11th Transportation Company ( Helicopter )

                                                                                                                                 Nellingen Kaserne





  SP- 5 Virgil Flack   


Original Comment on End of this Page.


Hier sehen Sie Fotos vom Soldaten Virgil Flack. Er war von 1956 bis 1958 mit der 11. Hubschrauber Kompanie in der Nellingen Kaserne stationiert. Danke für die Fotos Virgil. Viele Grüße aus Nellingen sendet dir – Billy – Dezember 2009


On this Page you see Photos from the Soldier Virgil Flack. He was stationed at Nellingen Kaserne with the 11th Transportation Company ( Helicopter ) from 1956 to 1958. Thanks Virgil for the nice Pictures and many Greetings from – Billy – December 2009



Nellingen Air Base 11th TC 1957 – Luftaufnahme aus dem Hubschrauber von Virgil Flack 1957. Foto zeigt den Nordteil der Nellingen Kaserne


the unit's organization day program on September 14th 1957

Namensliste der 11. Hubschrauber Transport Kompanie zum Einladungs-Essen 14.9.1957


the unit's organization day program on September 14th 1957




the unit's organization day program on September 14th 1957


H-34 Hubschrauber / Helicopter


Original Comment of Virgil Flack:


Hi Billy,

Sorry this has taken so long. I am glad you emailed. The computer crashed and I

had some health issues. I have been through all my slides and pictures.

Many have faded beyond restoration.


These two were taken out the open door of my helicopter.

They were VERY faded and have been greatly enhanced.

You will be able to pick out most things at the base including some of the helicopters.


I believe this was 1957 but no later than 1958. I have a few pictures of the helicopters on a mission in the alps, lots of biergartens, a few pretty girls but not much else on the base. If you cannot identify the buildings etc let me know and I will give you a breakdown. You do know that this was an airbase that was not bombed during the war. It was very well camo'd with the runway a field of grass growing up through steel panels with holes. How is the museum?? Could you resend the website??


Thanks, Virgil Flack



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