168th Engineer Battalion Nellingen Barracks 1960 to 1962   D-Company

168th Pionier Battalion Nellingen Barracks 1960 – 1962






   SP – 4 Leon Spaysky        



Original Comment on End of this Page.


Im Oktober 2010 antwortete Herr Leon Spaysky auf eine Email von mir.

Kurz vor Weihnachten 2011 schickte Leon mir tolle Fotos und Erinnerungen aus  seiner Zeit als junger Soldat.

Leon Spaysky war von 1960 bis 1962 mit der D-Kompanie 168. Pionier Battalion in der Nellingen Kaserne stationiert.


Er weiß noch von vielen Manöver Einsätzen auf den Nato Truppenübungsplätzen Wildflecken, Grafenwöhr und Hohenfels. Leon hat die Manöver gerne mitgemacht, insbesondere weil es über jedem nächstgelegenen Hügel ein Dorf mit einer Einkehrmöglichkeit war. Nachts schlichen sich dann die Soldaten in ihre Unterkunft zurück.

Sehr schöne Zeit, sagte Leon Spaysky.

Es gab ein kleines Gasthaus Nähe Nordtor Nellingen Barracks in der Parksiedlung, auch nach Esslingen auf eine Gulaschsuppe wurde gefahren. Auch das Soldatenkino wurde oft besucht bzw. andere Ausflüge organisiert. Wenn die D-Kompanie in den Nellingen Barracks war, diente er als Bürokraft in der Materialausgabe.


Ein großes Ereignis waren die öfters stattfindenden Rhein Überquerungen z.b. in der Nähe von Speyer. Dort waren dann zwei ganze Battalione aus den Nellingen Barracks um mit Einsatz von Schwimmkörpern (Pontons) den mächtigen Rhein militärisch zu kreuzen.

Nach seiner Armee Zeit war Leon bis 1990 bei General Motors beschäftigt.


Leon war sehr gerne während seiner Dienstzeit in Deutschland und brachte viele schöne Erinnerungen mit nachhause. Leon Spaysky ist 74 Jahre alt.

Herr Spaysky ist mit seiner Frau Caroline seit 45 Jahren verheiratet, sie haben eine Tochter und zwei Enkelkinder. Sie leben in Dryden im U.S. Bundesstaat Michigan.


Unter jedem Bild stehen die englisch Texte von Leon Spaysky / Under each Picture you read the original Comment of Leon Spayksy.


This is Jerry Preston left, David Inmon has the Honor of Carrying the Duffelbag / Kamerad Preston (links) und Kumpel Inmon kurz vor der Heimreise nach Amerika 1962




This was going Home Jan. 1962. Left to right. Frank Simko, Pendergast, Leon Spaysky (looking up) Bob Franks without Hat and Gary Vance. / Kurz vor der Heimkehr nach Amerika 1962 Nellingen Barracks 1962. v.l.n.r. Simko, Pendergast, Spaysky, Franks und Gary Vance.


That’s me on the left going to load up on the Deuce and a half.

Leon, ganz links beim aufladen des Gepäcks Richtung USA 1962




Inside 1st Platoon Troop Billets.Sitting on the Bed is O´Hearn.

He was the Jeep Driver of the Company Commander 1961.

Auf der Soldatenstube sitzend John O´Hearn. Er war der Fahrer des Kompanie Chefs 1961 Nellingen Barracks.


Leon Spaysky on the Right / rechts L. Spaysky / Hohenfels 1960




Inside 1st Platoon Troop Billets. That’s me on the left. Next to me is Tarhpchaks / Shira / Kelly and LeFlore. 1960

Links Leon neben seinen Kameraden Shira, Kelly, LeFlore 1960



168th Eng. Bn. Messhall 1960 Nellingen Barracks

Soldaten Kantine des 168. Pionier Battalion 1960



D-Company l.t.r. Kirtland / Kelly / Banghman and Rempfer 1960

Kameraden Kirtland –Kelly - Banghman und Rempfer 1960



E-Company 168th Engineer Battalion Billets 1961

E-Kompanie des 168. / Mannschaftsgebäude 1961



Motor Pool 168th Engineer Battalion Nellingen Barracks 1960 / LKW Wartungshallen des 168. Pionier Battalion Nellingen Barracks 1960



Motor Pool 168th Engineer Battalion Nellingen Barracks 1960 / LKW Wartungshallen des 168. Pionier Battalion Nellingen Barracks 1960


Inside Troop Billets -  Pratt / Kelly / Bryson Zwanziger 1960



Inspection D-Company 168th Engr. Battalion 1961

Formation / Stubenkontrolle 1961


Going on Alert 1961 / Die D-Kompanie im Alarm 1961


Leon Spaysky looking out toward Messhall 1961

Leon Spaysky - Seiteneingang Mannschaftsgebäude 1961

168th Engineer Battalion Pocket Patch






The next Photos all showing Rhine Bridging Pictures of the

D-Company 168th Engineer Battalion near Speyer, supported by the 94th Engineer Battalion.



