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   Gerry Scott   


Original Comment on End of this Page.


Endlich hatte ich wieder einmal das große Glück, etwas von der 11. Transport ( Hubschrauber ) Kompanie zu bekommen. Soldat, Gefreiter  Gerry Scott war von Mai 1957 bis Dezember 1958 in der Nellingen Kaserne stationiert. Gerry ist heutzutage ( 2009 )  73 Jahre alt und lebt seit 1984 im schönen München.


Gerry, danke für die mir überlassenen Fotos und der Kompanie Namensliste.

Alles gute wünscht – Billy-


the unit's organization day program on September 14th 1957

Namensliste der 11. Transport Kompanie zum Einladungs-Essen 14.9.1957

the unit's organization day program on September 14th 1957

the unit's organization day program on September 14th 1957

Original Comment of Gerry Scott:



Dear Billy,


I have enjoyed seeing the pictures and text that you have posted on the Internet

I was stationed in Nellingen with the 11th Transportation Company from May 1957

Thru December 1958.

I have two copies of the unit's organization day program on

14 September 1957. It is four pages and in addition to the photograph on the first page of one of the 21 H-34's taking off, it has a complete Officers Roster and an Enlisted Men's Roster, plus the lunch menu!

Would it be possible for all four pages of the program to be posted on the web site that

most relates to the 11th Trans. Co.?

It is not possible for me to scan and send it via e-mail so I will need a postal address.

The copy I send need not be returned. I live in Munich and can be reached either by my

e-mail address or home telephone number.


Kind regards,

Gerry Scott






Gerry Scott Nellingen Kaserne 1957

H-34 Hubschrauber / Helicopter

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