16th  DPU – Data Processing Unit Nellingen Barracks 1975 - 1976

                                                                                                                   16. Computer Daten Verarbeitungs  Einheit



   Martin “Chico” Marin



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Hier sehen Sie die Geschichte von meinem Freund Martin Marin, genannt „Chico“ aus El Paso in Texas. Seit vielen Jahren sind wir mit emails in Kontakt und nun schaffte er es endlich, die langersehnten Fotos zuzuschicken. Er absolvierte seine Grundausbildung 1974 in Fort Ord, Kalifornien. 1975 wurde er nach Deutschland in die Nellingen Barracks versetzt. Seine Kompanie hieß „16th Data Processing Unit“. Computer Daten Verarbeitungs Kompanie. Diese Einheit war die Hauptzentrale der U.S. Army im Raum Stuttgart USAREUR. Er erlernte schnell den Beruf als Computer Fachmann in Nellingen. Zur gleichen war Bill Gates gerade in der Kinderstube um später das Computer Zeitalter zu revoluzionieren. Der erste Computer war ein riesiger

IBM 360/40. Nach seiner Rückkehr 1976 in die USA  arbeitete Chico die nächsten 30 Jahre auf diesem Beruf. Später war Martin noch Schauspieler, Video – Spezialist, Kolumnist und ist staatlich geprüfter Gärtner. Heutzutage ist Chico Produzent einer Nachrichten Sendung, der ABC Network in Texas. Seine Zeit in Deutschland wird Martin nie vergessen. Vor allem die Weihnachts und Silvester Zeit im Winter 1975 / 1976 in Stuttgart und Esslingen. Natürlich wurde auch das Münchner Oktoberfest besucht. Auch das Gitarre spielen erlernte Martin mit seinen Kameraden in der Kaserne.

Martin „Chico“ Marin ist 54 Jahre alt ( 2010 ), ist seit 25 Jahren mit seiner Frau Rosemary verheiratet, sie leben in El Paso im Bundesstaat Texas und haben eine Tochter mit Namen Natalie Rose. Als er zum ersten Mal meine Webseite betrachtete, bekam Martin richtig feuchte Augen. Er bedankte sich aufrichtig bei mir, das ich die Geschichte der Nellingen Barracks am Leben erhalte.

Viele Grüße aus Nellingen sendet dir dein Kumpel – Billy –Januar 2010


16th DPU Van complex enclosed in a chain link fence as seen from Chico's billets 1976 / Areal der Computer Trailor 1976

Area directly in front of the Chapel as seen from Chico's billets 1975

Direkter Blick von Chico´s Fenster auf die Kasernen Kirche 1975

Chico Marin at the console of an IBM 360 40 computer system.  This system was state of the art in 1975  In 2000 an IBM 360 40 went on exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum of American History in Washington

Martins Arbeitsplatz mit einem IBM 360 40 Computer 1975

Company Christmas party in the Dayroom at Christmas 1975.

 I had a crush on the girl in the center of the picture. Her name was Tammy Taylor / Kompanie Weihnachtsfeier im Aufenthaltsraum der 16. DPU 1975

Jammin' in Chico's room. Picture was taken on May 31st, 1976.  From the left Tim McAllister, Chico Marin, Kim Hill and Larry Lysse of the 198th PSC / Kameraden der 16. DPU beim musizieren.

Chico 2. von links. 31. Mai 1976

Main street at Nellingen Barracks in front of the 16th DPU

Hauptstrasse durch die Nellingen Barracks 1975

My good friends, Blue Peterson from Lawton, Ok. and Charles Lee Dupar from Lake Charles, La.  Picture taken on August 15, 1975 / Martin´s Kumpels Peterson und Dupar 1975

On the left is the 16th DPU Orderly room and Dayroom.  On the right is DPU personnel billets / links die Schreibstube,

rechts die Mannschaftsunterkünfte

Ron Eldridge and another guy arriving at the 16th.  When's the last time you saw a 240-Z on the street

Charles Lee Dupar standing at the front door of the van complex of the 16th DPU that contained the computer systems and all it's supporting equipment.  One van had the computer system, others contained the tape drives, tape library, keypunch room, decolator room and offices even break rooms.

Areal der 16. DPU mit ihren Computer Datenverarbeitungs Trailor 1975 links der Hauptstrasse der Nellingen Barracks.


Steve Lager getting off work at the 16th DPU compound / Kamerad Steve Lager hat Feierabend.

Er verlässt die Computer und Wartungstrailor der 16. DPU

Taking a break at the 16th DPU, from left  Ron Eldridge, Jeff Fuhrer, Bob Prehoda and Kim Hill

Kameraden bei einer Pause Eldridge, Fuhrer, Prehoda und Hill

The view of the chapel from Chico's bedroom window at the 16th DPU / noch mal der Blick von Chico´s Fenster auf die Kasernen    Kirche 1975.

