94th Engineer Battalion 1966- 1968. Nellingen Barracks, Germany

94th Eng.Bn. Crest


7thEng.Bge. Patch


Hier möchte ich schöne, zeitgeschichtliche Fotos zeigen vom Hauptgefreiten John L Briggs. Er war Soldat mit dem 94ten Engineer Battalion von 1966 bis 1968 in den Nellingen Barracks stationiert. Nachfolgend sehen Sie Aufnahmen vom Kasernenleben, Kameraden und Ausflügen nach Esslingen. John genoss seine Dienstzeit in Deutschland sehr und nahm sich jede Gelegenheit um Fotos zu knipsen. Unter anderem erlernte er das Skifahren in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.
John Briggs lebt heute in der Nähe von San Franzisko, hat zwei Kinder und ein Enkelkind.
John besuchte zuletzt 1995 Deutschland und war auch in der Abriss bereiten, leeren Nellinger Kaserne.

Viel Glück für die Zukunft wünscht herzlich dein Freund Billy aus Nellingen im August 2007



PFC John Briggs

Parking Lot in Front of Head Quarters 94th

Parking Lot after a Snow Storm

1958 VW

Same VW

Schnee In Nellingen Barracks

Visit a German Guesthouse with Schnitzel and Beer

John in Uniform

Kaserne im Winter


Haupquartier/Head Quarters in 1995

Jeff listening to Rock n Roll


Comrade Motoyasu

Haupquartier/Head Quarters in 1966

John,  Winter Time 1966/67

Old Maingate Nellingen Barracks in 1995. Kasernen zufahrt in 1995

Building 3503 which includes the Bank, Recreation Center and the German Kanteen

Barracks Road

Parking Lot Head Quarters Sommer

Parking Lot Head Quarters Winter

Headquarters Building 1966

John inside the 94h Office

Office Live

Office Live

U.S. Army Einkaufszentrum Robinson Barracks, Stuttgart

Interior of Troop Quarters


Under Snow

Ausfahrt nach Esslingen. Trip to Esslingen 1967

Esslingen down Hill Hohenheimerstrasse

Part of Esslingen Pliensauvorstadt


Alte Schnellstrasse B-10 Stuttgart-Esslingen in den 60er Jahren

Ankunft auf der Burg Esslingen. Arrivel on the Castle of Esslingen

Lots of Snow

John takes a Break in the Boiler Room

Inside of the Soldier Rooms

Comrades of John. Kameraden von John

Esslingen 1995

John in 2006







And finally this is John today, still a good looking young Man. Take care


Original Comment of John:


In 1965, I started to work as a crewmember on a troop ship. We took the First Infantry Division and other units to Vietnam. On each trip, we picked up around 2,400 troops in Oakland, California and stopped in Guam to refuel the ship and then traveled to Vietnam. We traveled down the coast and dropped troops off at different ports. After we left Vietnam, we would head to other ports like Japan or Korea before heading back to Oakland to pick up more troops for a return voyage to Vietnam. In April of 1966, I entered the Army at Ft Ord thinking that I would be back in Vietnam after training. I did AIT at Ft Leonard Wood as a Heavy Equipment Operator on D8 Bulldozers. When our orders came for our next duty station, I was surprised and happy to find out I was going to Germany instead of Vietnam. I was stationed at Nellingen Kasern from 1966 to 1968 in HQ Co, 94th Engineer Bn (Const). In the winter of 1966, I learned how to ski in Garmisch. I also bought a 1958 VW to go skiing in and to travel around the country. I spent most weekends touring castles in different parts of the country during the spring and fall and during the summer of 1967 I drove to Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, and England to name a few. In January of 1968, I bought a new 1968 VW and skied in Austria for two weeks. I then shipped the car home where I drove it for around 10 years before I sold it. A new 1968 VW was $1,500 plus $50 for a sunroof and $350 to ship home. A pretty good deal. I now live in Lafayette, California, and have been married since 1972 and have a daughter, a son and one granddaughter. When I was discharged out of the Army, I worked at a General Motors assembly plant in Fremont, California and then went to school to get a BS Degree from California State University, Hayward. I am presently a part owner of a small company with around 30 employees and travel to Europe for vacation quite a bit. In 1995, we stopped by Nellingen Kasern right before they were going to tear down the barracks. I parked the car in front of the main gate and crawled under the fence. It was kind of eerie as I was the only person on the entire post. All of the buildings were unlocked and completely stripped of everything that wasn’t bolted to the floor or ceiling. My old barracks had been changed from one large room to around 10 small rooms for probably 2 people each with a hall down the middle. The latrine had been completely redone with a nice tile. The toilets even had private stalls. What is this world coming to? I still miss the authentic German beer.


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