Alle Fotos zeigen die D-Kompanie 1961 beim Rhein überqueren Nähe Speyer


Rhine Bridging Pictures of the D-Company 168th Engineer Battalion near Speyer 1961, supported by the 94th Engineer Battalion.





Leon Spaysky and Wife Caroline



Leon 1961 Nellingen Barracks



Leon Spaysky and Wife Caroline in 2010



Original Comment of Leon Spaysky:


Email 1:



Von: Leon Spaysky


Gesendet: Mittwoch, 27. Oktober 2010 An: usarmynellingen@hotmail.com


Billy, many thanks for all info about Nellingen. I was there from 4/60 to 1/62. I was a supply clerk in D Co. 168 Engr, Batt. I have pictures of the barracks also bridging

the Rhine and others. I often wondered about the old place. Brings back a lot of memories. The movie show, PX, motorpool, the guesthouses in Nellingen, Esslingen

and every town had a guesthouse. When we went to the field we would always find the nearest one. I will try to get some pictures to you if you are still intrested.

Thank's again

Leon Spaysky


Dryden, Mich.USA


Email 2:


Von: Leon Spaysky


Gesendet: Mittwoch, 3. November 2010 An: usarmynellingen@hotmail.com


Hi Billy, first let me thank you for acknowledging my e-mail. Sorry I took so long to answer some of your questions. Here are some. I think D Co. 168 Bn. was near the

back gate and we would go to a guesthouse near there. I think the name of the owner was Frau Hoffman, but I'm not sure. She would tell us she was in the 1936

Berlin Olympics. Also we would go to Esslingen and get a gulash suppe, a salami sandwich and of course beer. My rank was SP/4. No awards or decorations. I am

now age 74. Was drafted on Nov. 10 1959. I currently live in Dryden, MI. Forty miles north of Detroit. Billy you asked if we did any kind of work for the German

people. As far as I know we didn't. At least not our Company. I think back then we were more worried about the Russian's. We would go to the field a lot and be on

alert. Going to the field was more fun than staying in the Kaserne. When we would get our job done, they wouldn't bother us at night and we would find the nearest

guesthouse. It seemed like over any hill there would be a little town or village and of course they all had a guesthouse. That was fun. We'd sneak back in the middle of

the night and get up the next morning with a big hangover and do it all over again the next day. I am not in touch with anyone I was over there with. I will stay in touch

to let you know what I'm doing with the pictures. If I have to get them reprinted and send them I'll do that if It's ok with you, soon than later I hope. The fellow Elmo

Kuhn on your website. I'm sure he and I went in the army the same day from Royal Oak, MI. I really enjoy your website the pictures and all the info about Nellingen

and the changes that happened there. I was not aware. I hope I didn't bore you with all this.


Your friend, Leon Spaysky. P.S Also we played war games at

Grafenwöhr, Hohenfels, and Wildflecken.  Hope I answered some of your questions. Keep in touch.



Email 3:


Gesendet: Samstag, 24. Dezember 2011 An: usarmynellingen@hotmail.com


Hi Billy, Wie geht's? Merry Christmas to you and your's. The pictures are in the mail, finally . I sent them out this past Tuesday. Hopefully you will get them sometime next week.

I hope you can use some or most all of them. Some things you wanted to know. I was sp/4 and worked as a supply clerk in 'D' Co. 168th Engr. Battalion most of the time I was there, between April 1960 and January 1962. I got drafted into the army on November 10 1959. When I was first there we [the 168th] were in the 7th Army. Later the 7th Corps. I made

Pfc 26 days before I left to come home. Got in an argument with a Master Sergeant and he won. Ha Ha. I worked 31+ years including army time for GM (General Motors) hiring in before getting drafted and retired in 1990. I have a wife Caroline, of 45 years and one daughter that's 40 years old. Two grandchildren 15 and 12 years of age. Sorry Billy I don't have any of my uniforms, patches, crests or insignias. I gave all of that stuff to the Salvation Army some years back. Now I wish I would have kept some of those things.

Billy, did you say

your father was stationed there at Nellingen Kaserne about the time I was there? I assume you were born there. One more question for now, while stationed there, there was talk about an elaborate tunnel system under the Kaserne. Was this true and were you ever in them? Keep in touch and feel free to ask any questions you might have.

Auf Wiedersehen for now.


Your friend,


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