538th  CC & S  Collection Classification and Salvage Company 1964 - 1967

3rd Support Brigade / 87th Ordnance Battalion Nellingen Kaserne





    SFC Gary Vernon   


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Ungefähr vor zwei Jahren schrieb mich Frau Carolyn Vernon an. Ihr verstorbener Gatte ( verstorben 2003 ) Gary Vernon war von 1964 bis 1967 Soldat in Nellingen mit der

538. Ordonanz Kompanie. Seine Frau und die Kinder, Gary Jr, Dwayne, Mark und Tochter Lori waren als Familie auch dabei. Sie alle wohnten innerhalb der Kaserne in der Housing Area

Hausnummer 3821 C-2. Carolyn war als Schul-Krankenschwester in der US-Grundschule beschäftigt.


Wie sie mir berichtete, hatten alle eine sehr schöne Zeit in Deutschland.

Herr Vernon war auch in zahlreiche Spendenaktionen für die Amerikanischen Kinder auf dem

Kasernengelände engagiert. Zum Beispiel für Spielplätze und für Baseballfelder.


Sie erzählte mir vom alten Wachhaus. Dem heutigen Gasthaus „Alte Wache“ im Scharnhauser Park.

In diesem Gebäude war in den 60er Jahren zur Weihnachtszeit ein Spieleland eingerichtet und im Sommer gab es dort Gartengeräte zu kaufen.

Viele Male nach ihrer Zeit in Nellingen, besuchte sie Deutschland. Natürlich auch Nellingen und Esslingen. Jedes Mal machen sie auch einen Ausflug

auf die  Esslinger Burg. Zuletzt war sie im September 2009 in Deutschland. Sie besuchte Grainau, Garmisch, Regensburg und Urach im Schwarzwald. Viele Dinge sind heutzutage fast nicht mehr nach 40 Jahren wieder zu erkennen.

Frau Vernon hat sich richtig in Deutschland verliebt. Carolyn ist 76 Jahre alt und lebt Heute im U.S. Bundesstaat Florida.


Picture of my father a little younger, maybe 1956 SFC Gary Vernon /         Foto von Unteroffizier Gary Vernon aus 1956

1965 - Shows baseball field with gymnasium in the background

1965 Foto zeigt einen Freund von Gary Jr. mit US-Sporthalle

Gary´s friend David Studdard 1965 –

Shows front of living quarters Nellingen Barracks

German - American Friendship Day with troop parading.

1966 Deutsch-Amerikanischer Freundschaftstag

  German - American Friendship Day with troop parading. 1966 Deutsch-Amerikanischer Freundschaftstag                                          

German - American Friendship Day with troop parading. 1966 Deutsch-Amerikanischer Freundschaftstag

1966 - Shows a local sheepherder with his sheep in the back of living quarters in Nellingen Kaserne. The skating rink is in the background. / 1966 Ein lokaler Schäfer mit seiner Herde in den Nellingen Barracks

1966 - Shows sheep with the Housing Area and ball field in the background. / Schafherde Nellingen Barracks 1966

1966 - Shows sheep with the AYA building and ball field in the background. / Schafherde Nellingen Barracks 1966

                      Entrance Sign of Nellingen Barracks

                          Kasernen Einfahrtsschild 1966

Company Sign of the 87th Ordnance Battalion

538th CC & S Company Nellingen Kaserne

Kompanie Schild des 87. Ordonanz Battalions 1966                 .

Gary Vernon Junior in 1965 when he was 11 years old. Taken at the Nellingen elementery school. / Gary Junior mit 11 Jahren in der

US-Grundschule Nellingen Kaserne 1965.

Original Comment of Carolyn Vernon


Hello Billy

Today is Thanksgiving day in America. I feel very blessed today with a wonderful family and friends..and to live in a country that has helped

millions of people. Even with all of its flaws I am proud to be an American...one who also loves Germany.

