Pionier Battalion nach Fort Polk USA versetzt. Dort war es Bob´s Aufgabe die Kameraden auf ihren Kriegseinsatz in Vietnam zu trainieren. Bob McIntosh unterrichtet heutzutage an einem College in Olympia und wohnt und lebt in Shelton im U.S. Bundesstaat Washington. Robert McIntosh ist verheiratet, hat sechs Kinder und zehn Enkelkinder. Bob war im November 2010 66 Jahre alt. Er arbeitete bei General Electric bis zum Jahr 2000.


Vielen Dank für die tolle Konversation und die Bilder – Viele Grüße von Billy Dezember 2010


Bob in Nellingen Barracks Germany 1962

Bob McIntosh´s Insignia while in Wildflecken Germany

Bob McIntosh´s Abzeichen in Wildflecken

Bob kurz vor dem Stadtbummel in Stuttgart 1963

Sp4, Bob McIntosh ready for Stuttgart (1963)

Kamerad Roger Miller im neuen M151 Jeep 1962

Nellingen Barracks Sp-5, Roger Miller, new M151 Jeep 1962

Kamerad Roger Miller im neuen M151 Jeep 1962

Nellingen Barracks Sp-5, Roger Miller, new M151 Jeep 1962

Unteroffizier Sexton Nellingen Barracks 1963

Sgt. Sexton, cleaning back of Motor pool 1963


Kamerad Pvt Corrick August 1962, Nellingen Barracks

Kamerad Pvt Corrick August 1962, Nellingen Barracks

Dave Miller (left)  and / und Bob McIntosh EM-Club

Nellingen Barracks 1963

Bob unterwegs im Winter 1962/1963 bei Wiesensteig

5 ton dump truck 168th CE- 2-1963 Germany

Bob McIntosh im Zug nach Stuttgart 1962

Train to Stuttgart

Bob unterwegs im Winter 1962/1963 bei Wiesensteig

5 ton dump truck 168th CE- 2-1963 Germany

Bob bei seinem Hobby, dem Segeln 2010

Bob sails

Bob und einer seiner Söhne

Bob with one of his Son´s

Robert L. McIntosh Nellingen Barracks 1962


Original Comment´s of Bob McIntosh:


Email 1:


An: usarmynellingen@hotmail.com  December 2010


Bob McIntosh sent you a message.

"Guten Tag! Yes, I was there from mid-summer 1962 thru 1963 when the unit was transferred to Fort Polk, LA. I loved being there. I do have a few photos. I was transferred there from the 54th Combat Engr. (C)(A) (ADM) at Wildflecken/Fulda area. Dave Miller and I (E-4 Bob McIntosh) was part of the demolition team that had been part of the event that happend with the VOPOS earlier that year. I am not sure all of the details but several soldiers and East Germans were killed and we were transfered to he 168th. The unit was then sent on to Fort Polk, LA where we trained troops for Vietnam and the unit was sent to Vietnam in 1965. How best is it to send you my old photos? I do not have many but several of Wildflecken also."


Email 2:


Gesendet: Sonntag, 12. Dezember 2010   An: William Bils (usarmynellingen@hotmail.com)


Whee-- a great deal of information and I hope your English will work because my German is GI and old. Yes, it is true that these entertainers were there, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis, Brenda Lee was a famous American teen rock and roll person also. Check out this set of websites and it states that Jerry Lee was there in 1963.



check here on May 1963, our EM Club was one of the various ones.

On November 30, 1961, Brenda recorded her first records sung in German, ("Anybody But Me" and "Fool # 1"), Italian ("Fool # 1"), and French

("Fool # 1") in Nashville, Tennessee. On February 26, 1963, Brenda recorded four songs sung in German. The recording took place in West Germany with Bert Kampfert as producer. Brenda recorded six more songs in German on March 26, 1964 in Nashville, Tennessee. Several songs which became

hits in Germany including "No My Boy," "Wiedersehn Ist Wunderschen," and "Ich Will Immer Auf Dich Warten" which became Brenda's highest charted record in Germany reaching #13 in the charts by the end of 1964.



