16th  DPU – Data Processing Unit Nellingen Barracks 1983 - 1985

                                                                                                                   16. Computer Daten Verarbeitungs  Einheit




          K.C. Murphy   16th DPU Data Processing Unit

Original Comment on End of this Page.

K.C. Murphy “Murf” hat mich im Herbst 2009 angeschrieben das er von September 1983 bis Dezember 1985 in den Nellingen Barracks stationiert war. Als 20jähriger Soldat  diente Murf  in der 16th DPU – Data Processing Unit – übersetzt heißt das ungefähr Daten Verarbeitungs-Einheit. Er arbeitete in den Wartungshallen seiner Einheit. Er feierte seinen 20.Geburtstag auf dem Cannstatter Volksfest 1983. Als Hauptgefreiter wurde Murf auch als Security Police Wachmann ausgebildet.

Viele schöne Erinnerungen hat er an seine Zeit in Deutschland. Das tolle Essen in der German Kanteen mit Gulaschsuppe und Brot. Als er meine Webseite fand, brachte ihm das wirkliches Heimweh nach Nellingen. Soldat Murphy ist heutzutage 46 Jahre alt ( 2009 ), lebt in Blue Lake, Kalifornien. Diese Gegend ist auch als - Red Wood Curtain- bekannt. In seiner Freizeit bastelt er gerne an Rennwagen und nimmt auch an zahlreichen Rennen teil.

Murf, danke für die vielen emails und die tollen Fotos. Viele Grüße von Billy
November 2009           




SSgt Dieter Haffner Nellingen Barracks /

Kamerad von Murf, Unteroffizier Haffner

Guy with the Honda. Sgt Rod Evans. In front of 16 DPU head quarters building. You can see the Chapel in the back ground,

I think. Its been 25 years / Kamerad Evans mit seiner Honda vor dem Hauptquartier der 16. DPU 1984.


L to R,  Sgt Mike Bowman leaning over, Sgt Mike Parmley taped into the chair, And one of my room makes Spc 4 Gary Godfrey. Really nice guy. Verabschiedung vom Kameraden Bowman

394th Transportation Battalion Hangers and flight line 1984

Flugfeld des 394. Transportation Battalions 1984

Is looking at the Aafees cafe.  I don't remember who the girl is. This is winter 83/84. In Front of the Burger King

Foto zeigt Blick auf die Cafeteria- Burger King - Einkaufszentrum

This is the Motor pool for the 16th DPU. From L to R, Me, Spc 4 KC Murphy, SSgt  James Mckinny, back Spc 4 Gary Godfrey,Pvt Christeen Trejillo, back Spc 4 Fred Frasier, Pvt Mary O'neil, Sgt Mike Bowman.  1984/85 / Ganz links K.C. Murphy im Gruppenfoto

Me and a couple of German girls having a party on SSgt Mckinneys desk. Yes I got into trouble for that. 

Kleine Party mit ein paar Mädchen im Kompanie Büro

L to R, Christina Mialander, Susana Tze, and Spc 4 Charlie Vark.  This is the night before a TA50 inspection. Thats why all the stuff is laid out on my bunk. The lady that is seated is the one I am looking for. Her parents owned a huge nursery for plants. If you went out the front gate, turned left and headed into town. Go thru town till it dead ends, then turn right.  It was out there some where.  Its been 25 years. But I bet I could still walk there.


A shot of the Essligen castle / Esslinger Burg 1984

Looking down from the foot bridge into Essligen,

Thats me rappeling Austrailian style.

In seiner Soldatenzeit in Nellingen unternahm Murf einige sportliche Aktivitäten. Zum Beispiel das abseilen in Esslingen von der Stadtbrücke 1984

Thats me again, same place, just looking up this time. My hair was much redder then.

In seiner Soldatenzeit in Nellingen unternahm Murf einige sportliche Aktivitäten. Zum Beispiel das abseilen in Esslingen von der Stadtbrücke 1984


Me missing not catching the football. I never played the game.