I was in Germany in Sept. Billy. Took the train from Prague to Regensburg and picked up a rental car. From there we went to Austria,

south of Salzburg. From there to Gainau, near Garmish, on to Italy, returning to the Black Forest to meet with a big gathering of friends.

We go to Urach almost every year.

My family went to Nelligen in the summer of 1964. We lived there until the summer of 1967. It was my husband Gary, who was an E6

promoted to E 7 in Nelligen. My sons Gary Jr, Dwayne, Mark and a daughter Lori. I loved Nelligen and was very sad to leave.

I am 76 years old and live in Florida now. We retired here in 1998. My husband died 6 years ago. Dec. 29th. I have a wonderful new

partner and am very blessed at the age.

I don't know if Gary has more photos or not. I believe he had what I have but as soon as the holidays are over I will look for more.

I do have something to send you..just keep forgetting...sorry.


With regards,



Original Comment of Gary Vernon Jr.



we lived in Nellingen from June of '64 to June of '67.

My father was Gary Vernon. His rank was Sgt. First Class

My father passed away in Dec. 2003. He was responsible for constructing a baseball field called "Turner field" after the name of the Colonel who was the base

commander. The baseball field was located in front of the airport landing strip. I sold newspapers to the troops before I went to school there.

I am 55, born in April 1954. I will do my best to obtain more photos for you. Yes we going to eat turkey in about an hour.

It is raining here. I have many memories of Nellingen and your website is very good. I am married with two grown children, ages 26, 23, both boys.

I remember the narrow streets in Nelligen. We used to go downhill through the town to get to the road that went to Robinson Barracks. I

remember the police officers in town as they looked very professional and proud. I probably would not recognize many features of the town now.

I will do what I can to contribute to the site.


Take care

Gary Vernon Jr. ( Thanksgiving Day 2009 )




Neben seiner Mutter Carolyn, hat mir auch Gary Vernons Sohn, Gary Vernon Junior, geschrieben. Er sagte dass sie als Familie von Juni 1964 bis Juni 1967 in der Nellingen

Kaserne lebten. Sein Vater ist im Dezember 2003 verstorben. Er war zum Beispiel auch für das Erbauen des neuen Baseball Spielfelds „Turner Field“ zuständig. Benannt

nach dem gleichnamigen, damaligen Kasernen Kommandeur Turner. Gary Junior hat sein Taschengeld durch austragen von Zeitungen aufgebessert. Gary ist verheiratet, 55 Jahre alt. Er hat zwei Söhne 23 und 26 Jahre alt .Sie leben in Havre de Grace, im US-Bundesstaat Maryland. Gary wird am 1. Januar 2010 in Ruhestand gehen.