Well a great deal you want to know and I will see if I can fill in some gaps.

As to our demolitions teams with the 168th. During these years before Vietnam, some of the local farmers were still plowing up mine fields, especilly, up in the higher areas, low mountains and along the river beds. When this would happen the local police would call our Battalion Commander

and ask for help in picking up the mines. Some wher old Nazi (Sapper) units but we could tell right away because all of the Wehrmacht Engineers would place all of the safety pins for each row of mines at the end of each ro in a nice canvas or leather bag. SO we knew how many mines and types were

there. If the were American, we had to ask NATO or other sources if they had a record of the mine field?? If they mines had deteriorated to the level of not being able to pick them up , we would place C4 explosvies on them and blow them up in the field, the farm would charge the 7th Army

COmmand for the clean up. They always told us the mine fields were American, if they were German, they would not get paid for the clean up.

WE did a number of small projects in the nearby schools not sure if they were American or German but we built play grounds and play areas. Also, we did a large amount of ordance burials on the back side of Nellingen. If some one was out there today checking for buried materials they may find some nice old stuff. Every time we had an IG Inspection, a number of excess supplie were buired, not all were retrieved. This was the case when we left in 1963, surplus material that could not be used was buried. Just some fun trivia. I am happy you are keeping track of the data. As a young soldier, I loved this time before Vietnam. I found out to day that our CO Captain Dale D. De Ford was KIA in Vietnam in 1966.

Happy Holidays / Bob McIntosh


Email 3:


OK Billy

I hope all of these photos get to you. Most of these are from summer 1962 to summer 1963 on or near Nellingen. Each has a back story but just photos by a guy who was not a good photo shooter. I was good with an M-1 and M-14. The one photo titled Floating Bridge for Army Record has good back story. The man in the t-shirt on the left is Lt. Hourda (Snoopy) Platoon Leader with the older Sergeant (little) Smith in 1962. Capt. Dale D. DeFord was the Company CO and we were either practicing or building a floating bridge to see if we could beat the Army record.

Our unit was always combat ready and when we had an "alert" we could be in our trucks and off base in about 30 min. I remember walking guard duty that year several times and listening to the guys having a good time in the EM Club across the street. One several nights we had Johnny Cash, and another I missed was Brenda Lee. A night that I did get to see was Jerry Lee Lewis and he wore a black suit with pink cuffs and pink and white shirt, he was great. They club was so full they guys were standing in the window sills. The snow ones were funny because that was the first time I ever drove a 5 ton "low boy" with a D-8 catapiller on the bed. It was scarry and I am not sure where the place we called "Java Junction" was we may even had made the name up.

As I think back I will see if I can remember or find other photos. I know that David Miller did live for a while in Centerville, Ohio. I do not know what happend to the others in the photos.


Bob L. McIntosh December 2010


Email 4:


Hi Billy,

Well I was transferred to "C" Company 168th Combat Engr. in summer of 1962 (I had joined the Army in Dayton Ohio) and was there until the unit left the following year. We went to Fort Polk. The picture is of me (with 7th Army patch) in the "C" Co. supply room (there may be two). I will send you later today a few of the outside shots of other soldiers with our new M-151 Jeeps and the barracks. I have more of Wildfleken than I thought and when I was viewing them there was more of them than Nelligan, so sorry if I am short on Photos. I teach at the local college in Olympia, WA (www.evergreen.edu) When I went to Germany I was first assigned with Dave Miller 54th Engr. up north near Fulda. (pictured of Dave and I in the Nellingan EM Club, we still had our 5th corp. patches on) were were part of the ADM Team with the 54th (see patch) but there was not a ADM Team in Nellingan that we were assigned to-- so our MOS was changed to 121.20 regular Demo P-1 Engrs.

While at Nellingen we were support for the 7th Corp LRRPs and other units in the area. As far as helping locals, we did a large amount of service work and my unit

was responsible for old ordnance that was plowed up by the local farmers. We had to assess if it was German made and deployed or American and either blow it in place or move it to an EOD unit. I will try and think of some of the events, it has been a long time.


Bob L. McIntosh

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