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Hier ein paar schöne Fotos aus dem EM-Club Nellingen Barracks, 1976 bis 1979, dem Soldaten Club der Kaserne, Feldwebel Ron Liss arbeitete dort als Manager zusammen mit meiner Mutter Christel die die Bar unter Kontrolle hatte, Fotos stammen von beiden. Danke. Euer Billy


Here are a couple nice Fotos out of the EM-Club Nellingen Barracks, 1976 to 1979, SGT. Ron Liss were employed there as the Assistent Manager of the Club together with my Mother Christel. Mom worked as the Bartender. They runned the Club. Fotos are from both of them. Thanks. Billy


Oben, Meine Mutter mit Manager SGT. Ron Liss

Jugoslavien Kitchen Personal

SGT. Ron Liss as a young Man

Manager Ron Liss and Chief Manager Mr.

Archie at the EM-Club

Amos Dowd EM Club

Mom,s sneaking out the Backdoor of the EM-Club

Mutter und Bedienung, Mom and Waitress

Manager Ron Liss behind the Bar

Meine Mutter als Bar Chefin im Nellingen Barracks EM-Club von 1976 bis 1979

1976 to 1979

My Mother Christel as the Bartender Chief, she worked at the EM-Club from 1976 to 1979


Ron Liss


Original Comment of Ron Liss:

Hello Billy,
Yes I received your email....Thank you very much for taking the time to answer.
I was happy that hear that you were married and have children. And it sounds like you have a very important job..... Your mother must be proud of you and please tell her Hi from me.... 80 years old in a few months, That's great for her. Happy Birthday Chris.

There has been many changes in my life too. I've been married for 25 years, one daughter married and a grandson 5 and a granddaughter 11. When I left Nellingen I was assigned to the University of Oklahoma, that is where i met my wife Cheryl-Anne and got married. I was there 4 years. Then I went to Chicago for one year and then back to Germany. This time I went back to Mannheim. I was stationed there before in 1971 - 1973. 1984 - 1988 I work at

3 clubs in the Mannheim Club System. In 1989 I was the general manager of the Officers Club in Boston. I RETIRED in 1989. AT that time we moved to Clearwater Florida.
We live very close to the water, Gulf of Mexico. After about 12 years we moved 30 miles east to the city of Brandon Florida. We have a nice home with a big swimming pool so our grandchildren spend alot of time with us. They love to swim and it's always hot in Florida. No cold weather and no snow! I own a Bingo Hall in Brandon. Bingo is a very big business here.

People like to play Bingo and win "Big Time" money ! please give my best to you and a your family... I really liked your mother, Please say Hi to Chris for me. Also i am sending two pictures of myself. One is me and my manager on the 4th of July and the other is me and my snack bar manager.

Hope to hear from you again.


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