15th Transportation Company Nellingen Barracks 1983 - 1985


“Stick and Move “


15. Transport Kompanie Nellingen Barracks 1983 - 1985




      Staff-Sergeant  Lonnell Hayes      





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Der ehemalige Soldat Lonnell Hayes hat sich in meinem Gästebuch verewigt worauf ich dann einige Emails mit ihm schrieb und über seine Zeit in den Nellingen Barracks sprach. Lonnell war von September 1983 - August 1985 mit der 15. Transport Kompanie in den Nellingen Barracks stationiert. Lonnell war Unteroffizier / Gruppenführer und hauptsächlich als LKW Fahrer beschäftigt mit zahllosen Überland und Autobahnfahrten. Er weiß noch sehr genau wie aufregend es war, über unsere deutschen Straßen in Konvois zu fahren. Auch Herr Hayes war sehr gerne in Deutschland Soldat und lernte so viel über unsere deutsche Lebensweise kennen. So kam er auch nach Wiesbaden, Rüdesheim und Frankfurt. Soldat Hayes war auch in Mainz und Rüsselsheim stationiert. Dort lernte er auch seine deutsche Frau kennen mit der Lonnell seit 31 Jahren verheiratet ist.

Lonnell Hayes ist heutzutage ( 2011 )  55 Jahre alt, verheiratet und hat drei Kinder. Die Familie lebt in Newport News im U.S. Bundesstaat Virginia.

Seine Hobbys sind Tauben züchten seit über 30 Jahren und Autos.


Lonnell, thanks for all the Informations and all the best to you and your Family from – Billy in Nellingen Germany - April 2011


Ein LKW der 15. Trans. Kompanie

Truck of the 15th Transportation Company

LKW Konvoi der 15. Transport Kompanie auf einem Autobahnparkplatz der A-8 1984 / Truck Convoy of the 15th Trans. Company on Autobahn A-8 near Stuttgart 1984

--SSG Lonnell Hayes--

Truck Convoy break on a motorway parking place in 1984

Die 915er Army Lkws beim passieren der SP Station

Nellingen Barracks 1983 Richtung Haupttor

Lonnell Hayes (blaues Shirt) mit seiner Frau auf Besuch bei einem Freund Grady Mullins 1992 Ft. Hood Texeas

Lonnell Hayes (blue Shirt) with his Wife in Ft. Hood Texas 1992

M 915´s Trucks passing by the Security Police Station

Nellingen Barracks toward Maingate 1983


Original Comment of Lonnell Hayes:


April 2011



I was at 15th Transportation Company in Nellingen Barracks from

1983- 85 (Stick & Move, Communicate Later). To this day I don´t know how this Motto started.

I know why it started. We had t-shirts made up with our motto. I do know we had some of the fastest 2 1/2 ton trucks around. Later We Got The 939 Series 5 tons, automatics.

Turned in the jeeps, got Cuve´s. The fun went out of driving. No more pure sticking. 3rd herd was my platoon. Good Assignment.


Best Wishes from Lonnell Hayes


Gesendet: Samstag, 9. April 2011

An: usarmynellingen@hotmail.com


Hey Billy, I wish I can find more pictures I'll keep looking.

Ok I am 55 years old, yes I'm in the blue shirt my friend is Grady Mullins. The guy next to my oldest son last name is Jones.

I didn't have the beer stein,wish I did. The pics of the trucks are at a parkplatz on autobahn 8 somewhere.

I was a SGT when I arrived was promoted to SSG . I wish I had the t-shirts still. I did have the front of the shirt in a frame, I've got to look for it.

I have 3 children, 2 sons and a daughter. 31, 27, and 25 years. I am currently unemployed, due to the economy I was laid off.

We would like to return to Germany for visit. I was also stationed at Rüsselsheim and Mainz.

I wish I know were others are, was hoping to find them thru sites like yours.


Take care Lonnell


About me:


I started my career as a infantryman witht he 2/87 INF, Lee Barracks, Mainz. Got married to my wife, which is from Oestrich-Winkel Germany. (near Rudesheim). Still married 31 years. Changed MOS in 79, to 64C, now 88M. Been on to many road marches, it was better to ride. It's been interesting, will be retiring Oct 01. The 1st assignment remains my most memorable. The 15th TC, (STICK& MOVE, COMMUNICATE LATER) was a memborable time also. I was a squad LDR, HAD 2 1/2 T, M151's,915 then we got the 5T939 series, CUVE'S.

3rd Herd!

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