Gary Vernon Junior December 2009



                     ATTACHED UNITS - 30 June 1967





HHC, 3rd Spt BdeGrenadier Ksn, Zuffenhausen 54-202D60


3rd Ord Det (Explos Disp)Infantry Ksn, Augsburg09-500D62


25th Cbt Spt Co (Gen Sup)(GS) WO Darby Ksn, Fürth 29-118F65


27th AG Unit (Postal)(Type V) Warner Bks, Bamberg 12-605E65


29th Trans Co (Acft DS) Stuttgart AAF, Echterdingen55-457E64


HHC, 35th Cbt Spt Bn (S&S)(DS)Coffey Bks, Ludwigsburg29-215F65


A Co, 35th CS Bn (S&S)(DS)Coffey Bks, Ludwigsburg29-215F65


B Co, 35th CS Bn (S&S)(DS)Coffey Bks, Ludwigsburg29-215F65


C Co, 35th CS Bn (S&S)(DS)Kelley Bks, Möhringen 29-215F65


42nd Cbt Spt Co (Hvy Equip Mnt)Merrell Bks, Nürnberg 29-137F65


42nd Fin Sec (Disb-Acctng)Leighton Bks, Würzburg 14-500E63


55th Cbt Spt Co (Gen Sup)(GS) Leighton Bks, Würzburg29-118F65


66th Cbt Spt Co (Hvy Equip Mnt)Harvey Bks, Kitzingen 29-137F65


HQ & A Co, 71st CS Bn (Mnt)(DS)Pinder Bks, Zirndorf 29-205F65











B Co, 71st CS Bn (Mnt)(DS)Conn Bks, Schweinfurt 29-205F65


C Co, 71st CS Bn (Mnt)(DS)Ammo Depot, Bamberg 29-205F65


D Co, 71st CS Bn (Mnt)(DS)Merrell Bks, Nürnberg 29-205F65


78th Cbt Spt Co (Lt Equip Mnt) Panzer Ksn, Böblingen 29-134F65


HHD, 87th Cbt Spt Bn (Mnt)(GS)Nellingen Ksn, Nellingen 29-136F65


HHC, 95th Cbt Spt (S&S) (Fwd) WO Darby Ksn, Fürth29-116F65


124th Cbt Spt Co (Hvy Equip Mnt)Nellingen Ksn, Nellingen29-137F65


152nd Trans Det (Cargo Hel)(F-M) Nellingen Ksn, Nellingen55-510T56


179th Sig Pltn (Spt Bde) Grenadier Ksn, Zuffenhausen11-500D62


182nd Cbt Spt Co (Lt Equip Mnt) WO Darby Ksn, Fürth29-134F65


206th Ord Co (GM)(DS) Merrell Bks, Nürnberg 09-500D62


HHC, 242nd Cbt Spt (S&S) (Fwd) Texas Area, Munich 29-116F65


353rd QM Det (Prcht Pack) Storck Bks, Illesheim 10-500D61


538th Cbt Spt Co (Col Cls-Salv)Nellingen Ksn, Nellingen29-139F65


564th Cbt Spt Co (Rep Part)(Fwd)Nelson Bks, Neu Ulm 29-119F65


(Source: Email from Ronald Claypool, 538th CC&S and 350th Ord Det (B&TS), 1966 to 1968)






Company Sign of the 87th Ordnance Battalion / 538th CC & S Company / Kompanie Schild der 87. Ordnance Battalions 1966

I was checking web sites into obtaining info on Nellingen Barracks, Germany. I came across info on the 87th Maintenance Battalion. Some of the info is incorrect or I misinterpet the info.

I was with the 538th CC&S for one year, Jan 66 to Jan 67, at Nellingen Barracks. I am sending an BMP attachment along to show you what I mean. I was in Germany Jan 1966 to Aug 1968.

My last unit was the 350th Ord Det. B&TS connected to the 7th Army ATC Vilseck, Germany. While at Nelligen Barracks I met a German girl who I had lost contact with after leaving the Army. After 37 years we have re-established a friendship. This why Nellingen Barracks is of interest to me. May 13th this year I went back to Germany and saw a complete change in the Stuttgart Area. The town of Nellingen and Nellingen Barracks are no longer there. Old memories may vanish physically, but I have pictures. I thank you for any info and I hope the BMP I'm sending is useful.
Ron Claypool, Veteran of the US 7th Army, Germany.

CHAIN OF COMMAND 538th Collection Classification and Salvage
Company Commander in Chief- President Lyndon B. Johnson
Secretary of State- Honorable Robert S. McNamara
Secretary of the Army- Honorable Stanley R. Resor
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff- General Earl G. Wheeler
Chief of Staff of the Army- General Harold K. Johnson
Supreme Allied Commander Europe- General Lyman L. Lemnitzer
Commanding General USAREUR- General Andrew P. O'meara
Commanding General 7th Army- Lt. General James H. Polk
Commanding General VII Corps- Lt. General Frank T. Mildren
Commanding General SUPCOM- Major General David P. Parker
3rd Support Brigade Commander- Colonel Frank A. Gleason Jr.
87th Maintenance Battalion Commander- Lt. Colonel Edward B. Turner
Commanding Officer 538th CC&S Company- Cpt. Henry H. Fitzpatrick
Ron Claypool




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