328th Transportation Company ( Hcptr ) Nellingen Kaserne 1953 1956


328. Hubschrauber Kompanie Nellingen Kaserne 1953 1956


Jordan Heiberger

11th Trans Co (Lt Hel) crest (Source: Hanno Englaender) History

11th Transportation Company (Lt Hel) 1956 - 1966

The 328th Transportation Company (Hcptr) was activated at Fort Riley on 21 August 1953. Being the first Transportation Cargo Helicopter Company in USAREUR, the 328th crossed the Atlantic in May of 1954 to settle down at Nellingen, Germany. The mission was to furnish direct support to Seventh Army and NATO.

On 18 May 1956, the unit was redesignated as the
11th Transportation Company (Hcptr). In keeping with the Army's constant role of training and readiness, the 11th has performed a host of diversified tasks in Europe. These activities have kept the company's big, versatile H-19s ranging over Europe from Scandinavia to the Alps. In addition to the continuous cycles of unit training which the company has maintained, they have flown VIP "load" missions, emergency rescue flights for all of Seventh Army's major units. Operating over water and all kinds of terrain, in all extremes of weather, the 11th Transportation Company (Helicopter) demonstrated in Europe the vital role of rotary-wing aircraft in the modern army although the year 1955 claimed the loss of six when two Chickasaws had an accident during a night flying exercise.

During 1956, the H-19s were exchanged for the bigger and more powerful H-34A Choctaw helicopters. The later redesignation as 11th Transportation Company (Light Helicopter) reflected this change. The type was flown for about ten years before the unit was disbanded at Nellingen on June 10th 1966.




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Old Guard House in Nellingen Kaserne 1953

Altes Wachhaus der Kaserne Nellingen im Jahr 1953

Hubschrauber Landeplatz der 328. Hubschrauber Kompanie

Airstrip Helicopter of the 328th

Maintnance Repair work on the Aircrafts

Maintnance Repair work on the Aircrafts

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