U.S. AIR FORCE 6th Airdrome Squadron Nellingen Air Base 1946 - 1947



Very historical Pictures of the Nellingen Army Airbase 1946 / 1947, taken by Major Orville Coil, Soldier with the 6th Airdrome Squadron, the Unit was one of the very first Soldiers that tooked over the old Nellingen Fliegerhorst Kaserne from WW 2. Mr. Coil is now 85 Years and lives in Ohio, thanks Orville for Your time to send those Pictures and told me your Story about Nellingen Army Airfield. Wish you good Luck and Health for the Future, sincerely, Billy


Sehr historische Bilder aus dem alten Nellingen Fliegerhorstgelände 1946 / 1947. Aufgenommen von Major Orville Coil, Soldat in der 6th Airdrome Squadron.

Seine Einheit war eine der ersten die den aus dem 2. Weltkrieg stammenden Fliegerhorst übernahmen. Herr Major Coil ist Heute 85 Jahre alt und lebt in Ohio.

Danke Orville für die Zeit die Bilder zu senden und für Ihre Geschichte. Ich wünsche Ihnen für die Zukunft viel Glück und Gesundheit. Ihr Billy


Hi Billy

Will try to give you a bit of what I recall from my assignment at Nellingen 1946/47. Was assigned to the 6th Airdrome Squadron during March 1946. The 6th was tasked with operating the USAFE Technical Training Center which trained GIs in Aircraft and engine repair, radio maintenance and photo lab work. We were about 15 Officers living in the BOQ with the dinning room in one end of the building. Helmut was our hausmeister and Helena, his wife, was the cook. Nellingen was also a collection point for CG-4 gliders used during the war. They were all subsequently blown up and destroyed.



LT Orville Coil ( dark shirt ) with crew members in front of A-26



Capt (Pappy) Galaher (Spelling ?) was the Commander when I arrived. We had three L-5, a T-6, and a C-47 legally assigned. I was the Flight Operations Officer and had my office in the control tower building. I believe that it was near a hanger on the billets side of the airfield and the small aircraft were kept there. There was another hanger on the far side of the airfield where the C-47 was hangered. Things were rather loose during that time, We had no air traffic control , few navigational aids,and initially no maps. Soon after my arrival I was given some letters to deliver to HQS in Weisbaden. I had no idea which direction to go. The line Chief told me to fly north along the Rhine River until I saw some smokestacks and that would be Wiesbaden. Also made a lot of trips to Erlangen in the L-5. Just headed east and lit a cigar after takeoff. When the cigar burned out I would be in the vicinity of the airport. We were also able to roll out a plane and take our girlfriends for a ride whenever we felt like doing so. We usually all went to the Esslingen Officers Club on Saturday night. A gentelman named Katz had a band that played there. I met a Danish girl, Jytte Westphal-Nielsen there, who had a one year contract with the US Army Civil Censorship Division in Esslingen. We were married in Paris in June 1947. The parties at the Officers Club always ended with the Nellingen group singing the song "This is Table Number One" and then we loaded everyone into jeeps (7 or 8 to a jeep) along with Katz and his band and headed up the hill to Nellingen to continue the festivities.


There was a P-47 pilot and a P-51 pilot assigned to Nellingen when I arrived. They each had an airplane which were supposedly for school use but were not. When I arrived as an A-26 pilot the Commander, who had a girlfriend in England, thought it would be nice to have a plane that he could ride in. He and I made a trip to Kissingen which was a collection point for surplus A-26s and told them we needed one for students to work on. They told us to pick one out which we did and I flew it back to Nellingen. Nellingen as I Recall had a 3200 foot grass landing strip and the A-26 in the US was restricted to 5000 foot hard surface runways, It was stupid to fly the plane in and out of Nellingen but we did it many times and never got caught for operating it illegally. The Technical Training Center closed during March of 1947 and the members of the 6th were scattered all over Germany. I ended up spending the rest of my tour in Freising.

Best wishes



Message from the  Department of the U.S. Air Force, Historical Research Agency, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama


Dear Mr. Bils


Regarding Insignias of the 6th Airdrome Squadron at Nellingen Army Airfield in 1945 to 1947


The 6th Airdrome has been redesignated several Times and in the late 1990s was in Air Force service as the 6th Operations Support Squadron of Air Force Material Command. This Unit received an official Emblem in 1995, and a Copy of that Emblem, along with a Brief Lineage and Honors History, is enclosed for your Reference


Young Man Lt.Orville Coil 1946

Overview of Nellingen Army Airfield in 1946 / Luftaufnahme vom Fliegerhorst Nellingen 1946

Hangar Turm / Tower at Hangar on Airfield Nellingen 1947

Interior rooms like Mess Hall, Bibliothek, Gameroom
Innenräume: Kantine, Bibliothek, Erholung / Freizeit



Interior rooms like Mess Hall, Bibliothek, Gameroom
Innenräume: Kantine, Bibliothek, Erholung / Freizeit


Mess Hall / Kantine

Die 6th Airdrome Squadron bezog die Gebäude des ehemaligen Deutschen Fliegerhorstes Nellingen wo die Kommandantur war.


Photo of all Officers and Equivalant Civilians Assigned to the 6th Airdrome Squadron at Nellingen

                                          Gruppenfoto aller Offiziere und Zivil Angestellten auf dem Flugplatz Nellingen der 6th Airdrome Squadron im Jahr 1946

Lt. Claire Becker P-51 Pilot who did not like Nellingen, he liked to fly a light Plane Down the Autobahn Rolling his Wheels on the Concrete Sneaking up on a Motorist then leap Froging over the Automobile and putting his Wheels on the Concrete in Front of the Automobile.

Orville Coils 1936er Mercedes

A 1946 Party in the Officers Dining Room at Nellingen Air Base.

Eine Offiziers Party im Offiziers Club Nellingen 1946

Orville 1946 in Nellingen

Orville und Jytte Coil in 2008.

Orvilles Frau Jytte 1946. Beide lernten sich im damaligen Offiziers Club Esslingen kennen. Sie ist aus Dänemark. Nach 61 Jahren Ehe ist Jytte leider am 29. Juni 2008 an den Folgen von Krebs verstorben.

Message from Orville says: Jytte Coil, my Wife of 61 Years who died from Cancer on 29 June 2008. We met at the Esslingen Officers Club.

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