354th Engineer Battalion Nellingen Kaserne 1952 –1953





    2nd  Lieutenant Roger Hanchen



Im November 2009 fand mich Herr Roger Hanchen auf meiner Webseite im Internet. Roger war von 1952 bis 1953 mit dem 354. Pionier Battalion

als Leutnant in der Nellingen Kaserne stationiert.  Er sagte mir, das dieses Battalion 1952 aus Hohenfels nach Nellingen verlegt wurde.

Seine Aufgabe in der A – Kompanie war es,  die ziemlich mitgenommenen Battalions Lkws – schweren Räumgeräte ( Bulldozer und Planierraupen ) und Jeeps,

instand zu setzen und Wartungsarbeiten durchzuführen.  Roger war der zuständige Offizier. Außerdem wurden neue Lagerhallen aus, damals, 

extrem seltenem Kantholz gebaut. Nach und nach wurde die ganze Ausrüstung des  Battalions gewartet und aufgemöbelt.

Im Mai 1953 wurde er nach Giessen versetzt um eine alte Wehrmachts-Kaserne zu inspizieren und Renovierungsarbeiten voran zu treiben.


Roger Hanchen und seine Kameraden unternahmen auch viele Ausflüge in Deutschland.

Zum Beispiel nach Heidelberg 1952 wie das Foto zeigt. Das Auto ist ein 1946er Ford Convertible. Sie waren auch an der Normandie Küste und besuchten den Abschnitt Omaha Beach.

Ausflüge wurden auch 1953 nach Paris unternommen.

Roger Hanchen ist 80 Jahre alt ( 2009 ) und seit 49 Jahren verheiratet. Er hat einen Sohn und drei Enkelkinder. Familie Hanchen lebt in Sacramento im US-Bundesstaat Kalifornien.


Roger, viele Grüße an dich und deine Familie von – Billy- Januar 2010


1952 / This Photo was taken in Heidelberg with my friend Jack Townsend in a 1946 Ford Convertible

Roger Hanchen ( links ) und Kumpel Jack bei einem Heidelberg Besuch 1952

A five-ton dump truck of the 354th Engineer Battalion Nellingen Kaserne

Ein 5 Tonner Kipplader des 354. Pionier Battalions Nellingen Kaserne

Original Comment of Roger Hanchen:


Hi Billy,

Sorry for the delay in responding to you. I have searched throughly

and have no photos of Nellingen. In reading the letters that I sent

home during that period, I discovered that I did not buy a camera

until shortly before I left Germany. I have photos of a trip to

Switzerland and Italy as well as the White Cliffs of Dover but no

photos of my assignments in Germany. I found several photos of myself

taken by others but only one in uniform which I have attached. It was

taken in Heidelberg of me and my old friend Jack Townsend in his '46

Ford convertible.

The only other information I could send you about Nellingen would be a

list of Battalion command staff and the officers and men of company A

of the 354th. Let me know if you are interested. Meanwhile have a


Merry Christmas.....Roger Hanchen December 2009 

Nellingen 1953 to 1954  first helicopter landing pad  built by 354th Engineer Battalion

Nellingen Kaserne 1953 / 1954 Der erste Hubschrauber Landeplatz gebaut von Pionieren der 354.




Battalion (Construction), 11 September 1950 to 10 March 1955, HQ 94th Engineer Bn (Const), APO 46, 25 March 1955)


1. The 354th Engineer Construction Battalion was notified 12 August 1950 by West Virginia Militart District that it was being ordered to active duty on 11 September 1950.

2. In November 1951 the unit was alerted for movement to Europe and was brought up to full T/O&E strength of 26 Officers, 15 Warrant Officers and 844 Enlisted Men. New equipment was received. The unit was assigned to USAREUR per Movement Order Nr 6, Hq, Camp Pickett, Va., dated 29 January 1952 and departed by motor transportation on 20 February 1952 for Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation, Va. where it loaded aboard USAT General Hershey and sailed for Bremerhaven, Germany. On arrival at Bremerhaven 1 March 1952, the unit was relieved from attachment to 311th Engineer Group and attached to
39th Engineer Construction Group. The unit departed for Hohenfels, Germany, a training area near Nurnberg, Germany, and arrived there on 2 March 1952.

