15th Transportation Company Nellingen Barracks 1979 - 1981

                                                                                                                                    “Stick and Move “





 Charles “ Chuck “ Wilder                                                                                                                                                                                                         


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Auf Grund meiner Webseite http://www.billybils.de hat mich Soldat Charles Wilder angeschrieben. Er diente mit der

15. Transport Kompanie in den Nellingen Barracks von September 1979 bis Dezember 1981. Charles war im 3. Platoon,

3. Squadron. Seine Aufgabe dort war es als Fahrer tätig zu sein. Die Typenbezeichnung eines dieser LKW,s war M915.

Herr Wilder hat schon immer sehr gerne fotografiert, auch damals als Soldat in Nellingen.

Seine schöne Zeit in Deutschland bleibt für immer in seinen Gedanken haften.

Charles ist heute 49 Jahre alt ( 2009 ), verheiratet , hat eine Tochter ( 20 ) und einen Sohn ( 26 ) und lebt in Evansville, US-Bundesstaat Indiana.

Vielen Dank für die zugeschickte Foto-CD und die US-Army Abzeichen.


Viele Grüße nach Indiana sendet Dir Billy

November 2009


Me sitting on my first truck at 15th Trans.Company / Charles auf seinem ersten Army Truck 1980

My service picture / Charles Wilder´s Dienstfoto

Pvt. Charles Young and his Truck, lined up for Alert Feb.1980 / Gefreiter Young kurz vor einem Alarm Einsatz Feb.1980

Pvt. Charles Wilder and his Truck, lined up for Alert Feb.1980 /

Charles Wilder kurz vor einem Alarm Einsatz Feb.1980

Getting my Truck load for Alert at Kelley Barracks 7th Corps / Chuck am beladen seines LKW´s für einen Alarm Einsatz in den Kelley Barracks Feb.1980

Spec-4 Elliot throwing his Boots into the Tree as was Tradition for a short Timer / Kamerad Elliot beim schmeißen seiner Stiefel in die Baumkrone, war damals Tradition April 1981.

Nellingen Barracks

Looking out my Barracks Window towards the Housing Area and the Back Gate Dec.1980 / Ausblick meines Fensters Richtung US-Wohnsiedlung und Nord Tor Dez.1980. Nellingen Barracks.

Spec-4 Joe Brady cooking Oyster Soup on my illegal Hot Plate / Kamerad Brady beim Krabbensuppe kochen auf meiner unerlaubten Herdplatte April 1981. Nellingen Barracks.

Spec-5 Mike Treat and Spec-5 Merril Clark getting our fuel Truck ready for Field Manouvers / Kameraden Treat und Clark beim betanken der LKW´s für den Manöver Einsatz April 1981

Our Squad Leader reading his Mail. You can see the Headquarters Building across from him / Gruppenführer beim lesen seiner privaten Post August 1980

Pvt. Young and Zirkle having a Beer and chillin after hours / Kameraden Young und Zirkle genehmigen sich ein Bier

Pvt. Young getting Boots ready for next Day /

Kamerad Young beim Schuhe putzen Feb. 1980

Some Guys goofing around in the 1st Platoon Hallway Feb.1980

Pvt. Bevington pulling “SP” Duty on the Back Gate / Kamerad Bevington beim Wache schieben April 1980

Nellingen Barracks

Getting ready for Field Manouvers / Manöver Vorbereitungen Nellingen Barracks August 1981

Official 15th Transportation Gun Truck / Offizieller bewaffneter LKW August 1981

Motor Pool Area Nellingen Barracks. 3rd Platoon Members

LKW Wartungshallen der 15. Trans. Kompanie

Motor Pool Area Nellingen Barracks. 3rd Platoon Members

LKW Wartungshallen der 15. Trans. Kompanie

My Truck behind 15th Trans. Maintnance Motor Pool / Mein LKW hinter den Wartungshallen Dez.1979

Nellingen Barracks

Joe Brady pulling Maintnance on his M818 before he traded it in on the new M915 Dec. 1979

In front of 3rd Platoon Motor Pool. Spec-5 Dunn is pictured /

Kamerad Dunn vor den Wartungshallen Juli 1981

Spec-4 Higginbottom and his Truck in front Row of Motor Pool / Kamerad Higginbottom und sein LKW vor den Wartungshallen Mai 1980 Nellingen Barracks

One of our Maintnance Guys Sgt. Franz helping work on a Truck / Unteroffizier Franz bei wartungsarbeiten August 1980

Spec-4 Pool -Spec-5  Dunn and Spec-5 Treat cleaning Snow of their M915´s / Kameraden Pool – Dunn und Treat beim LKW-Schnee schippen Dez. 1980

One of our Maintnance Guys / Wartungsarbeiter

This is how we cleaned Snow off our Trucks befor hitting the Road  So wurde der Schnee von den LKW´s enternt bevor es auf die Strasse ging. Dez.1980

PFC Hanson helping with Snow removal /

Kamerad Hanson beim Schnee schippen Dez.1980

Goofing around the Motor Pool

One of our Mechanics deep into it /

einer unserer Mechaniker August 1980. Nellingen Barracks

Inside Beer Tent at on Post Nellingen Fest Oktober 1980

Nellingen Barracks Fest Oktober 1980

Some of the rides at the Nellingen Barracks Fest /

Fahrgeschäfte beim Nellingen Barracks Fest Oktober 1980

The Medivac and Helicopter Maintnance outfit on Post set up a display so the locals could see some Helicopters close / Für das Nellingen Barracks Fest bereitgestellte Hubschrauber.

Oktober 1980

Original Comment of Charles “ Chuck “ Wilder:



Mail 1


Hello Billy

My name is Chuck Wilder. I was stationed at Nellingen from 9/79 thru 12/81. I was with the 15th Trans. Co..I was in 3rd

platoon, 3rd squad. we drove the M915's. I have many good memories of my time at Nellingen Barracks. I was also a

photo nut. I have alot of pictures of my time there and would be glad to share them with you. I have attached a couple

and can send more if you want. just let me know. I currently live in Evansville, Indiana. Looking forward to hearing from

you. First picture is me sitting on my first truck at 15th Trans.co. Second picture is after a week long run. getting ready for the weekend.

This is my M915 and some others from 3rd squad.



Charles Wilder

Mail 2


Hello Billy

I was a spec.-4 when I left. I turned 49 this year. I am going to scan more pictures before I make the cd.

Our unit crest was as you have on your web site. Our motto was "Driving for Peace" or as we called it"driving for a peice".

I only found a few of my crest but I am not ready to let go of them just yet but I will send you one of my Patches for 2nd support

command. I spent a little time in the canteen. I didn,t go to the EM club much, to many fights. I use to go to the roller rink to get

pizza and wurst alot. It was really close to the barracks. We were all the way into the corner close to the back gate. On some

weekends Me and a buddy would run out the back gate all the way to the front gate and back to the barracks. That would kill

me know. I was usually out driving most of the time during the week. So the only time I would have seen one of you was when

we broke something on the weekend.

What do you do now that Nellingen is closed? I was a welder for 20 years or so and now I am a draftsman and designer for the

same company I welded for. So now I don;t have to climb 100 feet in the air to do my job , I just sit on my butt. I'll get to work

on that cd and get it to you as soon as I can. I share the computer with my wife and daughter. My daughter is 20 and lives at

home while going to college. I also have a son who is 26 and lives near by, but all of his junk is in and around my garage. He

works on cars and has antique Tractors. I get to weld the stuff back together when he breaks it. I'll keep digging for more stuff.


until next time



Mail 3


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