538th  CC & S  Collection Classification and Salvage Company 1965 – 1967

3rd Support Brigade / 87th Ordnance Battalion Nellingen Kaserne





      SP- 5   Michael Smith                            


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Im Januar 2011 lernte ich den ehemaligen Soldaten Herrn Michael Smith kennen. Mike war von 1965 bis 1967 in den Nellingen Barracks mit der 538. CC&S Kompanie stationiert.

Durch unsere beiderseitigen Erinnerungen und seine freundliche Art, haben wir uns schnell angefreundet und auch einige Male miteinander telefoniert.

Mike hat wirklich seine Zeit in Deutschland genossen und nutzte jede frei Minute um von unserem Land, Leute und Traditionen zu lernen.

Er erzählte mir von unzähligen Ausflügen nach Bayern und auf die Schwäbische Alb.


Herr Smith besuchte unter anderem Garmisch – Partenkirchen, die Burg Hohenzollern, war viel in Esslingen und Stuttgart und er nahm auch an Deutsch Kursen in der Kaserne teil.

Finde ich sehr gut. Im Jahr 2001 unternahmen er und seine Familie eine Deutschland Reise und Mike zeigte seinen Angehörigen wie schön unser Land ist. Da wurden dann Ulm besucht, in Bayern Neuschwanstein und viele andere Sehenswürdigkeiten.


Im Oktober 1964 trat er freiwillig in die US-Army ein, hatte dann seine Grundausbildung in Fort Leonardwood und war noch in  Aberdeen Maryland.

Michael Smith kam im April 1965 mit dem Truppenschiff USNS Patch in Bremerhaven an und von dort per Zug und LKW in die Nellingen Barracks.

Nach seiner Dienstzeit arbeitete Mike in den USA in einer Autozulieferer Firma, später als Metzger in einer Schlachterei und bis zu seiner Rente im Jahr 2007 als Schweißer.

Mike Smith ist 65 Jahre alt (2011) verheiratet mit seiner Frau Jeanette, beide haben vier verheiratete Kinder, 11 Enkelkinder und zwei Großenkelkinder.

Mike und Jeanette Smith leben in Topeka im U.S. Bundesstaat Kansas.


Mike, vielen Dank für die tollen Erzählungen und deiner Dienstzeit in den Nellingen Barracks . Viele Grüße von –Billy und Familie Februar 2011


Michael Smith for seinem Battalions Schild 1965 Nellingen Barracks / Michael Smith in his custom made Suit 1966

Von links nach rechts die Kameraden Earl Spurlin, Capt.Henry Fitzpatrick, Charles Hicks Nellingen Barracks 1965

From left to right Earl Spurlin,Capt.Henry Fitzpatrick,Charles Hicks 1966

Hangar of the 538th CC&S Company 1966 Nellingen Barracks

Hangar der 538. CC&S 1966

Nellingen Kaserne Entrance Sign 1968

Schild am Kasernenhaupttor 1968


Skizze von den Nellingen Barracks wo der Süd Hangar früher einmal war

Location of the South Hangar 538th CC&S Company

Battalion Sign of the 87th Maint. Bn. and 538th CC&S  Co.

Battalionsschild der 87. Maint. Bn und 538. CC&S Kompanie


Mike Smith in Quarters Nellingen Barracks 1966

Picture Explanation see Email Nr. Three Smith´s Family

 Bild Erklärung bei Email Nr. 3

Mike & Jeanette Smith in 2010

Original Comment of Michael Smith:


Email 1:


Von: Michael Smith Gesendet: Freitag, 14. Januar 2011

An: William Bils (usarmynellingen@hotmail.com)


Hello Billy


I was stationed at Nellingen Barracks from early 1965 to Sept. of 1967 and also in the 538th CC&S Company. It has been difficult to run down members of the old unit.

Went back there in 2001 and the whole base is gone and at that time was being used fo house refugees. I remember a few peoples names and have one I stay in contact with.

Feel free to e-mail me.


I will see,when the weather warms up, if I can find any pictures of Nellingen Barracks, although I don't think there are many.

I also can find no proof of the underground base. When I was still there I was told of an entrance to a tunnel system across the street from the theater.

If anyone was caught even trying to find an entrance or proof of its existence they would be court martialed. These tunnels led to a village and into the

base itself. I cannot remember the name of the village,but as I recall it was to the south and west of the theater.All tunnels and entrances are supposedly

booby trapped with explosives.

I went to Esslingen quite often as I had a girlfriend living there. Her name was Marie Louise Zey.

There were 2 bars I would go to,one was the Golden Beanie but I can't remember the others name. It was owned by an american who used to be in the

army and I think his name was Bob and his wife/girlfriends name was Rosie.

I also dated a girl from Stuttgart named Ingrid Bullerdiek and she had a sister Brigetta.Their father was an optometrist in Stuttgart.

During my time there on one German-American Day the Castle in Esslingen for the first time in 100 years,or so we were told.

There were 2 gates onto the post,one was at Parksiedlung and the other was at the opposite end. Just ouside that gate was a bar called La Poloma.


I am almost 65, married, 4 married children, 11 grandchildren.and one on the way, 2 great grandchildren, and I am retired. I live in Topeka Kansas.

I loved my time in Germany, the people,the scenery,the architecture, the history,the customs,everything.

I would really like to have a conversation with you by phone if that were possible. If not, I understand.



Michael Smith February 2011


Email 1:


Gesendet: Donnerstag, 3. Februar 2011

An: William Bils (usarmynellingen@hotmail.com)


Hello Billy


I arrived in Germany on the troop ship USNS Patch in April of 65 at Bremerhaven. I can't remember how we were transported to Nellingen. I think it may have been by train to Stugartt then trucks to Nellingen. I joined the Army in October of 64, went through basic training at Fort Leonardwood then on to Aberdeen Maryland for AIT.

I was way way off about when I took German classes. It wasn't till April of 67. I found my German class certificate,I thought it was much much earlier.

The memory suffers!!! I think I have a Drivers Bar,Sharpshooter Badge,Good Conduct Medal and a theater ribbon.

When I left Nellingen I was an SP-5. After the Army I worked in the auto parts industry for a few years then in a slaughter house fo 10 years and then went into welding and did that for 28

years until I retired in 2007.

I was in the Army for 2 years 11 months 12 days and 10 hours.

While in Germany I did travel a bit, mostly around the Stuttgart area and in Bavaria.I was always amazed at how clean the whole country was and the people were always friendly and willing to help. I don't believe I had one bad experience while I was there. There is just my wife and I, 2 dogs and a cat in this house.


Take care

Michael Smith February 2011


Email 3:


Hey Billy


Thanks for the pictures of you and your family. It is nice to put faces with names. Here is a picture of my wife and our 3 daughters and 3 of  our granddaughters.
On the left, sitting, is our oldest Wendy and her daughter Hannah. On the right, sitting, is our youngest Kimberly and her daughter Jocelyn. Standing next to my wife is our middle daughter and her daughter Kennedy. These pictures are about 2 years old. We don't have any recent pictures of our son and his family.

One of the things I loved to do was go to all the castles I could. My family and I stayed in the Schloss Weitenberg on our next to the last night we were in Germany.It was a surprise for our girls, and they really liked it. And,believe it or not,when we got back home,we found out through a friend that a man in our city owned it. It is a small world isn't it?

I have 2 friends that are German and live in the city we used  to live in when we went to Germany.


Mike Smith February 2011

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