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   Stan Kaczmarski   


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Die Geschichte vom Unteroffizier Stan Kaczmarski


Als junger Mann kam Stan Kaczmarski in die Nellingen Barracks. Er wohnte mit seiner Familie im schönen Kirchheim unter Teck. Stan war als Unteroffizier für die LKW-Wartungshalle (Motorpool) der 394.Transportation (Hubschrauber) Kompanie zuständig. Mit der Mithilfe unserer Zivilarbeitern haben wir damals seine Halle gründlich auf Vordermann gebracht.

Es wurde viel an Türen + Toren repariert und geschweißt ebenso Fenster erneuert. Später wurde Stan Feldwebel seiner Einheit und überwachte das betanken der Hubschrauber.

In seiner Freizeit unternahmen seine Familie und er viele Reisen und Ausflüge nach Frankreich-Spanien-Italien-Griechenland-Schweiz-Belgien-Holland-Schwarzwald und natürlich auf das Münchener Oktoberfest. Auch war er im ehemaligen Konzentrations- Lager von Dachau. Eines schönen Tages nahm ihn ein befreundeter Apache Hubschrauber Pilot auf einen Flug über Süddeutschland mit.

Stan war insgesamt sechs Jahre mit der Army in Deutschland. Vorher war er in Darmstadt stationiert.

Stan ist heute ( 2009 ) 49 Jahre alt. Lebt in Kalifornien und hat eine 12jährige Tochter Namens Carley.


Stan Kaczmarski

Looking Like a deer in the headlights,

at my friends Guenthers house.

Stan Kaczmarski

snow on nellingen army airfield / Schnee am Nellingen Army Flugfeld 1985

Helicopter-Hubschrauber OH58

Snow OH58

A closer look at my Promotion To Staff Sergean / meine Beförderung auf dem Flugfeld

My friend Captain Sheets / Mein Freund Hauptmann Sheets


Inside of Motorpool Nellingen Germany. I initially arrived in Germany as a private first class and then on a second tour returned as a sergeant to run this Motor pool for a time.

Motor Pool Nellingen Germany / LKW Wartungshalle 1985

Our head generator mechanic Sergeant Rauche

won an award for excellence in his job.

Nellingen Germany, before I took over the Motorpool

and cleaned it up. / Materialbüro meiner Wartungshalle in den Nellingen Barracks

Specialist Weedon

Motor Sergeants office Motorpool Nellingen Germany.

After physical exercise still fairly warm with blood pumping.

cold wind swept me / Stan nahm an einem Manöver teil. 1985

Field Manuevers northern Germany early eighties.

Frosty two and half ton truck./ Vereister zwei ein halb Tonner

Huffy and Bear 01

Huffy and little Bear a geniune Hopi Native American.


Since we were the motorpool we dispensed fuel

to the rest of the unit

That very day we received the news that Ronald Reagan

was our new President./ An diesem Tag erfuhren wir das Ronald Reagan neuer US-Präsident ist.

The camoflouge net used to disguise the equipment from the air.

 Tarnnetze im Manöver

We wore our Nuclear Biological and Chemical (NBC) suits oudoors because the charcoal lining in the suit was also a great insulator and they were the warmest clothing we had.

Good things happen to those that wait.

Löwen  ( Lion ) Fasching Neuhausen

Tazmanian Bier Drinkers 

Another Barbecue. I hosted for the ladies and gents of the

U. S. Army including our German nighbors as well !

Original Comment of Stan Kaczmarski:


Mail 1

Hallo Billy.


I will also send you a CD of the pictures with a description. I just put the Photos on Flickr.com with-in the last two weeks so I am not fully finished with the descriptions.

I will try to find you some patches and insignia, again I have to dig through my stuff.

The photos taken from the air, show Nellingen Airfield and Kaserne from the air. You have a picture of my friend Bob already on your website. As soon as I find a Patch and Insignia I will scan and then send you the real one. I was a Sergeant E-5 and then I think I got promoted to SSG (Staff Sergeant E-6) on the flightline. 1985 was when I was there there are numerous pictures of the Motorpool from inside and out on the new Photo Set (Called Nellingen) www.flickr.com

All in good time my new friend ! Have a beautiful day (Shonnen Tag)



Mail 2



I have looked at your website and it is prima ! I had been in the 394th transportation company (helicopter) My "Tour of Germany" .

We lived off Post in Kirchheim / Teck in a small Apartment.

I remember you post Engineers but as it has been so long not names. But some of you guys helped me remodel our motor pool we fixed the walls put in new windows and doors and made it look new with your help. I had been the motorsergeant for awhile and then in charge of the helicopter refueling team for Headquarters 394th Transportation company. I may have some patches and things I will have to look. You are just a little older then me I just turned 49 years old (2009)  I have one daughter named Carley she is twelve years old.  I spent six years with the U.S Army in Germany.
Having a great time, visiting the Munich Octoberfest, the Black Forest, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Belgium, Amsterdam, Holland.
I also viewed Dachau Concentration Camp.
While stationed in Nellingen Army Airfield a pilot friend of mine took me on an impromtu ride in an Apache Attack Helicopter.

I got to see the Olympic Village (Munich) The BMW "Cylinder"
Factory and a host of other sites while in the air. I love "Rock and Roll"and music of all kinds. So a lot of concerts, although I am not sure what survived in the way of pictures from that.


Have wundebar day my new friend !

Best regards Stan Kaczmarski


Stan Kaczmarski (2008)


sunrise where Stan lives / Sonnenaufgang in der Nähe wo Stan lebt (Kalifornien)

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