521st Ordnance Company Nellingen Kaserne  1956 - 1958



On this Site I will show You some very nice Pictures of my Friend David Anderson.

He were in the same Company as my Father Billie Hodges did. I really loved to talk with David Anderson via email of old Nellingen Army Times. David were here in 1956 to 1958 in the Age of 19 to 21 Years. He really loved his Tour with the Army in Germany and made many Travelings in the southwest. He met a German Family in Stuttgart and they treated him like their own Son. David today ( 2008 ) is 71 Years old and resides in Reno, Nevada.

Best wishes from your Friend Billy in Germany.                                                                                                                                        

September 2008


Auf dieser Seite stelle ich ihnen schöne Fotos  vom Soldaten David Anderson vor.

Er diente mit der 521. Ordenanz Kompanie in der US-Kaserne Nellingen von 1956 bis 1958 in der gleichen Einheit wie mein Vater Billie Hodges. Mit 19 Jahren kam David hier her und mit 21 ist er wieder nach USA zurück. Es war sehr interessant mit David via Emails zu plaudern über seine Armee Zeit in Nellingen. Er hatte eine schöne Zeit in Deutschland, unternahm viele Ausflüge, unter anderem lernte er eine deutsche Familie in Stuttgart kennen die ihn wie ihren eigenen Sohn behandelten. David ist heute im Jahr 2008 71 Jahre alt und lebt in Reno, Nevada.

Alles gute an dich von deinem Freund Billy in Nellingen.  

                                                                                                               September 2008



521St Ord Co (HAM) at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, January 28, 1956; just prior to shipping out to Nellingen, Germany. D. Anderson

David vor dem Kompanie-Schild in Fort Bragg 1956 bevor er mit dem Schiff nach Deutschland kam.


US Army Ship General Maurice Rose. The Rose shipped the 521st Ordinance Co. from Brooklyn Navy Yards to Bremerhaven, Germany, Operation Gyroscope, March 1956

Mit diesem Schiff kam David in Bremerhaven 1956 an.

521st Ord Co, 1957, EM Club, Nellingen from left Master Sgt Carl Cable, John Stella drums, unknown, Don Brussock, bass, name not known but he was a European enlistee to 521st on post.

Bild zeigt den Soldaten Club in der Kaserne 1957.

Pvt. David Anderson and Pvt. Don Brussock of 521st Ord Co,

 with Margit and Juta , Bad Canstatt Fest, Spring 1956

David auf dem Canstatter Frühlingsfest 1956.




Left, 521 St Ord Co's Maurice Blinderman, New London, Connecticut at Nellingen Kasern ballfield in 1957;

and right, David Anderson, Bedford, Massachusetts at top of Fersehenturm, Summer 1956

521st Ordinance Company Barracks, Nellingen Kaserne, 1956 From top: Don Brussock, Maurice Blinderman, Leon Guy, David Anderson,

1956, Foto mit anderen Kameraden in der Unterkunft.



521 Ordinace Company at automotive maintenance hangar for march back to barracks . Summer of 1957. Those shown include, from left to right, "Honcho" Truillo, Leonard Wall, tall Bill Bauman, Don Brussock ,

David Anderson, Leon Guy w/ 7th Army patch


Guard duty at Nellingen Kaserne , in 1957 large hangar : Donald Brussock and David Anderson of 521 Ord Co.

Wachdienst am Hangar 1957, David und rechts Brussok.


La Paloma, aka the Green Dragon, and Taxi pick up, near south main gate, from 521st Ord. Co braracks window, 1957

1957, das Gasthaus La Paloma gegenüber dem Haupttor der Nellingen Kaserne.




Middle, View of Fernsehturm on road from Nellingen Kaserne; right, Obertürkheim on hike from Nellingen Kaserne, summer 1957 with Neckar Tal

and Mercedes Benz HQ in background. left: Koenigstrasse, downtown Stuttgart, 1958


Nellingen, New Year's, 1957. From right 521st Ord Co members: Jim Dubose, Jim Wegs, Jim Anderson, (?), David Anderson

Neujahr Feier 1957

Nellingen Kaserne Enlisted Men's Club, 1957. 521st Ord Co members from right: (?) Angiush, Rittenger, David Anderson, John Stella,  Reiter,  Radizuski

Party im Soldatenclub “EM-Club” 1957, 3. von rechts ist David.



521st Ord Co member, Pvt. James Feeny, left,with bride Ursula, at wedding in Tübingen in 1958 with freinds.

Hochzeit des Kameraden Feeny in Tübingen. 1958.

The Feeny's with their mothers, Tubingen, 1958

The Folks on Elbe Strasse, Stuttgart. 1958.

Davids befreundete Deutsche Familie in der Elbestrasse Stuttgart. 1958.




Wistful at Leaving his German "parents" on Elbe Strasse, Stuttgart, 1958.

 Short-timer David Anderson, 521st Ord. Co, Nellingen Kaserne


David Anderson, June, 2008 at home in Reno, NV

Und das ist David heute, im Jahr 2008. Er lebt in Reno Nevada.

Original Comment of David Anderson:

7th Army, 87th Ordnance Battalion, US Army in Europe (USAREUR), Nellingen , Baden Württemberg ,Germany , 1956-58

By: David E. Anderson
Reno, Nevada 89521

The following photos were taken by various military, and civilian, friends during my tour of duty with the 521st Ordnance Company (HAM) 87th Ord. Bn., 7th Army, United States Army Europe. Luckily, I was stationed in an extraordinary place: Nellingen , State of Baden Württemberg, Germany from the Spring of 1956 through May of 1958. The 521ST specialized in heavy automotive maintenance (HAM), from “Jeeps to tanks”. It was transferred through “Operation Gyroscope”, from Ft. Bragg, North Carolina in the early winter of 1956, en mass, on the troopship U.S.N.S. General Maurice Rose, from New York Harbor to the Port of Bremerhaven, Germany. On landing the main component of the 521st traveled by domestic rail from portside to the Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof  and from there by Army bus to Nellingen Kaserne about 15 kilometers to the south.Non Commissioned Officers whose names I can recall were Sergeants Cable, Vickery, Hawkins, Carter, Campbell and Bils. Some of the many colleagues, from all over the US, and some of German friends, are shown in the following photos. Nellingen Kaserne no longer exits; an impressive  “new town” has taken its place. To those of you who remember any of this and happen to chance upon William Bils’ wonderful Website: Grüss Gott!

Life at Nellingen Kaserne from 1956-1958





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