Memories of the VII Corps LRRP (LRP) 58th Infantry

Nellingen Kaserne Germany 1961-1969








VII Corps LRRP-Co. C (LRP) 58th Inf. Insignias

Nellingen Kaserne 1961-1969











Headquarters / Hauptquartier LRRP Nellingen




Original Comment of Anselmo Rodriguez:


(Source: Anselmo "Sam" Rodriguez, Co. C (LRP) 58th Inf. (1966-1968), and the VII Corps LRRP (ABN) Assn.)


Co. C (LRP) 58th Inf.
Nellingen, Germany
B Co. 75th Rangers
Riley , KS


A History compiled by Anselmo Rodriguez

Excerpts of the history courtesy Anselmo Rodriguez and the VII Corps LRRP Association. For more details and contact information please see the web site.

VII Corps Abn
Pocket Patch

In the mid 1950’s and into the 1960’s, the "Cold War" between the West and the Soviets was heating up. If war were to break out, the US Military didn’t have any units that could provide extended long-range 24 hour all weather target acquisition and intelligence from deep behind enemy lines.


As early as 1958, the Seventh Army in Europe published a Training Circular 20-1 that directed that each Division maintain Long Range Patrols. In February 1958, the first Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol evaluation tests using Provisional Units were conducted in FTX "SABRE HAWK".

"They assembled a group of personnel. They were given two or three weeks training and were then sent to the field. There was one problem with all the Provisional Units, they failed to establish satisfactory communications!" –Major Hunt

After initial testing using Provisional Units, a Table of Distribution was approved and issued on 15 July 1961 and under TOE 7-157 the Corps LRRP Companies in the Seventh Army were activated. With DOA approval, Major Maltese proceeded to set up the VII Corps LRRP Company (ABN), APO 46. Major Maltese became, at his request, the first Commanding Officer and Paddy Flynn was selected to be the company’s 1SGT. The new company’s designation would be "USA LRRP Co (ABN) 3780".

A search of the VII Corps area for suitable quarters for the new company was found at Nellingen Barracks located southeast of Stuttgart, Germany. SP/4 Louis Durnavich, of the 558th ORD Company, recalls the day in 1961 when Major Maltese and 1Sgt Flynn walked in with orders to take over their barracks. Louis’ recollections of this day can be found in a document in the LRRP CD.

With the takeover of these barracks, the pre-WWII building was now the new home of the VII Corps LRRP Company. –Major Maltese and 1Sgt Flynn now began the search for suitable personnel, and a call went out for volunteers. Many of those who responded were veterans of WWII and/or the Korean conflict. Some had already served in the Army’s Special Forces. Others were American or German Ranger qualified. Still others were veterans of other US armed forces; a few had served in foreign armies or had been born and raised overseas and were fluent in other languages. Many of these men were former Army Paratroopers who saw an opportunity to get back on jump status by volunteering for the new company of LRRPs. The "Assignments NCO" at VII Corps would give Major Maltese a call once a month and say, "I’ve got a list of people you might be interested in." Major Maltese would go over the list and pick out the ones he wanted. "We had a full company - it really filled up well. We got permission to recruit - most of them came from the "505". I remember old Herb something from B Co 505, he tried to discourage them, called us a bunch of candy-asses, so I went up there - hell, I'm about forty-one years old, but in pretty good shape, and I said, "I'll take you out and we'll see who comes back." "That was the end of that discussion." –Col. Maltese

Included in this new group of LRRPs were military personnel who had already been awarded our Country’s highest military decorations. Others would later distinguish themselves and receive recognition for their service in Vietnam. One former VII Corps LRRP, Glenn H. English, Jr., would posthumously be awarded our country’s highest recognition for valor, the "Medal of Honor," for his personal actions while serving in the Republic of South Vietnam.

Three other LRRP Companies were also formed in Europe. USA LRRP Co (ABN) 3779, was attached to V Corps, commanded by Major Reese Jones, with Gilberto M. Martinez as 1SGT. V Corps LRRP Co. was located in Wildflecken, near the "Fulda Gap" invasion route. In Northern Italy, the SETAF LRRP Company was established with Major James Stamper commanding. The 3rd Inf. Division formed a LRRP Detachment under the command of 1Lt. Edward Jentz (Col. ret.) with SFC Gerald M. Tardiff acting 1SGT.


"To conduct combat surveillance and target acquisition operations behind enemy lines in the VII Corps area of influence." –Company SOP Fact Sheet - Co. C (LRP) 58 th Inf. 1966 (LRRP CD)


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