Another Story of the Nellingen Barracks. It´s a good friend in Helena Ohio. Ronald Claypool.
Stationed at the Kaserne 1966 - 1968 with the 87th Maintnance Battalion, before he served
with the 903rd HEM Co. & 538th CC+S Co. 1966 to 1967, Rank SP 4.


Ron, thanks a lot for sending me all your fantastic Photos and helped me to install a wonderfull new Part of the Nellingen Barracks History in my Website, it was very interesting for me to listen to your Words about the Barracks in the 60ies. Take care Ronald, your Friend in Nellingen Germany, Billy.


Ron, vielen Dank für all Deine Mühe um mir die Fotos zuzuschicken, mir zu erzählen was Du in den 60iger Jahren als junger Soldat in den Nellingen Barracks erlebt hast. Durch Dich konnte ich wieder ein neues Stück Geschichte der Kaserne in meine Homepage einbauen. Mach,s gut Ron, bleib in Kontakt. Dein Kumpel Billy in Nellingen, Deutschland.














538th CC & S reclaimed tire area

Battallion Messhall

Battallion Sign Summer 1968

German American Friendship Day with troop parading. 1966 Deutsch-Amerikanischer Freundschaftstag.

German American Friendship Day

M 60 Tank

Nellingen Barracks Messhall

Winter 1966

Radar Station

Company signs 1966

A GI´s Germany Record
By George Casey Doc. Recordings
BOX 24605 L.A.
Someone remember´s that ?

Company signs 1966

Army service Club 1966 BLDG 3503 ( German Kanteen )

903rd HEM Co.Instrumental Bldg. Hangar 3522

Reclaimed tires Area




CHAIN OF COMMAND 538th Collection Classification and Salvage

Company Commander in Chief- President Lyndon B. Johnson
Secretary of State- Honorable Robert S. McNamara
Secretary of the Army- Honorable Stanley R. Resor
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff- General Earl G. Wheeler
Chief of Staff of the Army- General Harold K. Johnson
Supreme Allied Commander Europe- General Lyman L. Lemnitzer
Commanding General USAREUR- General Andrew P. O'meara
Commanding General 7th Army- Lt. General James H. Polk
Commanding General VII Corps- Lt. General Frank T. Mildren
Commanding General SUPCOM- Major General David P. Parker
3rd Support Brigade Commander- Colonel Frank A. Gleason Jr.
87th Maintenance Battalion Commander- Lt. Colonel Edward B. Turner
Commanding Officer 538th CC&S Company- Cpt. Henry H. Fitzpatrick
Ron Claypool


87th Maintenance Battalion 1965 - present


(Source: Email from Ronald Claypool, 538th CC&S and

350th Ord Det (B&TS), 1966 to 1968)

87th Maintnance Bn. Nellingen Bks,

I was checking web sites into obtaining info on Nellingen Barracks, Germany. I came across info on the 87th Maintenance Battalion. Some of the info is incorrect or I misinterpet the info I was with the 538th CC&S for one year, Jan 66 to Jan 67, at Nellingen Barracks. I am sending an BMP attachment along to show you what I mean. I was in Germany Jan 1966 to Aug 1968.


My last unit was the 350th Ord Det. B&TS connected to the 7th Army ATC Vilseck, Germany. While at Nelligen Barracks I met a German girl who I had lost contact with after leaving the Army. After 37 years we have re-established a friendship. This why Nellingen Barracks is of interest to me. May 13th this year I went back to Germany and saw a complete change in the Stuttgart Area. The town of Nellingen and Nellingen Barracks are no longer there. Old memories may vanish physically, but I have pictures. I thank you for any info and I hope the BMP I'm sending is useful.

Ron Claypool, Veteran of the US 7th Army, Germany.


Mr. Ronald Claypool.





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