C Company 94th Engineer Battalion Nellingen Barracks 1972

C Kompanie 94. Pionier Battalion Nellingen Barracks 1972



 E - 4 George Cain 


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Im März 2010 bekam ich Kontakt zum ehemaligen US-Soldaten George Cain. 18 jährig kam George 1972 mit der C Kompanie 94. Pionier Battalion in die Nellingen Barracks. Dort wurde er auch zum Hauptgefreiten befördert. Er bedankte sich sehr herzlich bei mir, dass ich diese Webseite erstellt habe. Nach gerade sechs Wochen wurde George in Bereitschaft nach Mannheim abgezogen. In dieser Zeit wurde das gesamte Battalion aus Nellingen nach Darmstadt versetzt. Er kaufte sich damals in Nellingen eine neue Kamera und schoss diese schönen Fotos. Sein erstes deutsches Bier genoss er in einem Nellinger Gasthaus. Außerdem absolvierte Herr Cain in den Nellingen Barracks seinen Militär Führerschein mit einem Winterfahrtraining. Die kurze Zeit die er in Nellingen war genoss George sehr. Später dann kam George von Darmstadt zum 693. Pionier Battalion nach Kaiserslautern ins Army Depot.


Insgesamt war George Cain bis August 1974 in Deutschland und kehrte in die USA zurück.

George Cain´,s Hobby zusammen mit seiner Frau, ist das Cowboy Action Shooting. Sie sind bekannt als Halffast George and Carolina School Marm. Auch das basteln an Waffen liebt er und das angeln. Die letzten 30 Jahre war er im Bereich Hauskonstruktionen tätig. George und seine Frau leben seit 32 Jahren heutzutage an der Küste von North Carolina. Genauer gesagt steht ihr Haus in Colington Island am Colington Harbor.


George, danke für die gute Zusammenarbeit um diese Seite zu erstellen. Alles gute für die Zukunft wünscht dir – Billy – Oktober 2010

George Cain with Dog / George Cain mit Hund

Soldier Fennel on Entrance Door to Class Six Store /

Soldat Fennel am Eingang zum Class Six Laden

George Cain with Zippo Lighter in Front of the Chapel 1972

George mit Zippo Feuerzeug vor der Kirche Nellingen Barracks

Nellingen Barracks 1972

View shows Road to Back Gate Nellingen Barracks /

Blick zeigt Zufahrtsstrasse zum Nordtor Nellingen Barracks

George Cain Nellingen Barracks 1972

George Cain on Mainstreet Nellingen Barracks 1972

George auf der Kasernenhauptstrasse 1972

Truck of the 94th Engineer Battalion

Chapel / Kirche Nellingen Barracks 1972

Company Sign of the 421st Medical Company

Kompanie Schild der 421. Medical Kompanie

Guy on the Bunk with the Playboy is David Christman

Kamerad David Christman Mannschaftsquartier 1972

September 2006 George and his Wife. Photo Explanation

on End of this Page /  Foto Erklärung am Ende der Seite




Original Comment of George Cain:


Email 1:


Hello Billy,


Wow, great web sight! You have really worked hard. I am truly impressed. I arrived at Nellingen Barracks around Jan 10, 1972.

I was assigned to C CO. 94th Engineers. I was only there about six weeks, and got sent TDY to Mannheim.

While I was in Mannheim the 94th pulled out of Nellingen and moved to Darmstadt.

I bought my first SLR camera at the Nellingen PX, so what few pictures I have aren’t very good. I don't remember much about Nellingen.

It was very cold, and I don't remember seeing the sun while I was there. I had my first German beer at a Guest House on the hill above Nellingen.

I don't remember the name of the house or the beer. I went to winter driving school and got my military drivers licence at the motor pool there.

Just before I left there I met a Vietnam vet, ( Sp 4 Danna Dillard) He had been a Battalion Photographer and taught me a few basics. That's him

 leaning against the post chapel doors. Let me add a few more pictures. Its been great sharing with you, and I'm sorry  I didn't get to know more about

Nellingen while I was there. I have fond memories of my time spent in Germany, almost thirty two months. thank you,



George Cain   March 2010


Email 2:



The guy on the main road is me, also with the Zippo. Wish I had that lighter now. It had an Engineer Crest on the side. I don't know what happened to it.

I quit smoking years ago.  At the time of these pictures I had been in the army about five months. I was just eighteen, and a Pvt. E-2. I am fifty six now.

I left Germany in Aug. of 74. I was an E-4, and just twenty one. I spent my last eighteen months in Germany with the 693rd Engineers at Kaiserslatern Army Depot.

The guy on the bunk with the Playboy, is David Christman. David was an E-4 and was waiting for his port call orders at that time. It turns out he was from Bishopville Ohio,

a small town just a short way from where I was from. We knew some of the same people and in 1997 his son graduated from high school with my daughter.

That was the last time I saw him.

All I remember about the guy in front of the Class-six entrance is that his last name was Fennel, he was a Nam vet, waiting for port call, and he was good natured.

I worked with him briefly. I don't remember if that was the entrance to the bank or the Recreation Center. Danna Dillard was also a Spc- 4, short-timmer.

He wrote to me once after he got out. He was living in Alexandria Virginia.

I wrote back to him, but never heard from him again. For the last thirty two years I have been living on the coast of North Carolina.

My house is on Colington Island, in Colington Harbor. We are about two miles from the Wright Brothers Memorial in Kill Devil Hills.

My wife is from Manteo NC and teaches grade school in Manteo, on Roanoke Island. I have been mostly involved in home construction for the past thirty years.

Here lately that has been rather slow. I don't have much left from when I was in the Army, mostly just pictures. I moved around alot those first few years after I got out.

I'll see if I can find any more pictures or anything else. You are welcome to what ever I find.

Thank you for all you have done.


George Cain March 2010



Email 3:


George Cain´s Hobby


Hi Billy,

Thanks for the reply. We live about three miles from the beach. Colington Road runs from the Harbor here, east till it crosses 158 by-pass where it

becomes Ocean Bay Boulavard. Its about three miles from here to the beach in Kill Devil Hills. It would be great to here from Dana Dillard again. I will keep

trying to locate him. I work on guns in my spare time. I like to fish, mostly fresh water bass fishing. My wife and I do Cowboy Action shooting. We are known as

Halffast George and Carolina School Marm. Lets see if I can add some attachments and I'll keep looking for more Army pictures.

Till later,

George Cain March 2010



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