394th Transportation Battalion ( Helicopter )

Nellingen Barracks 1984 to 1985    

394. Transport Battalion ( Hubschrauber ) Nellingen Barracks 1984 bis 1985






  PFC Kevin Cossentine        



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Im Mai 2011 lernte ich den ehemaligen Soldaten Kevin Cossentine über meine Webseite kennen. Er war sehr froh darüber, viele Informationen zur Geschichte der Nellingen Barracks zu lesen. Kevin war 1984 und 1985 mit der B-Kompanie des 394. Transport Battalions ( Hubschrauber ) in den Nellingen Barracks stationiert. Sein Dienstgrad war Obergefreiter.

Seine Aufgabe innerhalb seiner Einheit war es, das Warenlager zu verwalten, anschließend diente er in den Datenverarbeitungs - Trailern.

Für weitere 8 Monate wurde Herr Cossentine als Reparaturbeauftragter seiner Battalionsgebäude eingesetzt. Kevin Cossentine kam daraufhin mehrfach in der Woche in unsere Kasernenwerkstatt dem R&U Shop und holte sich Ersatzteile ab. Zum Beispiel Leuchtstoffröhren, Glühbirnen, Klodeckel, Duschköpfe und ähnliches.

Kevin unternahm auch viele Bus und Zugfahrten im deutschen Bundesgebiet, unter anderem nach Berchtesgaden und Idar-Oberstein. Gleichwohl schätzte er sehr unser gutes deutsches Essen in den Gasthäusern. Kevin Cossentine ist verheiratet und wurde diesen April 48 Jahre alt. Seine Frau und er leben in Oswego im U.S. Bundesstaat New York.


Vielen Dank für deine Erinnerungen an die Nellingen Barracks und Grüße von – Billy – Mai 2011


Kevin Cossentine Nellingen Barracks 1984

Main Street Nellingen Barracks near Chapel Annex

Hauptstrasse Nellingen Barracks Nähe Kasernen-Kirche 1985

Picture 1: Kevin Cossentine Nellingen Barracks 1984

Picture 2: Kevin Cossentine auf einem Kasernenfest 1985

Nellingen Barracks Chapel Annex 1985 

Gemeindesaal der Kasernen-Kirche Nellingen Barracks 1985

Picture 3: Kevin Cossentine mit der DSSA Dogs Flagge






One of the Barrack's Hallways

Kevin Cossentine in seiner Mannschaftsunterkunft 1984

One of the launderettes for use by the enlisted which was a few barracks away from mine.

Waschsalon für die Soldaten -Launderette- 1984




Original Comment of Kevin Cossentine:


Email 1:


Kevin Cossentine : 1. Mai 2011 aus Oswego, NY

I am really glad to have found your Website on Nellingen Barracks. I´ve been trying to find something of this sort for years now, and now I have. I love the photos and historical info you have to share with everyone. Thanks! I was stationed there New Years Day 1983 to June 22, 1985 and probably bumped into you a few times. After about 6-8 months at NB, I was placed into the Building Repairs & Utilities for about 11 months and had to show up at the R & U Shop several times a month (sometimes weekly) with a repair request for a window, or fluorescent lights or other type of work to be done.


Greetings from Kevin Cossentin


Email 2:


Von: Kevin Cossentine Gesendet: Montag, 2. Mai 2011

An: William Bils (usarmynellingen@hotmail.com)


Hi Bill,

I still have one of the steins I bought at Nellingen or at the PX, but mine didn't have the company or anything like that printed on it, just a few Deutsche

scenes and phrases. Can't find it presently.

As far as my rank, it was PFC -promotable when I was sent home. I was stationed with the 394th Trans Bn. in B-Co, but cannot remember specifically.

Anyhow, my tour of duty was from the beginning of Jan 1984 to June 22, 1985. I began working in the DSSA Dog warehouse at the end of the flight line,

then went into processing transactions in the computer trailers before being transferred to the Bldg Repair & Utility department for our battalion.

I don't have too many photos of when I was in the Army due to 2/3 of my possessions were lost while in transit from New York state to California;

my car broke down in 1986 and had to pack up only a few items before taking a bus to southern California.

I'm in my 8th year of marriage, but without children.


Most of the fotos shown here were obtained with my Minolta camera that was bought while staying at Nellingen Barracks.

There were times I would take the bus to Stuttgart, then walk all around. I once wound up at the end of what seemed to be a harbor.  That day I walked ALL the way up the hill to Nellingen Barracks.  There were some streetcars/buses I took which went by a tower/restaurant and had to buy another ticket (I think) for the return trip.  Several times, there were activities in which I was invited to go, one was in Nellingen itself.  Several times, I would walk around Nellingen village to see the sites.  Many years, after getting out of the service, 

I would think of Robinson Barracks, and some of the other bases in the area in which I visited.  Those Volksmarches were always fun to go on. 


There was a church group I associated with; one of the families in particular was housed in the Family Housing complex (the one that is no longer standing) which use to be the closest to the main drive out the back gate.  I remember going with another family from the church group to the Rock Church in Oberstein, Idar-Oberstein and the Berchtesgaden Ramsau Parish during the Spring/early summer.  I still have a few postcards from the time I was in Berchtesgaden at a religious retreat in 1984.


Greetings from Kevin Cossentine May 2011



Foto Explanation Picture 1


I think this may have been the office barracks where I worked for Bldg R&U; on a Saturday afternoon. This may be one that faced the offices within the

A-Co. 394th Bn grid. I know it wasn't a normal barracks building due to the bars on the windows.


Foto Explanation Picture 2


This one is during one of the many Oktoberfests held in the open square between the 394th's motor pool, family housing, and the main drag traversing

parallel with the barracks. I had to make 3 or 4 trips around the area just to get my nerve up to hold that Boa around my neck. Yuck!


Foto Explanation Picture 3


Having the DSSA Dogs logo behind me gave some connection with my fellow workers, where as otherwise I felt very little at the time this foto was taken.

This was in the foyer of the barracks I lived in with a buddy of mine. My room was behind this wall with the door around to my right along the hallway.


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