4th Aviation Company Nellingen Kaserne 1966 to 1968

4. Flieger Kompanie Nellingen Kaserne 1966 bis 1968






   SP- 4 Donald Cunneen   


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Im April 2011 hat sich der ehemalige Soldat Donald Cunneen in mein Gästebuch eingetragen, was mich sehr gefreut hat. Don war von 1966 bis 1968 mit der

4. Flieger Kompanie in den Nellingen Barracks stationiert. Zuerst war er kurze Zeit in Oberschleißheim Army Airfield und den Rest in Nellingen.

Seine Aufgabe dort war es, in der Nachrichtenabteilung zu arbeiten bzw. die Ausrüstung seiner Kompanie auf dem neuesten Stand zu halten. Als überaus abenteuerlich und laut empfand er die Flüge in den legendären CH-37 Hubschraubern " THE BIG DEUCE ". Donald Cunneen nutzte seine freie Zeit um unser schönes Deutschland kennen zu lernen.

Bayern wurde erkundet mit all seinen Sehenswürdigkeiten und ein dreiwöchiger Urlaub in Italien. Was ihn sehr beeindruckt hat war der Münchner Hauptbahnhof. Natürlich fuhren seine Kameraden und Donald oft mit der Straßenbahn nach Esslingen um dort Land und Leute zu sehen. Mit seinen spärlichen deutsch Kenntnissen wurde er überall freundlich in den Geschäften bedient. Herr Cunneen genoss seine Zeit in Deutschland sehr. Oft denkt er an diese schöne Zeit zurück. Heutzutage ist Don Cunneen 64 Jahre alt, lebt in Brooklyn New York. Er arbeitet in der Kirchenverwaltung und als Diakon. Donald ist verheiratet und hat zwei Söhne.


Vielen Dank für deine Geschichte, Donald Cunneen und alles gute für die Zukunft wünscht – Billy April 2011 -


Seiteneingang Mannschaftsunterkunft der

4. FliegerKompanie1966

Barracks Door of the 4th Aviation Co.1966 Nellingen Kaserne

Kameraden der 4. Flieger Kompanie Nellingen Kaserne 1966-1968

Comrades of the 4th Aviation Company Nellingen Kaserne 1966-1968

Soldat Don Cunneen vor seinem Mannschaftsgebäude 1967

Don Cunneen next to his Barracks 1967

Don Cunneen am Hangar Flugfeld Nellingen Kaserne 1966

Don Cunneen on the Control Tower Nellingen Army Airfield 1966

Don Cunneen´s  Bierkrug der 4. Flieger Kompanie

Don´s Beer Stein of the 4th Aviation Company

Donald Cunneen in 2011

Flugfeld Nellingen Barracks 1967 / CH-37 Nellingen Flight Line 1967


Flugfeld Nellingen Barracks 1967 / CH-37 Nellingen Flight Line


CH-37 in der Luft über der Schwäbischen Alb 1968

CH-37 In the Air - Picture taken by Frank Fan 1968


Beim einladen eines Armee Jeeps in den Bauch des legendären Mojave CH-37  Nellingen Flugfeld 1966

Jeep loading into a Sikorsky CH 37 Mojave Nellingen Army Airfield


Kompanie Schild der 4. Flieger Kompanie

4th Aviation Company Sign


Original Comment of Donald Cunneen:


Email 1:


Gesendet: Samstag, 2. April 2011

An: usarmynellingen@hotmail.com


Hi Billy

Great to hear from you. It took me a few days to find some pictures that i have attached. Hope they they come out ok. I didn't recognize

the men from the site but since they were in the same outfit i probably knew them at that time. I only remember a few names that i was

friends with. I dont have an original patch and i am not sure if we had a unit crest.

I probably got to Gremany about the same time as Dan since i remember it was Octoberefest. I was stationed at Schliessheim for a

while in the communications section and i also ran the projector at the movie hall on base.

After a while we moved to Nellingen where I stayed for the remainder of my tour.

While i was stationed at Nellingen i worked in the communications section using the communications rig and making sure all

equipment was working properly. I used to get a kick out of flying in the CH-37's but they were sure loud. I have attached some


barracks - that was the front door of our barracks with the insignia

barracks buddies - i dont remember all of their names but the top left was Mike Merrill, he was the company clerk for the 4th and top

right was David Holsapple, i'm not sure where he worked. The others, i feel bad but i cant remember.

I gave you a picture of the beer stein that i had made with the company insignia on it -that's the only thing i have left from my service

days. The other two pictures is one of me in front of the barracks and one on the control tower overlooking the flight line.

I am 64 years old now and I live in Brooklyn, NY and i now work for the church i attend as an administrator and a Deacon. I am married

and have two sons.

When i left the Army i was an sp-4, i went before the board for sp-5 before i left but was turned down since i was leaving in 90 days.

I have not been in touch with anyone from the 4th in over 40 years.

I just happened to do a search on the 4th and your site came up and now you sparked my interest.

Thanks for all the hard work in keeping up with all that happened over the years.


Looking forward to hearing from you again.


Don Cunneen


Email 2:


Montag, 4. April 2011 An: usarmynellingen@hotmail.com


Hi Billy


When I first came to Germany it was a big change for me since that was my first plane ride. Back then i had to get used to the language

since few people spoke english. I did manage to buy food and drink. That we learned fast. I used to drink dark beer and 7up i think they

called it a spetzi ?  I probably killed that pronunciation. I did get to see all the places you mentioned and i did get to ride the

strassenbahn. What impressed me was the main train station in Munich the Hauptbahnhof. I did enjoy Munich but we did not stay there

long enough.. I did travel while i was there on my leave and went to Italy for 3 weeks it was great to see all the sights. I dont remember

where we hung out or the names of the Guesthouses, i just cant remember. I do remember that all the German people were friendly

and they put up with our broken German.

Your english is better than some people i know in Brooklyn. Thanks for the picture of you and your son.

I have attached a recent picture of myself.



Donald Cunneen April 2011

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