3. During the period 2 March 1952 to 19 October 1952 the battalion was engaged is construction of a 2500 foot aircraft strip, for light aircraft; a "combat in cities" course; rifle ranges; barracks and mess halls and an open air stage. On 20 October 1952 the unit moved from Hohenfels, Germany, to Nellingen, Germany. Average strength for 1952 was 20 Officers, 16 Warrant Officers, and 826 Enlisted Men.


4. With a winter of MOS training at Nellingen the battalion, less Company C, moved to Northern Area Command in May 1953 and established headquarters at Giessen, Germany. Company A constructed four prefabricated steel warehouses at the Giessen Quartermaster Depot. Company B was stationed at Butzbach, Germany where it completed a firing range. Approximately 342,000 yards of earth and 24 acres of trees had to be removed from the new range. One platoon of Company B completed a steel truss warehouse at Frankfurt, Germany. Company C, at Nellingen, completed a hardtop Air Strip 1000 x 300 feet with tie down facilities for 50 planes; installed lighting fixtures, and a POL storage point. Average battalion strength for 1953 was 24 Officers, 14 Warrant Officers, and 854 Enlisted Men. On 7 December 1953 the battalion was redesignated 354th Engineer Battalion (Construction) per GO 99, Hq, USAREUR dated 24 November 1953. Authorized strength 20 Officers, 10 Warrant Officers, and 539 Enlisted Men. The battalion returned from Giessen to Nellingen in September 1953.

5. Construction in the early part of 1954 consisted mainly of small civil affairs projects which helped to establish good will and furthered German-American relations. In July Company C moved to Muenchweiler, germany to construct a Hospital Train Staging Area. Company B sent a reinforced platoon to Heilbronn, Germany to construct a baseball diamond; 3 softball diamonds, a quarter mile track, a football field, and a building with dressing rooms, shower rooms and latrines. This project was completed 2 October 1954 and on 2 November 1954 B Company departed far Thionville, France on a six week projct of providing Engineer support for a USAREUR CPX. In August 1954 Company A built parkways, roads and curbing at 5th General Hospital, Bad Cannstatt, Germany. On 2 November 1954 Company A left for France to assist Company B and returned to Nellingen, Germany on 10 November 1954. Company B returned to Nellingen, Germany from France on 14 December 1954. The battalion was reorganised 10 December 1954 per GO 190, Hq, USAREUR, dated 24 November 1954 with an authorized strength of 20 Officers, 10 Warrant Officers, and 686 Enlisted Men. On 20 December 1954 Company B started work on a POL dump and tie-downs at the air strip Nellingen, Germany.

6. Company C returned to Nellingen, Germany on 5 February 1955 after completing 89% of construction started at Muenchweiler. This project was suspended for an indefinite period due to wet and freezing weather. Company B continued construction of POL storage during 1955 and began construction of an 18 hole golf course at Kornwestheim, Germany. Company A began construction of an athletic field at Nellingen, Germany and repair and improvement of drainage on the rifle range at Stetten, Germany. The 354th Battalian was released from active duty on 10 March 1955 per G0 40, Hq, USAREUR, dated 21 February 1955. All construction already in progress and all personnel and equipment were transferred to the
94th Engineer Battalion (Construction), activated 10 March 1955 to replace the 354th Battalion.

7. During the period 11 September 1950 to 10 March 1955 the 354th Engineer Battalion was commanded by:


Lt Col John P Nolting

10 September 1950 - 8 November 1953

Maj Joseph J Wallner

 9 November 1953 - 3 January 1954

Lt Col David B Conard

 4 January 1954 - 19 October 1954

Lt Col Robert L Mushen

29 October 1954 - 10 March 1955

Bild Quelle / Source : www.usarmygermany.com




Roger Hanchen on Omaha Beach Normandy France 1953

Roger bei einem Besuch der Omaha Beach Normandie 1953

Tour Group Paris 1953. Roger back Row right 

Besucher Gruppe in Paris 1953, Roger hintere Reihe rechts

Lt James Dorman of Company A 354th Engineer Battalion in a Bar northern france 1953

                            Kamerad Leutnant Dorman in einer Bar Nordfrankreich 1953

1953 -Jim at his brother's grave at Omaha beach

Jim Dorman am Grab seines an der Normandie Küste gefallenen Bruders

Roger Hanchen taken at home on Dec 24, 2009

Roger Hanchen am 24.12.2009 in seinem Haus


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