67th  Aviation Company Nellingen Barracks 1966-1968

"Wings of the Jayhawk"






Dave Guilliams   


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Hier lesen Sie die Geschichte des Soldaten Dave Guilliams. Ich lernte ihn 2007 kennen. Dave war von 1966 bis 1968 mit der 67. Aviation Kompanie in der Nellingen Kaserne stationiert. Zuerst war seine Einheit auf dem Stuttgart Army Airfield angesiedelt, kam dann 1967 nach Nellingen. Dave war als Wartungsmechaniker der Hubschrauber eingesetzt als auch an den Kompanie Fahrzeugen. Die 67. besaß folgende Flugzeug Typen: U-A1 Otter - L-19 Bird Dogs - L-20 Beavers - OH Siouxs - CH 34 Choctaws und UH 1 Iroquois. Die 67. war eine kombinierte Festflügel und Rotorflügel Kompanie. Dave´s Einheit wurde 1962 gegründet und 1972 deaktiviert. Herr Guilliams kann sich noch genau an unzählige Festivitäten seiner Kompanie in der Nellingen Kaserne erinnern auch an Deutsch – Amerikanische Freundschaftstage dem „Tag der offenen Tür“. Dave weiß auch noch wie ältere Zivil Arbeiter mit dem Moped in die Kaserne zur Werkstatt fuhren und hinter vielen Heizungszentralen ihr eigenes Gemüse anpflanzten ( falls es die Schafe nicht wegfraßen ). Er verbrachte viele Samstag Nachmittage in der deutschen Kantine bei einem Bier und Schnitzel. Ein favorisiertes Lokal war zum Beispiel der Wienerwald in Esslingen. Dave´s Vorfahren, mutterseits, kamen aus der Nähe von Stuttgart 1850 nach Amerika. Dave Guilliams lebt heutzutage in Barberton im US-Bundesstaat Ohio.


Dave, danke für deinen Beitrag für meine Webseite mit den Fotos und Erzählungen. Gruß von Billy – Januar 2010


Dave Guilliams with his 1961 Volkswagen 1967 Nellingen Barracks

1968 Stuttgart Army Airfield Echterdingen.

Aircrafts of the 67th Avn. Company and other Unit´s lined up.

Hubschrauber der 67. Aviation Kompanie auf dem US-Flughafen Echterdingen 1968.


Original Comment of Dave Guilliams:


I was assigned to the 67th Aviation Company from June 1966 to November 1968. I was in Aircraft Maintenance and because of the shortage of men, I was also involved in motor vehicle maintenance. Our Barracks where across from the post headquarters near the chapel and the EM Club.

The 67th Aviation was known as the "Wings of the Jayhawk" that was on the signs out side our orderly room and the patches that you wore on your flight jackets. When we moved our billets to Nellingen in June 67 we took over buildings that 11th Trans. markers in them. We had 1 U-8F Seminole (VIP Set up), 1 U-A1 Otter, 6 L-19 (O-1A) Bird-dogs, 6 L-20 (U-6A) Beavers, 2 OH-13 Siouxs, 2 CH-34A Choctaws, 1 UH-1A Iroquois (VIP Setup). I won't swear to the exact amount of ships but the types are correct. I understand that it had changed by 1972 . The O-1As, U-A1 and the U-6As were turned in and sold off and more UH-1's where also replacing the CH-34A's.


In the middle of 1967, the 7005 Air Base Squadron USAF came to Echterdingen from France to run the place. They left, I think in the mid 80’s (Army took it back) and we moved our billeting to Nellingen Kaserne about 10 KMS away, the aircraft stayed at Echterdingen Airfield. The Motor vehicle, Commo, and any Ordnance repair work from the 67th Aviation was supported by the 8902nd Civilian Labor Group at Funker Kaserne in Esslingen. (I have a picture of that area - there was some sort of Civilian Labor Group there as far back as 1947.).

On Nellingen was an outfit called the 903rd Heavy Equipment Repair that ran a salvage yard, we would go there but I am not sure if they where 7th Corps or not. Aviation and aircraft parts was supported by the 29th Transportation Battalion (Direct Support) on Echterdingen Air field, they wore 7th Army patches.