This guy gave me wings by teaching me to play guitar.  I'll be eternally grateful to my bud Lawrence Gerben Lysse from The Hague, Netherlands

Chico´s Kumpel Gerben Lysse, der ihm das Gitarren spielen beibrachte.

Martin Marin waiting for the train in Dettingen. September 1976

Martin bei einem Ausflug auf die Alb bei Dettingen / Teck 1976

16th DPU Commander Major George R. May, Blue Peterson (pointing at camera) and an unidentified member of the cadre.

Chef der 16. DPU Major George R. May ( links )

Joe Arteritano and Chico very relieved after drinking several beers at Oktoberfest. Oktober Fest München 1976 Chico und Joe.

Munich Oktoberfest 1976 in the Stuttgarter Hofbrau tent. From the left Pat Amen, Julie Blum, Chico Marin.  Front Mrs. Baker, Peg Arteritano / Oktober Fest München 1976 Chico 3. von links

Munich Oktoberfest 1976 with guys from the 198th PSC, from the left  Ted Blevins, Chico, Juan Gonzales, David Moya, Larry Lysse, Joe Dimatteo and Tim McAllister / Oktober Fest München 1976

Pat and Chico going mano a mano with some Stuttgarter Hofbrau . . . denn es schmeckt so wie kein anderes 1976

Area directly in front of the Chapel as seen from Chico's billets 1975 / Direkter Blick von Chico´s Fenster auf die Kasernen Kirche 1975

My lovely wife Rosemary of 25 years and I in 2008 / seit 25 Jahren ein Paar.

Martin Marin und seine Rosemary im Sommer 2008

Picture of Martin Chico Marin during Basic Training at Fort Ord,

California in January of 1974 

Martin´s Dienstfoto bei seiner Grundausbildung 1974 in Fort Ord / Kalifornien.


Email and original Comment of Martin Marin:


Hello Billy, on this first day of 2010, let me wish you and your family a very Happy New Year!.  I remember the fireworks throughout Stuttgart on New Year's Eve in 1975 and 1976.  What a beautiful country and culture you have.  I have thought about it almost every day of my life since I left Nellingen.  The wallpaper on my PC is a picture of Esslingen and the Neckar river as seen from Nellingen.


I had the great fortune of being stationed at Nellingen Kaserne from July 1975 to December of 1976.  A time that I hold dear to my heart and have never forgotten.  The 16th DPU ( Data Processing Unit) was the main computer center for that area of the U..S. Army-Europe also known as USAREUR. These were days way before personal computers and the Internet.  Running an IBM 360/40 computer system was more involved than today's pointing and clicking of a mouse.  At the same time I was at Nellingen working on this huge computer system, a young geeky guy based out of Albuqueruqe, New Mexico was very busy securing the rights to the concept of a computer mouse.  He wanted it for a little invention that he felt would change the way we interacted with computers with new software for a company he was wanting to start.  His name was Bill Gates the company was called Microsoft.  When I went on leave in April of '76 to El Paso . . . I should have gone north just a few hundred miles to Albuquerque too.  Oh well.


The cap and shoulder insignia worn by the cadre of the 16th DPU was that of the 800th CMMC and our patch was the sword and chevrons of the 2nd Support Command which are both in Billy Bils collection of insignia and patches.  In command was the best boss I have ever had, George R May.  He always found time for the troops and was always supporting us and even wrote to your folks back home.  What a great company commander.


After learning computer systems at Nellingen, I made it a career for almost 30 years.  I saw the evolution of computers getting faster, smaller and cheaper thanks to the afore mentioned Mr. Gates.  Did you know that a simple iPhone has more memory and power than all the computer systems used by NASA to send a rocket to the Moon and back in 1969?  Well it does. I saw the internet develop from a mostly government use tool with approximately only 87 government websites to what it has become today.  The IBM 360/40 computer system we had at Nellingen is now represented by an identical model at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C.  In the words of the Grateful Dead, "what a long strange trip it's been. 


Today, I've been married to lovely Rosemary for 25 years and have a wonderful daughter, Natalie Rose.  Rosemary has worked for the U.S. Govt for almost 35 years and has endured all my crazy interests and dabbles for all this time.  While always having worked a full time job in computers, I've also been an actor, musician, videographer, columnist and am a certified Master Gardener in the state of Texas.  Oddly enough though, I no longer work in computers.  I am now a television news producer for an ABC Network affiliate here in Texas. I am happy, relatively healthy and peeing is still a voluntary action.  Thank You Billy Bils for telling the story of Nellingen Kaserne and it's history.  All of us around the world that were there at some point in our lives appreciate all your efforts.  It brought me literally to tears the first time I saw your website and the pictures that others have taken.  


Your Friend,

Martin "Chico" Marin

1. January 2010



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