48 th Aviation Company / 48.Fliegerkompanie


Here are a couple of nice Fotos of James Willett in Nellingen Barracks from 1981 to 1983. His Father, CW3 Albert Willett,  were stationed with the 48th Aviation Company  as an Helicopter Pilot. Thanks James for the nice Pix. Billy Sep. 2008.

Hier ein paar schöne Fotos von James Willett aus den Nellingen Barracks von 1981 bis 1983. Sein Vater Albert Willett war Hubschrauber Pilot mit der 48th Aviation Kompanie und in Nellingen stationiert.                                                         Danke für die tollen Fotos Jim. Gruß von Billy Sep. 2008


Cool Foto of the Back Gate Nellingen Barracks in 1981. Aufnahme zeigt die Nord Zufahrt zur Nellingen Barracks in 1981




Housing Area in the Snow, amerikanische Wohnsiedlung


The Girl in the bottom Corner shows the Sister of James Willett.

Das Mädchen unten rechts zeigt die Schwester von James Willett.

Original Comment James Willett:


Billy, I lived at Nellingen from 1981 to 1983. My Father, CW3 Albert Willett 48th Avn. Co., was an Helicopter Pilot.

I was 16 in 1981 and attended Patch HS. It’s a little sad for those of us whose spent our teenaged Years at Nellingen to know that the Place no

longer exists as we remember it.

I don’t know the Details of my Fathers Military Service. I will pass your Request on to him and see if he can send you anything that you might be interested in.

I did have a Collection of Pictures. were all stored photos.yahoo.com, which not gone.

I am going through my Backups to find Copies of them. I as soon as I find them I will make them available to you.

You mind also want to add your Link to the Wikipedia Entry for Patch American High School which References the Satillite Bases whose

Children attended School at Patch Barracks.

I keep in touch with many People I grew up with at Nellingen and went to School with at Patch.

I can speak for all of us when I say that it´s nice to see your Website. Childern of soldiers are left with very little to look back on from our nomadic childhood.

Nellingen has a special place in many People hearts. I have many, many fond Memories from living in Germany.

If you are ever in the Area and it is convenient for you take a Picture of the Ironhorse Statue in the Market Square across from the Backgate in front of Angelos,

and send it to me. I would really appreciate it. It´s probably to the only fimilar landmark left now.


Best Regards


James Willett

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