Echterdingen Airfield or Echterdingen Army Airfield and Stuttgart Army Airfield are all the same place which is the military side of Stuttgart International Airport by the towns of Echterdingen and Bernhausen. Nellingen Barracks or Nellingen Kaserne was also the remains of an old Luftwaffe training airfield used as a heliport, the remainder was covered by a vehicle salvage yard and a missile base. (Hawks I believe as I don't remember what their unit was, everything was behind barbed wire.)

540th Engineers Group 93rd Engineers (Float Bridge) at Nellingen Kaserne shared a motor pool complex with the 67th Aviation Company at Nellingen. In the 1967 ”Jayhawk“ is a picture of a road grader with 7A 237 E HQ 23 unit markings on the front axle.

16th Aviation Battalion was formed 26 Aug 1963 accord to a booklet I have, but where I don't know for sure where they came from, but an old good friend from the 4th Aviation told me many times that they (the 4th) where stationed at Schliesheim Army Airfield, north of the Munich area. Me and my friends from the 4th Aviation went back to the Munich area on sight seeing trip and they snuck me in the NCO Club that was run by the 24th Infantry Division before they moved out. It was real classy place for a service club in the Munich area.

4th Aviation Company had CH-37 Mojave’s assigned until about late 1969/70 then they turned them in and from what I understand is that they transitioned to Chinooks and (the unit) was reassigned to the Schwabish Hall area and became the 180th Aviation.

349th Aviation was a H-34 Choctaw Company until they turned them in for UH-1s.

67th Aviation was a combined fixed-wing and Rotor-wing Company. The 67th, according to a DA form I have, was activated 16 Sept 1962. Assigned to Germany 15 Oct, 1962; dissolved 18 Aug 1972. TOE1-127D UIC-WAYS

When the 67th Aviation would go to the field we would drag the USAF Weather Section with us (crying all the way).

Kurmaerker Kaserne was renamed Patch Barracks.
Hellenen Kaserne was renamed Kelly Barracks

The 1967 Jayhawk has pictures of Kelly Barracks, Eastman Barracks, Merrell Barracks, Graves Kaserne, Bleidorn Kaserne. And it mentions that there are 48 homes for the Jayhawkers.

I would also like to mention that in Aug 1968 - when the Soviets moved back in to Czechoslovakia - the 16th Aviation was placed on alert to move out in a very short notice not the normal 2 HR alert (called once a month). We had most of the equipment and personnel field gear packed on the trucks all lined up to go somewhere.

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Additional Information on the 67th Aviation Company
In the summer and fall of 1966, I was pulling guard duty on the Stuttgart International side of the airfield (at Echterdingen), south of the main terminal in an old Motor Maintenance building which was being used by the 67th Avn Co as a motor pool and vehicle storage yard. Since then the area has been extensively remodeled a couple of times.
In 1967, the entire motor pool was moved to Nellingen Kaserne where we shared a building with the 93rd Engineer Company (FB).
The missile batteries (possibly 3rd Bn, 71st ADA) were located in about the area where the ammo dumps are marked (Nellingen Kaserne installation map). They were behind barbed wire and off-limits, of course. In 1967, we used a marksmanship range in an area that was also used by the Bundeswehr basic trainees somewhere east of Esslingen.


(Source: Email from Rudi Scherrle, Germany)


While cleaning out my parent's home (near the Echterdingen Airfield) recently I found this metal plate with the 67th Avn Co insignia. All I know is that members of the US Army lived at the house in the 1950s and 60s. The plate is still in pretty good shape.

Can anyone explain the purpose of the plate?

COMMENTS from Dave Guilliams:
I refer to the "Wings of the JayHawks sign" posted by Rudi Scherrle, on the 16th Avn. Bn. / 67th Avn. Co. pages. My opinion is that is a sign that was mounted on the orderly room/supply room building on Echterdingen Airfield (SAAF) to designate the parking spot for 1st. Sgt. Orlando Davidson who was 1st Sgt to late 1966 or early 1967. Before Julius Stagner became 1st.Sgt.



Dieses selbstgemalte Kompanie Schild wurde von einem ehemaligen US-Soldaten der 67. Aviation Kompanie als Mieter im Hause Scherrle in Bernhausen vergessen. Jahrzehnte später wurde es beim entrümpeln des Dachbodens entdeckt. So kam das Schild in meinen privat Besitz.


Comment of Billy Bils: This Sign is now in my private Proberty. The Sign was given to me by Mr. Rudi Scherrle in 2007


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