That is the Chapel in the back ground. We are in front of a 394th barracks. Summer 1984 / Murf beim Football Spiel Nellingen Barracks 1984

Me rappeling from the castel tower in Essligen. I tell people now that when I was young I used to rappel off of castles. They all say Bullshit. Then I show them this picture /

In seiner Soldatenzeit in Nellingen unternahm Murf einige sportliche Aktivitäten. Zum Beispiel das abseilen vom Turm auf der Burg Esslingen 1984

This is looking at the 16th DPU Ops building on the right. The view is from my first room /

Blick vom Fenster seiner Unterkunft auf die Wartungshallen 1985

                                    Nellingen Barracks


Is me drag racing my 1959 Ford truck, and in the other lane is a 32 Ford B model coupe. If you look closely, you can see I am just lauching. Notice the front is lifted. And yes I beat him. My truck looks like shit, but is quite fast. This is at the Samoa Drag Strip in N Cal. Right on the coast. If you could see behind the person taking the pic. You would see the beach. In 2009 /

Ein Renntag in Samoa Drag Strip Nord Kalifornien 2009


Me making a solo pass- In 2009 /

Das große Hobby von Murf : Rennen fahren in einem 1959er Ford.

Is me at my brothers place in Smith River, N California. On the coast / Murf am Wohnort seines Bruders in Smith River, Nord Kalifornien, Küstennähe  2009

This is me sitting in my easy chair.  I miss my hair. 2009

Und das ist K.C.Murphy heutzutage im Jahr 2009







Original Comment of K.C. Murphy ( Murf ):


Email 1:


Hi Billy,

I did find your site by accident. I was just looking around and happen to find it. It made me

really home sick. I miss that place. I do have some photos of it. I am new to the computer world and

not sure how to put them on your site. I was there from Sept 83 to Dec 85. I worked in the motor

pool for the 16th DPU. I am not sure I did not see you at the Kanteen, down by the Head Quarters

area. I did not get down that way much. I liked their gullosh suppen, and the bread. I would like to

take the time to thank you for setting up the site. It was a very emotional experiance for me. I am at

work now and must go. With Respect Murf. My name is KC, but I found out that is a girls name in your

country. LOL Thank you again. Murf                November 2009


Email 2:


Hi Billy,

The guy on the rope at the Essligen castle tower is me in 1984. The guy with the long beard is me now. I will have to look at the pics again. I got a thumbnail

proof sheet. I have to get out my magnafying glasses to see who is who. I go back to work on the night of the 26. I will try and fill in the blanks then. I was

remembering something interesting. In 84/85 They cut down a huge tree just out side of the Headquarters building. It was leaning up against the building. I was

watching the guys doing it. I pointed out to them that they were gonna get their chainsaw stuck doing it that way. They got like 3 saws stuck and had to get a crane

to pull the tree down. I live where they cut big trees everyday. So I know how to do it. I had not thought of that in over 20 years. Well Merry Christmas.

Talk with you soon  Murf                               December 2009



Email 3:


Hi Billy,

I am at work now. I only have access to the net at work. In fact, I am just really learning about using

computers. I will see if one of my friends can help me with the pictures. I have some of the motor pool area

from the 15th trans unit. I have others, that show the area out where they stored the junk cars. And I think I

even have one or two that show the Black Hawks landing. It was looking out my barracks window. I lived on the

main street headed into the post from the back gate. And my room looked towards the motorpool areas.

Seeing your web site brought back a lot of really good memories for me. So bad, some good. Just like

everything in life.

Our unit "shoulder" patch was the same as the 2nd Support command. I am not sure about the 16th DPU unit

crest though. I am sorry to say I don't have any of the patches left. When I got out of the Army, I wore the

shirts for work and they were all gone by about 1990. Sorry. I had no idea that the whole post had be torn

down. I returned in 1996 and was unable to get up the hill from the Essligen Bahnhoff. My friend was really sick

so we had to leave. We had gone there in late Sep. To catch the Bad Cannstatter fest. I was really upset. We

could see it from the train and had to leave. Billy, it may take me a little to get the photos together. But I


I was wondering is Dr. Mailander still working in that area? If you went out the front gate and turned left. It

would take you into town. He lived just down the steet from Co op. I was friends with his daughter. It is one of

her friends that I am looking for. Her name is/was Susanna Tze. I am not sure about the spelling of the last

name. Her parents owned a big plant nursury. Growing plants and flowers. Its wierd, I can see they route to

get there but can't seem to describe it. Susan called it a "Gardenary".

I just rememberd what our unit crest said. It was golden in color and had crossed arrows. It said Excel All. I

am sorry I don't have one to give to you. I must close now. I must go to work for a little. I now live in N.

California. In Humboldt Co. In the little town of Blue Lake. Just out side of Arcata. When I got out of the Army

in late 85 early 86. I went back to Las Vegas, Nv. And lived in a junk yard for almost 20 years. Until I found

your site, I had not thought about most of these things for over 20 years. Now the memories are coming back.


With Respect Murf   Nov. / Dec. 2009


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